Fiverr Studios - Do You See What I See?

I haven’t paid that much attention to Fiverr Studios. However, I just had it put on my radar by this studio members position vacant posting:

If I wasn’t going to steer clear of Studios before, I am now. That is, of course, unless I ever get an invite from a certain Pro/TRS/Greek Haiku author I know. :wink:

My problem is simple. First off, the head of this studio is offering packages ranging from $350 to $920 (approx). That is a hell of a hike up from the 3 x $10 basic writing gigs they sell usually, which have a combined total of just 199 reviews.

Secondly, posting an ad like this on the Fiverr forum doesn’t strike me with confidence. At least, not when it comes to how this person is selecting studio team members.

Would it have been so hard to spend some time using the Fiverr search to shortlist people and invite them? All I can see happening here is an influx of people desperate for orders. Because this studio lead is attempting to recruit team members in this way, I’m also not confident in their ability to really vet sellers for talent and reliability, etc.

Lastly, I really don’t like the idea of this studio lead pitching to work with new sellers. Yes, he is going to apparently vet new sellers. Sadly, I just see this as cheap reselling.

All in all, this example of a Fiverr Studio really undermines any trust I might have had in the concept. If Pros and TRS sellers were the only sellers allowed to create studios, I’d say that the concept has some credibility. As it is, all I see here is otherwise obscure sellers suddenly being given the opportunity to sell at Pro prices by outsourcing small bits and pieces of big projects to other budget freelancers.

Am I missing something? Is it odd that I would think there should at least be some kind of quality safeguards in place?

Alas, I have been deemed only acceptable as a (potential) studio member, not a studio lead :frowning:

I got bored reading that job post halfway through, so I might have missed something, but shouldn’t you have a team before you start taking orders, rather than plopping down with whoever responds to the ad? Hope he enjoys the meksell festival that’s about to descent on him.

I have wondered exactly what criteria Fiverr uses to determine who should be a lead/member/too rubbish for this new cool club, but I fear it may remain a mystery as enigmatic as that of the algo.

EDIT lol that 2nd reply… dear me. Also not sure about that Studio’s logo (the koala doesn’t really make an O to me and I keep reading ‘allah’ as the tick looks more like an upside down L or A. Combined with the ‘rank’ in ranking… well, IDK, it’s just my impression of it, not that it matters all that much.

I do envy the sexy new profile page look though. I WANT THAT. WHY CAN’T I HAVE THAT.


I have an option “Create Studio” and it bothered with with notifications for the past couple of weeks.

All I have is this (set to default ‘on’)

Yes! - At least, I thought that would be the commonsense way to go.

Well, that is just… So Fiverr.

I can see this being a bit of an epic disaster. From what I gather from the Studio in question, the lead himself is outsourcing the main component of his gig (social media marketing/management) to a level 1 seller from Albania with fewer reviews than himself. i.e. He’s selling what equates to a Pro service which he doesn’t seem to have Pro experience in.

I would have thought that Pros like Frank would create a video creation and marketing gig where they take care of the main part of the project (in that case video production), and outsource all the complementary bits like YT marketing, VO, etc.

As it stands, you can apparently now list $1,000 services for sale which you have no direct experience selling. It’s outsourcing meets insanity.

EDIT: Apparently, the second reply on the post in question has piqued the leads interest. God help us all. :frowning:

In the “selling” tab on the main header there is an option “Create a Studio”.

Is it just me - that koala logo just looks wrong in more ways than one? Apologies if I’m being juvenile of course. I wouldn’t have chosen it myself.


You’re filthy! - But yes, I see that too. I wish I hadn’t, though.

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So many drawings on the board that were misinterpreted by teenage boys - it makes you ultra-careful! :wink:

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Nope, I am not deemed good enough to run a substandard studio that rakes in riches from cheap newbies for $5 a throw and exposure while pocketing most of the money for myself at the buyers’ expense :frowning: (I am referring to the worst possible case studio rather than tarring them all with the same brush, btw!)