Fiverr Transaction/Admin Fee for sellers & buyers

You know I was thinking about the whole transaction fee on Fiverr. I know that some time ago, 5r started charging sellers the fee to make purchases from their accounts. In a way, it had a two-fold effect,

(1) It was a way for 5r to make additional money

(2) It was a way to deter scammers/competitors from making fake purchases from their competitors. I don’t know if this was a real thing or if it was something that was reported to customer support. I do know there were several people complaining about it on the forum. Now, with them having to pay a minimum, nonrefundable fee of $2 per purchase, it stopped them cold.

For buyers, they upped the transaction fee for two reasons as well:

(1) Of course, to make more money or need more money, the same thing, I guess

(2) Encourage people to buy higher priced gigs.

I guess it kinda worked. I don’t buy lower priced gigs anymore. I wait until I need at least $40 worth of stuff with a repeat seller. I buy less often but spend the same.