FiveSquid Commission Change

For anybody on (or thinking of being on) FiveSquid, there’s been a change to the commission structure. Might make it more attractive to some folks? :wink:


I don’t like this to be honest. My minimum prices start at $20. Now I’m making $1 less per fricking order. I guess that $20 orders have the highest turnover on Fiverr and they decided to milk these while giving big league sellers a Tory-like tax break.

That said, hopefully lower commission will work as an incentive for more professionals to set up shop on Fiverr. Then when their numbers go up, hopefully Fiverr will be forced to move some of the holier than thou Pro sellers off the the first search pages to give their competitors a fair chance. :wink:

Sorry, if I sound bitter. I just am bitter.

It’s not Fiverr - it’s FiveSquid. No change to the Fiverr commission structure as far as I’m aware. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m sorry, I must have been having a bald moment. I thought you were using slang for Fiverr. I didn’t even know FiveSquid was a thing… :thinking:


It’s a UK version of Fiverr - like Fiverr was a few years back. Ah - brings back memories! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve got Pro status! (You can buy it for £20!) - added - Pro status, not my account obviously! :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking a lot busier than it used to BTW. :wink:

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This is where you add a link to your profile so you can show off. :wink:

I may check this out. However, I have a big finger in pie problem at the moment. My best platform used to be PPH. When I found Fiverr, it and Upwork got put on the back burner and there is no way I can revive those accounts now. Last year, I even messed up Writing Bunny and possibly Fiverr by keeping devoting less time to each as I switched back and forth.

I also recently let my website slide. (My motivation died when it went caput.) However, it turns out I’ve had quite a few leads in my OMGLitecoin email which I’ve missed responding to. Mind you, all but one were scams. Then there’s my creative writing…

I need 36 hours in a day!

Given all the above, I’ve decided to focus on just Fiverr, Constant Content, and iWriter until the new year.

Of course, if there is a UK Fiverr version which is just starting to garner buyer interest, I might be able to squeeze it in.


Okay, I’m sold on FiveSquid. Competition is tiny. I usually avoid Fiverr clones. However, this one could be different if it’s specifically targeting the UK market. Also, there is your personal recommendation @weeyin. :wink:


Good luck with it! :slightly_smiling_face:


They might be British, but they do want buyers from all over the world.

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Their Customer Service is pretty good.
They answered my questions swiftly and they accept U.S. Sellers.
Just not enough time to get stuff done. Grrr!

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I think I will check it out too. It might be a place for Rob to set up shop.

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I’m always looking for alternative to 5r.

Unfortunately, 5r has the most qualified in various fields. Everyone else has 90% junk whole 5r has only 50% junk, so my odds still better there.


Every second post on the Fiverr forum seems to be telling users to diversify, find multiple streams of income etc. etc. so for sellers sticking to Fiverr only may not be the best idea?


It’s another basket to put your eggs in as a seller. :slightly_smiling_face: