Fiverr Jesus Needs Your Help! - What do You Think?


Oooh, is that the one that the guy who got killed on North Sentinel Island was in?

(I am a bit behind on my wacky cult knowledge, I have to say)


No. He was just your regular Christan. Fiverr Jesus was involved with a group who put more of an onus on ‘latter-day’ saints.


Ah, that lot! Well, good on him. I saw pewdie did a muted session with some jokes, telling everyone to help him out. Being an internet celebrity certainly has its benefits, though I do wonder what the courts will make of it all, particularly with his name and persona. Perhaps that’s why he needs the psych test?

Back later - hammering out some words on fitness apparel and unlovin’ it.


Yeah, this is why I feel angry about the whole affair. Ozzy Osborne can eat live animals onstage and keep his kids because he’s a real celebrity. As soon as a nobody becomes famous on Youtube for what is obviously an act, people who don’t like you can point the insanity finger. It’s all very wrong in my book.


The more regular kind of celebrity (rock star, actor, etc) tend to be in lucrative contracts with big boi studios who make a ton of profit (more so than the star, in most cases). Therefore, their indescretions are swept under a large shag pile (see: all of Hollywood) or seen as tired and emotional hijinks for tabloid fodder.

Yer Joe Nobody, on the other hand, who is making stacks for himself… well, he’s obviously a terrible person who society should not trust.


Talk about tears of the prophets… Am I bad in that I really can’t cry?

Anyway, Jesus is saved! - I think.


Well done if you hepled or even just subscribed. Remember, you too might need Jesus one day :wink: