Fiverr Partners with GivingWay Volunteer Platform

You’ve probably been in the exact same position as me several times. A buyer is interested in your services. There is just one problem. They are a charity and actually paying you could case a baby to catch on fire somewhere.

If you are like me, you would probably love to drop everything and get right to work. I mean, who cares about money anyway? However, Fiverr doesn’t actually provide a way for sellers to deliver FOC work. After all, how would poor Fiverr get paid if they did?

Thankfully, this might be about to change. According to the Jerusalem Post, Fiverr has recently signed a partnership deal with GivingWay, a new international volunteer network.

Speaking of Fiverr, GivingWay recently signed a partnership with Fiverr in which GivingWay will be fully integrated into Fiverr’s platform so that Fiverr’s massive freelancer ecosystem will be able to provide services to thousands of nonprofits, something the teams are very proud of.

I’m not quite sure what being “fully integrated into Fiverr’s platform,” will end up meaning. One idea could be that sellers will be able to offer FOC services to non-profits and benefit from reviews from such non-profits to help boost their rankings.

Either way, the news is… Interesting. :thinking:

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Quick Edit:

Having looked at, there might be a few groups who freelancers may want to consider working with FOC to boost their personal brand exposure. However, it should be remembered that if you work with such groups via Fiverr, you will (likely) not be able to communicate with such groups independently and add them to your social media networks etc.

Given the above, freelancers who use Fiverr might want to consider signing up early via a non-Fiverr associated email. This way, you can do your bit for the world and your personal brand without any restrictions. :wink:

But, the long time seller’s won’t need to do this, they already have plenty of review.
The experienced ones are probably too busy to give away freebies
The work could end up being massive unless you vet them - then again, you know better than I that not all are created the same and ends up being more intense than imagined.
Also, what if the freebie seeker gets mad and ends up leaving a bad review for free work?

I’m such a negative person. How dare I throw a :wrench: into an otherwise perfect plan? :roll_eyes: Gina is such a buzzkill. No wonder 5r mods wanted to get rid of her on the official forum! :broken_heart:

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Yeah, I’m not actually enthused about this nor do I actually know how it will be implemented. My actual guess is that like And Co, Elevate, VeedMe, Discover, and God knows what other features Fiverr has recently acquired, it is just IPO prospectus padding.