Fiverr's Just Launched a "Gaming Store"

Here’s the page for all that:

Here’s some waffle from Fiverr on the blog:

And a PR:

Given that the gaming community on YT is the same community that relentlessly mocks Fiverr and/or uses it for cheap video ideas for views, I’m not sure that this is a good idea. Of course, this will be likely the subject of the next flood of gamer Fiverr vids. You think they’ll invite PDP, YouTube’s top gamer, to influence people?

Yeah, maybe not.

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Curiously, there’s no mention of writers/scriptwriters on their category selections. Does Fiverr not appreciate the value of good storytelling in a game, or is it just jumping on the mindless PvP online gunfest that’s popular these days?


I was so tempted to reply on the official forum with, "John Wick Needs Your Help!"

IDK. Has Fiverr never supposed that it might be a good idea to launch new ‘stores’ as standalone websites?