Freelance Clients Who Test Your Sanity

Honestly, the cheek of some people just goes beyond me. I have a past buyer messaging me with a revision request for their order. - 9 MONTHS AFTER DELIVERY.

Now they are kicking up a stink in my inbox because I won’t offer to do this FOC. I have tried explaining that I no longer have their video source files. As it is, I don’t even use the same video software anymore. In this case, it would cost me $700 to ‘revise’ their order, as I would need to buy a new license. (Though I didn’t tell them that bit.)

Of course, I have offered to create a new video, or if they need just a single scene editing, I can cut this out and create a new scene to go in its place. But, nope. This is completely unreasonable apparently…

This buyer also wants ‘revisions’ based on the fact that they want to provide new background images for scenes in their video. They are realtor and are basically asking for a revision because their original order requirements have changed. (Probably because they are now selling a different house!)

I’m flabbergasted. - And if their original order gets cancelled by CS, I am going to be livid.

I would perfectly sum this up into one phrase: Only on F.


Just because I am nosey, do you all keep some sort of track on where the problem buyers are located? I ask because, from what I have read, the majority of buyers come from the USA or Europe. That being said, logic dictates, majority of your problem :child: would come from those two countries . . .

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Realistically, problem buyers exist in every country of the world, but there are some groups and nationalities that are seemingly more likely to be a problem buyer, and for different reasons.

Some might just simply be out to scam you from the first moment, others might start off nice then switch the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde switch, while others are just manipulative. Even more are simply clueless, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can get tedious having to educate them (and even then, it’s 50:50 whether they’re normal people who go ‘oh, no I understand’ instead of turning into Mechahitler.)

There’s also the communication barrier and cultural barriers, not to mention the simple economics of the world: while $5 is not much to an American, it can represent a significant sum to people elsewhere. So, what seems like a trivial request for extra funds to do whatever turns into upset and anger at greed. And so on and so forth.

In the case of Mr Revisions 9 Months After Delivery, he clearly falls into the ‘taking the P’ category. And realtors generally, in my experience, tend to be awkward buyers who may have only become a realtor due to an inability to do much else at all. /bias

With all that said, if I revealed who all my problem buyers were, I’d get in trouble for being non-PC, so you’ll have to guess. Your first guesses are most likely correct :slight_smile:


I’ve always kept track of this ever since I joined F, so here’s a big picture view of my last 9 years’ worth of cancellations :eyes:

However, the country here is misleading. For example, many cancellations that originated from US/UK were actually buyers who relocated from India to US/UK, so… you do the math :eyes: (how do I know, you ask? well, people from India have a habit of bragging about where they are from originally :smirk: )

I probably should’ve kept track of the buyers’ original country instead to get a more accurate picture, but I have no idea why I only took note of the country shown by F, which is the country a buyer is currently living in (or using VPN for :roll_eyes: )

Razzy -

The number of cancellations isn’t all that relevant, in your case, the % of cancellation is what would be more useful - I think.

For example if you had 2 canx from Argentina but you only had 2 orders from there; your canx rate would be 100%. You have 96 canx from UK but if you had 2000 orders from them, your rate would be only 4.8%.

I know, I know, I did say if you kept track of canc and technically speaking, from your chart - I was right. I am guessing you have the most orders from USA therefore most canx as well???

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Yes, it appears so, but like I said, many U.S. buyers aren’t from there as they’ve relocated from India (or used VPN to show U.S.), so if I had written down the original country of a buyer rather than the one shown by F, the #1 place would’ve shown India.

Honestly, I don’t even know why I bother keeping track of those things… it’s like a mechanical habit, you know, 9 years of daily tracking…

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Today I am working with someone from Morrocco who wants to import his Moroccan cigars to the United States. Aside from the fact that he has completely stolen one of Cuba’s most famous brand names, logos (etc), he’s the world’s worst micromanager.

We’re on revision 20, I think (it’s the PR distro gig) and at least 5 of those revisions are him changing his mind on stuff he was adamant on.

I suspect most of this is him wanting to get his ‘money’s worth’ by hovering virtually over my shoulder and slowly destroying the PR I wrote by inserting contradiction after contradiction into it.

Lord help me. Anyway, I can’t stay long. He pings me every 5 minutes, because that’s fun.

Guess which country is high on my list of :poop: right now?

EDIT: nvm 5-star review. lol. Take that Harvard!

I wonder why buyers from India cancel so often? :thinking: I know some country, a known fact is to negotiate everything. Whwn I was in Taiwan, it was the norm with street vendors.

I take the order is closed?! :grin:

It’s because India is a factory of SEO “exparts” - almost every buyer I’ve had from India was either an SEO “expart” or had illegal (read ‘cracked’) access to the tools that I use, and they always expect that I deliver something they have never seen before, which is impossible since they, as SEO experts, have seen all the tools there are out there. Hence, cancellations due to imaginary / false expectations :roll_eyes:

It’s also because of them that my gig descriptions’ first lines now say that I don’t work with SEO experts and that my gig is not for SEO experts or people who used SEO tools that they all have access to (usually by means of cracked software)

Heck, just search for SEO expert or SEO report / audit, you’ll realize most sellers are from India or a neighboring country, that’s why I consider India as being an SEO factory :stuck_out_tongue:

Based on my last 9 year experiences, buyers from India usually want discounts and refuse taking “No” for an answer (it might be a cultural thing as I’ve heard) - I’ve had a bunch whom I said no to, and it lead to threats & harassment. The last one was horrible, with threats to my family, and I don’t threats lightly.


It’s not finished… it’s a headache, but I’ve been here before with this Gig and CS has been alerted so I’m all good so long as I get the final deliverable across. I told him several times to click the revision button, and he did not, and while the 5-star is nice, the whole experience was and is very draining - I’m still a little suspicious of a chargeback, but that’s where the PRO VIP support comes in handy I 'spose.

This seller and I experienced more of a cultural/huge language barrier issue than anything else. He really isn’t going to be happy with the results of his distribution, not because I won’t deliver, but because people won’t be queuing up around the blocks to buy his rip-off products which aren’t actually made from 100% Moroccan tobacco as claimed in the introduction of the PR, but fine leaf Latin American tobacco. Don’t ask me - he insisted that I retain that despite my carefully polite guidance.

So, the 5-star review did feel like a little ray of sunshine after a somewhat challenging morning.

Wait, so they’re only hiring you because they have access to all the ‘big tools’ of SEO and believe that you - a wildly successful on very and TRUE EXPERT will have some kind of mega super tool nuclear bomb to offer them?

:scream: I don’t think that’s a cultural problem, I think that’s people being a word beginning with c that is far too vulgar for our ears and eyes on this genteel forum. I hope Fiverr kicked them off. It’s one thing to go on and on and on and on because you want something, but there’s a certain line that’s crossed when the threats start coming, no matter how impotent they might seem at first.


Yup, couldn’t have said it any better :slight_smile: They want a cheap steal, something nowhere to be found for pretty much $nada. It’s been my lifelong F-problem!

Nope, he’s still there - I guess F didn’t want to remove his account; either because he’s been there since 2012 (which is unbelievable to be honest!), or because they know he will just create a new account with one of his many friends’ IDs :roll_eyes: (especially after he told me that if I don’t accept an order from him, he will order from his friends and refund, because as he put it, he’s more important than my country or my president - LOLS)

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Wasn’t that the guy that told you he is a personal friend with Modi - and that he would use Modi to get revenge at you or sth?

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Yups! He’s still around on F :eyes:

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Diabolical! I suppose he must be a Top Rated Buyer - the kind we’ve all grown to know and uh… something.

Modi’s great tentacles of power extend across the world, sir!


If I recall, it was a big corporation from India. I assume that his company either does the backend of Fiverr or they outsource something to him, hence his privileges.

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If that’s true, then I’m in big :poop: !

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