For God Sake Why?

This seems to have become a tend with me this year. Someone orders from me. Then they come back with something like:

"That was great! I’d be interested in purchasing more from you. My budget is $4 - $6 per article. Can you send me a custom offer for 5 articles similar to the previous one?"

Who thinks like this? Why would anyone think: "Mmmh, if I pay $15 now for one article, this person will definately be happy to provide me with three articles for the same price in future."

I find this grossly insulting. Moreso, due to the fact that what follows after I decline such an offer, are messages suggesting that my content is inly worth $5 to begin with!

Miscreants, all of them! Anyway, rant over. :smile:


I had a few buyers like that. They purchase once, twice, three times, they’re very happy with what they receive, and then they ask what kind of discount (or how many free scripts) they can expect if they order (enter a two-digit number here) scripts.

At least mine didn’t insult me, they simply disappeared after I told them that I offered no discounts.

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I get a lot of we really like your work but we are a yoghurt weaving foundation for paraplegics and we cannot afford your prices. Just this once, could you consider doing this work for $5?

I mean, I used to get those too. I just get them a little bit more now. Most people who actually buy won’t quibble about the prices. Then there’s the SUPER ANGRY BUYER who will scream at me about how I’m destroying Fiverr with my ludicrously high prices and how dare I not offer anything at $5 (I do, actually, you stupid :cow:), but I like to play with them like a cat plays with a broken insect.

Most of the time, it’s just people saying are you available and what do you offer with this specific gig that I have obviously just looked at? Honesty, I hate the inbox so much. It’s a wasteland of :poop:.

This buyer actually belonged to the super stupid buyer brigade. He reviewed immediately after ordering and them messaged me to ask for a special rate. After a lot of back and forth, I told him the lowest I could go was $70 for 5 articles and he could order directly from my crypto gig.

He said he was about to order BUT would need me to provide him with a list of article topics and outlines prior to starting work. That’s a deal breaker. I told him he would need to provide topics and outlines. Then while he went away to ponder my outrageous demands, I decided to see what he had said in his first review. - And found this:


Fine, it’s not a bad review. However, his article was top notch and I find it a bit cheeky how someone can mark you down for buy again or recommend and communication, despite having all their messages answered instantly and immediately asking for more work. In this case, I blocked him.

If he’s been on Fiverr for a while and if this was the first time he has ever not been embarrassed with the result of an order, I’m guessing this is because he is too cheap and has way too high expectations.

He then messaged me shortly after to ask me to send him an offer for the work discussed. I refused, saying that on reflection, it seemed that he might be expecting a lot more from my gig than what I offer, but that there are lots of other writers on Fiverr who I am sure would be happy to help.

All I regret now is leaving him a token 5-star review and not seeing his review sooner.

It’s not a bad review (and it reflects on the buyer more than it does you), but yeah, I would have blocked him too. I don’t get the mentality of these people. If you’ve finally found a writer who writes well, does the basic things, and doesn’t write like a small child after consuming gallon of orange squash, you should treat them well and respect them not try to then turn them into your own personal cheap content mill.