Fiverr Review/Skills Endorsed Section

When the buyer is doing the review/public feedback, there is “Skills Endorsed” Section after the write-ups. I try to endorse sellers for the gigs I buy.

I am wondering two things,

  • can you see from your end which of your skills the buyer endorsed?
  • do you think it has any impact to your ranking? (not one, obviously, but if multiple buyers endorsed it.)
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Nope - don’t think so.

No idea, but everything else seems to, so why not! :slightly_smiling_face:

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No, that’s for Fiverr bigwigs to do stuff with. I assume they do stuff with it.

All we get is a ‘leave your review’ box and no indication of what the buyer has said, then a page refresh to see the review and write another response. My skilful tactic is a ‘thank you’ initial review (unless the buyer was super awful, in which case I’m going to town) and then, uh, another thank you with a little more detail.

I’d imagine it plays into the algo system somewhat, but who knows?

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LOL! :joy:

I believe Andy did this once and then his buyer harassed him endlessly to change the review. I wonder what happened to that? :thinking: Did he just go away or create a new account?

Sometimes it would be nice to be a fly on their wall to see what goes into making their decisions! I still miss the :shopping_cart: . I think I know why they got rid of it - as a way to encourage buyers to purchase more expensive gigs vice smaller gigs; the same reason they upped the transaction fees to $2 for anything under $40.

I wonder if that worked?

One thing is for sure, I stopped experimenting; no more buying multiple $5 gigs to test sellers!

I review and block - and to be honest, I make sure they know that I’ve reported them for their behavior during the gig and in the review - so there’s rarely any biteback. And this is only like 1-3 buyers a year at the moment, so it’s rare…

Only time I’ve had someone get back to me about a bad review was when I left a 5-star review ages ago that a Fiverr glitch turned into a 1-star review. That was when you could still change it, but I just couldn’t… needless to say, the buyer was very upset, and it took a day or two before I could rectify the mistake. Thanks, Fiverr! The best bit of course is that bad reviews of Fiverr (a glitchy experience) in a review of a seller are considered fair game… I would think most people have the sense to see that it’s hardly a platform’s users fault it the system goes tits up, though - but with the levels system, well.

I would imagine they noticed that the shopping cart was costing them profits and made some tweaks based on that.