Freelance Platforms for Writers - Have You Used Constant Content?

As I mentioned in another post, I have recently started expanding my presence online as a freelance writer. Technically, I did this years ago on places like PPH, Clickworker, Upwork, etc. However, I have decided to move away from these. I loathe bidding, low-ball budgets, and the sheer oversaturation.

With this in mind, I today received a nice email letting me know that my recent application to Constant Content has been approved.

So far, my first impressions are positive. However, I am still to figure out how it all works. It seems like I can just write on any topic and wait for people to buy an article. - Or I can submit an article to someone requesting something specific.

I’ll figure it all out. In the mean time, has anyone else used Constant Content?

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Ok, I think I might learn to love Constant Content. Having read up on how it works, it is basically like this:

  • Writers write articles and upload these. Articles can be on any topic.
  • Writers set 2 prices. If anyone wants to reuse your article they pay to reuse it. If they want exclusive rights to use it, they pay whatever your second (higher rate is.
  • Some buyers request specific articles. If you have a relevant article in your catalog, you can submit this. Alternatively, you can write one from scratch and submit it. (Though, I do not know if this guarantees payment.)
  • Some buyers put out casting calls. These are where buyers want content curated just for them. You apply. Then if you get hired, you get to work.

For now, I’m going to go with submitting 1 article per day to the Constant Content catalog. There, my articles will just sit waiting for someone to buy them. This seems like a nice passive way to earn. However, this will depend on me researching what is trending and optimizing article titles and summaries for the Constant Content search.

Thankfully, Constant Content has a few tools you can use to see what kind of content is in demand. After some research, it seems like Bitcoin is a top catalog search term from over the past 3-months. However, there don’t seem to be many crypto writers on Constant Content. There are just 7 pages of search results for Bitcoin in the Constant Content catalog and mot of the aticles seem pretty out of date. (A lot were submitted in 2014.)

Cannabis related content also seems to be a another niche worth tapping.

Of course, I probably shouldn’t give all that away. :thinking:

From what I gather, people on Constant Content pay an average of $15 - $25 to reuse content. (This means that your content stays in the Constant Content catalog and someone else can pay to reuse it too.) Meanwhile, the going rate for the exclusive use of content seems to be $45 - $65. (If people pay that rate, content is removed from the Constant Content catalog and no one else can buy it.)

On another side note, was there some kind of nuclear war which no one told me about? My Buzz has become about as active as the Chernobyl exclusion zone. :frowning:

Edit: I edited my above posts, as apparently Constant Content has nothing to do with Fiverr. I don’t know how I thought Fiverr had bought the platform. I only signed up/knew the platform name because I was sure I read a news story about it being a Fiverr acquisition. - I’ll blame the confusion on a Mandela Effect episode. :wink:


It is very quiet! :shushing_face:

Sounds like constant Content might work well for you - fingers crossed!

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Thanks. Also, well done on surviving the My Buzz apocalypse. :wink:

The only problem with CC, is that you can only get paid via PayPal. Apparently, I can link Payoneer with PayPal. (I don’t have a Maltese PayPal account.) However, there seems to be some kind of grey area surrounding whether or not this is okay.

I guess that first I’ll try and make some money and see what happens.

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Not great. Not terrible.

I am just too lazy to write anything.

Well, school, work, freelance and active on forum all adds up to 2 full time jobs. :smiley::wink:

I got some catching up to do this weekend.

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