Freelancing Vs. Uber - Who has it Worse?

When I have a needy client ar or a day like today where revisions eat up my time, I self-medicate using Youtube.

I always have these ‘Uber passenger from hell’ video recommendations. And they keep me a little sane. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I just found this gem and if you haven’t seen it yet, you probably won’t expect how it ends.


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I think online freelancers have it better, because when someone is behaving like that, we can talk back to the computer screen while being polite on the keyboard. Poor old Uber drivers have no such luxury.

Have you not discovered the amazing world of YT IRL Uber driver videos? One of my favorites is actually a guy in the process of getting scammed by a Nigerian prince. Anyway, Uber driver twigs the scam from his passenger’s increasingly odd and frantic conversation, and from there it’s an odyssey of emotions and scamming with SuperUber rescuing the guy (who is having palpitations over his stupidity).

Also people behaving like a total :nail_care:


I’m watching the one about an IRS scam going on in the back seat:

I can’t believe people fall for this rubbish. I don’t know what it is with some people. It’s like they are missing some vital part of the brain which makes self-awareness possible.

I’m on the fence with Uber Vs. Freelancing. I’d quite like to just be able to kick people out in the middle of nowhere. Plus there are clearly fun times to be had.

That’s the video! I mixed up my scams - easy enough to do these days.

Actually, thinking about how this scam works, it is genius. Target the right people. Phone 20-30 a day. Convince 1-person a week to send you $1K - $6K and you are in the money. (I mean there are many stupid people and extremely insecure people about.)

The one thing which blows the whole scam wide open is the obvious Indian accent. I could make those guys a fortune.

If only I had a contact in India who could set up a meeting…:thinking::thinking:

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There is actually a wonderful and exhaustive collection of videos focused on this. Basically, a scamhunter who turns the tables on scammers from around the world, enraging them. This scamhunter also has several personas. In this video, he plays Betty, an alcoholic retiree who is dumb as a bag of rocks. (there are shorter videos, but I love Betty vids the most):

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I did some scam-baiting a few years ago, only via email though. I get tempted to do it again and try and extort some juicy BTC profits from the scammers like a virtual Robin Hood. Too dangerous these days, though.

I may forfeit my 7pm start on my website to now get to know Betty. Darn you and you feeding my procrastination monster!

You may also enjoy Joe Lycett, who does email scams and standups based on all the glorious material he collects… he’s also very good at fey ignorance!

This reminds me of James Veitch - he does something very similar. :smile: