Fun with Fiverr, Vol. 3,568,234,167

I’ll let the boffins at CS explain the fun rules of this game for you:

I pointed out that conversely, I ought to be able to cancel this order without my stats being affected, since underlined.


It’s not the CS’ fault that this illogical loophole exists, I guess, so I’m not pursuing the matter further. Also, template response pasted in detected.

In any case, my buyer and I had a brief conversation where I said ‘no’ to video briefs then he disappeared, 10 days ago. I was asking if they could either nudge the buyer or cancel the order b/c it’s just annoying me now. Roll on cancellation 6 or 7 of July, thanks to complete and utter numpties, I guess.

I can’t wait to discover the next fun Fiverr loophole that somehow affects me although it shouldn’t!


Come and join me in the order abyss annals of Level Zero! Its fun down here. All the cool kids drop by occasionally. Work can be so sparing that it has been Beer O’Clock since June, and when you think about it, Level Zero does sound a bit like Level Hero after you say it a few times.

Sadly, there is no escape. You do learn to just not care about cancellations, though. After all, when you have nothing else to lose, there is no point.