Freelancing Opportunities for Retirees

Life after retirement is what most people look forward to patiently. It’s a joyous stage in life when people forget the worries to commute to a tedious 9 - 5 job, which subjects them to spending only weekends with family members and loved ones. While some spend the period of retirement traveling and relaxing, a large number like to still keep their hands busy—though in the most convenient way—by working from home. Thankfully, the internet has provided the perfect platform/opportunity for retirees to have a home-based job. Now, retirees can conveniently work at home and finally balance family life with legitimate business opportunities.

Online freelance jobs are widely available for selection, depending on your career, interest, and hobby. This article focuses on freelancing/working online opportunities for retirees that once were professionals working in the education field. Doing nothing at the initial stage of retirement is usually fun, but in the long run, it can become boring. Why not continue being financially stable and engaged even after retirement?

For retirees from the education field who want to make money online, below are a few freelance jobs for you.

Content Writing

Chances are retirees would find content writing an easy task, having worked in the education field. There are many freelancing platforms where older adults can write content and make a lucrative income. Fiverr and Upwork are popular freelancing sites with which one can start. You can provide content writing services based on your hobby and interests. Retirees who have worked in the educational sector may choose to handle research projects for clients who are busy but willing to pay for their services.


Blogging is a great way to turn your hobby into an online business venture. Owning a website is quite inexpensive, and with WordPress, anyone can own a blog site within 24 hours. Blogging allows retired adults to journal their interest for the world to see. With paid advertisements and Google Adsense, retirees can make some money blogging.


You can take advantage of transcribing various audio documents into word documents on Transcribe Me and make money online. Thousands of businesses are looking for freelance transcriptionists who can convert documents for them. This demand makes transcribing one of the best online business opportunities you can choose as a retiree. If you have a knack in transcribing, this could be an excellent opportunity to earn income online.

Start Selling on E-commerce Websites

Amazon, Etsy, Craigslist, and eBay are popular online marketplaces where anyone—including retirees— can sell things online. The range of items that can be sold on these platforms is unending; from fashion items to gadgets, electronics, and hand-made products, you can enjoy online selling experience and make some cool cash.

Online Tutor

Being an online tutor gives retirees the perfect opportunity to share knowledge and experience in a particular field and get paid in return. Millions of retirees all over the world are making ends meet from tutorial sites such as Udemy. Retirees who were once professional in the educational sector can create online courses and tutorials in the form of videos and pdfs and then sell to potential students and make profits. With live tutorials available on most platforms, retirees can choose to offer courses at their convenience without stepping a foot out of the house.

Another online tutorial site is VIPKID. This site connects children in China with teachers for synchronized one-to-one online English engagement learning. Simply said, VIPKID allows retired teachers to change kids’ lives without leaving home.

As exciting as retirement can be, it can also become tedious. Choosing a freelancing opportunity at this stage will help you mentally and financially independent—a wise choice for retirees.