Goodbye Motivation - Hello Belly

All my motivation for anything is gone. And I’m getting fat.


I’m not super fat yet. I only wear Superdry clothing. They don’t make clothes for fat people. In this case, when putting on a t-shirt starts to feel like trying to mash an elephant into an elevator, I know that its time to step away from the buffet.

The problem is I can’t be bothered to do anything about it. - Or anything else.

My website died literally minutes after I had just fired out a few emails to a couple of websites I was going to use it as a portfolio for when pitching my writing skills. It didn’t just die though, it took all of my recent posts with it.

Later I found that a plugin I’d been using to create daily backups hadn’t been. Then when I did recover most of my posts, I realized that I now need to rebuild the whole site over and… Yeah, I’m simply too depressed to even think about it.

Now in retrospect, I realize that I seem to have pretty much exactly the same problems recur at the same time each year. It’s almost like an annual curse which strikes in July.

Of course, I need to get on top of things. Maybe tomorrow or the next day… :thinking:

Hey, you know what? Unlike most people, I get the summer blues and it’s hard to shake. I’ve been fighting it for weeks now.

I’m kinda worried because I just don’t care like I used to. I got chewed out and berated, several times this week at work.

In the past, I’d cry my eyes out and wouldn’t be able to sleep. I’ve been sleeping okay, I ignore the criticism and to spite them I kept doing what they complained about. :wink::grin:

I just don’t care about my job anymore nor the people in it. I’m sick of listening to myself complain so I stopped. I feel like giving the whole world the middle finger and telling them to bite me!

sigh I wish I could just get into a spaceship and be whisked off to another world. I’m sick of planet Earth and majority of the people in it.

---- Rant Over ----


Yeah, people are annoying. I’ve just told some friends that I’m sorry but I’m taking 30-days out for radio silence. Everyone is just insane.

My homeless friend has turned into my new ultimate nemesis. She tried to break into my house at 4am and has now taken to loitering around when I’m coming and going in the evening with Chico. I didn’t know how she was figuring out my routine. However, I’ve noticed that one of her friends/minions, is always sat on the step of his house watching.

It is all rather mad. However, she fed me this story about a relationship breakdown and mugging 6-months ago. Now I know that she has been telling people the same story for 6 years!

I’m actually at the point where I am expecting things to end in some very upsetting violent conflict. She’s a gypsy. It might not be PC to say, but it is their way.

Work, I’m not stressing about yet. I know that in 2-days I can kind of get back on track. I might even have a super-secret business idea you might be interested in. (You wouldn’t need to invest anything.)

I suppose it could be a summer blues thing. However, there is a weird vibe where I live at present too. Literally, everyone is leaving. At least, the expats. - And it’s not just the Brits. It’s the Dutch, Hungarians, English. The only people going up in numbers are the French.

It’s all very interesting and complicated. However, I’m now at the point where I will only have one friend left by September.

Maybe you should just quit your job and come and run away with me. :wink:


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Where in the world do you find these people are is it that Malta just has :crazy_face: people??

Oh my, I hope not!

Oh, don’t tempt me! Well, I’m not independently wealthy like “W”, so I actually do have to work for a living and not for fun or to fill my life with something to do. :frowning:

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I’m a people magnet for the wrong people. Or just perhaps a sucker for a sob story. That said, Malta is crazy.

IDK, it was a huge risk when me and my ex moved to Malta. (I had to quit my real-word career.) You make things work though. I’m actually of the opinion you can make anything work. The problem is, its not always easy.

Maybe you should take the plunge and become a freelancer yourself? Do it now in your free time. If it works out, set sail for the world. :slight_smile:

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