Goodbye Twitter


Deactivated my Twitter account.

Sorry @jack. You’ve ruined enough lives already, you’re not gonna ruin mine.

Now off to…

That’s Amber Heard? Jonny Depp - Amber Heard? She looks like this?


Double Wow

Triple Wow

I think I’m in love…


Wow…seriously good movie. The best I’ve seen in A while. Amber Heard…seriously good. Where was she all these years? The Aquaman fellow…forgot his name…Just awesome.


It this your 5th attempt trying to quit Twitter? :thinking: I’ve been counting!


Who is this?


More like 100th time. :joy::rofl:

Investors says a lot of things like:

  • I’m off to the gym or
  • I’m going off line for a month or
  • I’m going on vacation, etc.

He doesn’t really mean it. One of his many endearing characteristic that makes us :green_heart: him more.


Our little bro from Egypt. :sunglasses:


Greetings, my friends.


Nika from the other F would be in shock! :scream:. She seriously likes Jason Momoa.

@Value_Investor , did you figure out who our Egyptian prince is?

I have a twitter acct, but I almost never go there.