Fiverr Jesus Needs Your Help! - What do You Think?

I’m not sure what I think of this. To me, it seems a little bit like e-begging… But also genuine. I mean when you are a semi-famous Youtuber, I suppose you do start baring all in a very public way. Also, divorces and custody battles can be pretty devastating.

I’m still on the fence with how I feel. What about you?

I’m good with it. He seems genuine. People have right to support or not, hallelujah to JHC. :pray:


Yeah. I guess I would do the same in his shoes.

That said, I think that it would be better if there was some elaboration concerning the context. At first, I even thought this was a parody/meme. i.e. "My name is Jesus Christ and I was raised in a religious cult."

Sadly, I’m not able to donate. It will be interesting to see how things work out. Hopefully, it will be in JC’s favor. However, the impression I get from U.S. justice is that the biggest bank balance usually wins. :frowning:

Hey Cy,

How does Patron work? If I were to click one of the tiers, am I signing up for a monthly donation or a one time donation? It doesn’t say & I haven’t spent much time on this site.

Trying to help in my little way. It’s nice to know there are fathers out there who will give life and limb for their children considering my bio dad was well . . .


As far as I know, you sign up for recurrent monthly donations. However, you can cancel after your first donation is processed. i.e. You will get an email confirmation that x amount has been deducted from your credit card when your first donation is processed. Then you simply unsubscribe.

Depending on how much you were planning to donate, you could simply order one of his Fiverr gigs. Maybe get him to do a quick shoutout to ’My Buzz, the newest independent freelance forum online for freelancers from all marketplaces. - No bias or bans, just friendly tips and advice!"

I say that as it might be less complicated, gets you some exposure, and helps JC more by bumping up his Fiverr sales analytics. - Just tell him that you decided to order because of his recent video, you hope all works out, and not to worry about extending the delivery time etc if he needs to.

That’s what I would do. Either way, it’s very nice that you are helping!

And yes, this is nice. :slight_smile:

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That is a fantastic idea! I’ll do that - it’s just that 5r takes 20% and I’m sure he can use the money more than them.

I’m going to use this:

Also, if anyone has an idea for other quotable/catchy quote for us, post below, please!

BTW, where in the heck is Miss Lily? She’s been ignoring all of us today. I guess either she is subbing, babysitting or working. :slight_smile: Okay, Lily, I need a memorable quote please!!!


Yeah, maybe get @Locusta to weigh in on this one too. I didn’t think about this as the plug you should use and my creative juices are a bit burned out at the mo.

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:woman_facepalming: of course, how could I forget the mighty @Locusta is here!


ears tingle with 20 characters

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Mighty but pricey! :slight_smile:

Maybe barter with her by promising her your first born child or something.


That’s as far as today’s tagline freebie goes!

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This was actually on reddit earlier but automodded (it was a youtuber apologizing for the terrible quality of their video reacting to…) and I’ve not got round to watching it yet - Jesus, not pink-haired douchelord with a potato smartphone and an opinion nobody cares about. Although I didn’t watch that past 30s, tbf.

My immediate ideas are not wonderful, focusing on ideas like “won’t anyone think of the children” and “what would Jesus do?”

So, yeah.

Oh, come on, we should get Jebus on here. I don’t know if he’d have time between all his memes for the 9 year old kids though, and his distress.

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OK, I watched it now. It seems genuine to me rather than e-begging (and Pewds is almost certainly going to pick this up, which is great news for Jesus H. Christ).

I don’t really have any ideas. If one of the big YT names he drops takes him up, it’s going to be amazing for the kids (and kinda lulzy for Jesus, because presumably the other family will be clutching pearls in white-hot fury), and that’s really the best result for him, I feel. Along with the millions of views and :frowning: that will bring donation dollars in (see H3H3 for evidence of YT viewer charity for popular YTers in distress).

I’d like to see what the Big F would do wih this potential thing for their community - as was expressed so snappily the other day. I’ve got my grading card out and will wait a week; it’s possible they might score higher than an F, for example.

I’m still not much further on a tagline idea. Throw me ideas! With that said, I’ll only be around a little while longer - it’s snowing outside and the temperature in the house is getting most inclement, so I must retire to my impressive mountain of blankets.

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Dang girlfriend, crank up the heat.

My neck of the woods, it’s unseasonably hot. This time last year, we had snow on the ground and freezing temperature; today, we were walking around in tank and shorts. What a difference a year makes!

I was not subbing. I hibernate in the winter like a :bear:. I babysat my sweet grandson yesterday on what is now known in our family as “Monkey Monday” :monkey_face: Today I was working, and :desktop_computer:, shopping :shopping: for grocery items. :corn::poultry_leg::apple::roll_of_toilet_paper::cheese:

Sorry, I do not have a quote for you. :confused:

Is it true that most homes in your country do not have heat because it is so rarely cold there? My sister once had a boyfriend from there and that is how it was at his home.

Being the mother of sons, one of whose wife cheated on him with the daycare owner’s live-in boyfriend, I am a proponent of fathers. Because of his wife’s actions and because in our country a woman would have to be a terrible mother before the father would get custody, my son is a part-time dad.

Well off to cook dinner. We are having :taco:s.

Somehow, I could have guessed you would be related to Shirley Valentine! :wink:

I get scared by the very idea of kids and marriage because of this. Women almost always get the kids and many seem determined to demonize fathers.

I had a friend last year who I was babysitting a lot for. Her son started calling me Dad and I felt really uncomfortable. (She is gay and with a woman but also married to another man now and it’s all a bit messed up.)

She said it was okay, and I would just be “Daddy Andy,” and become one of several ‘Dads’ who are basically male friends of the boys’ mother who he all calls Dad or Uncle. At this point, this little boy who loved robots and dinosaurs was also getting unicorn dolls and what you would consider girly toys for Christmas and his birthday.

I very gently said that telling your kid who seems to be looking for a Dad that anyone is his Dad is just wrong and possibly very dangerous. Straight away I was public enemy number 1. Meanwhile, the real Dad apparently isn’t at all happy that he only sees his kid once or twice a year (due to his mum moving here to Malta.) None of that matters though as apparently he’s just the worst person in the world.

I’m not sure if I believe that…

This is why I’m only marrying a woman who has what you would call ‘traditional’ values. I hate being called misogynist for that but as I see it, if I have traditional family values, I’m hardly going to pursue anyone who doesn’t share them.


Nope. My opinion, if you forced your ideology onto others or try to force them to agree with you - then yes. What you want in your life is your business and you have the right to choose whomever you deem fit. There is nothing misogynist for that.


Well, it’s only really super cold in Jan/Feb, with March and April being iffy in the night. The houses here are more or less built for long, hot summers, as the freezing weather isn’t consistent. Right now it’s about 15C (59F), but in the night it can drop to 0-5C (32-41F), which would be fine except the gush-durn Siberian wind which has been pummelling my poor house for the past 3 days and making that RealFeel feel real bad.

Anyway, give it a couple of months, I’ll go back to whining about how hot I am instead… besides, all this unreasonable weather is good for the olives, so therefore a blessing on our dreadful economy etc.


I would have put my foot down, too. Uncle, at a long, long stretch, but even that’s too much of a stretch. At least I reckon it’s fairly normal for close friends of family to get uncled and aunted by some for their young kids? A modern kind of godparenting, perhaps.


Just a quick update:

Jesus now scores all my legitimacy goals. Good luck to him and well done on him being brave enough to leave the Church he was in.

I had an prolonged encounter with the religious group Jesus allegedly left. I was never part of their organisation. However, they were pretty relentless trying to get me to join. I can imagine that it would be extraordinarily difficult dealing with what Jesus is right now. In this case, even if you can’t support him directly, consider liking his above video and subscribing to his channel.

On another note, isn’t it sad how people need to routinely self-censor online, to avoid negative interpretations of their behavior by third parties like courts etc?

I understand why Jesus now needs to be very careful with what he says in his channel. However, you can guarantee that if he was a regular comic on a platform like Saturday Night Live, you would not have anyone question their sanity, values, or integrity, no matter how outrageous or politically charged their routine.

Hopefully all works out, though. :pray:


Was it the same organization that the ever-sane Tom Cruise is still in?

No. The one where they send lots of black suited and booted American Jock missionaries around the world. :slight_smile: - Usually, called ‘Elders.’