Fiverr's new mobile update is just WACKED! 😣


Ugg! In the past, I can go to the conversation box, click the username or the profile picture in the Fiverr Mobile and it’ll take me to the seller’s gigs.

Now I have to navigate through a bunch of googly goop before I can access the seller’s page. :broken_heart: I’m a bit peeved.

Just venting here but, come on 5r! You all know client’s spend almost as much time on our tablets & phones as we do computers! You need to take some time to mske the mobile version better!!!

Darn it! I’d post this on 5r suggestion category, if they hadn’t :boot: + ed me out! :frowning:


IDK. I don’t understand how how anyone can use mobile apps to do anything productive. Also, the last stats I read said that while 80% of web traffic now originates from mobile devices, most sales still take place via desktop web browsers.

Of course, Fiverr should make it’s mobile app more intuitive. However, this isn’t really an easy job. Apps like Airbnb have to list thousands of properties. However, they just properties. With Fiverr, the market place is much more expansive. Also, if (as I would suspect) most sales generated via desktop traffic, they might not be willing to spend more than they already have on mobile RnD.


I’ve had prior communication with the seller to make sure my project was doable. I was going to place an order with “from our inbox conversation” but it was a mess.

Hum, :thinking: I buy quite a bit of stuff from Amazon on my mobile device but do admit most of my purchases are done via laptop. It’s easier to type, scroll, purchase, etc.

Is there a way for them to tell the difference? I’ve made quite a bit of purchase from my mobile device on Fiverr as well as other freelancing sites and shopping from it as well.

He who leaves out mobile is losing out of a big chunk of moola.