😕 Fiverr getting better or worse?


A Fiverr Buyer’s Perspective:

So, I’ve been a bit disillusioned with Fiverr lately. I haven’t purchased from them in a few months. They have doubled the Transaction Fees for any purchases under $20, gotten rid of the Shopping Cart and Team Account has also vanished.

I :heart: these features. They made my buying experience pleasant.

The new so-called “Business Tools” is designed for purchases over $40 - not for smaller ones. After making 20 purchases under this, I do admit it’s quite useful; however, it would have been even better if they integrated the team account under it.

Oh, well no sense in lamenting over dead issues. To make a long story short, I was Googling Fiverr alternatives when I ran across a post in Reddit Fiverr that was linked to a new site called Fivebucks. I was so excited about this site as it had potential. The only downfall at that time was it only accepted Bitcoin Cash - which I know very little about.

Regardless, there were a few folks I knew from other freelancing sites there, so I was going to give it a try but alas, as I was writing this topic yesterday, Oct 15th, the site just seemed to have Died! Rest in Peace! :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh, well, there goes another Fiverr wanna be down the drain. Here is another Fiverr clone site. I haven’t ordered from them yet, but it does have potential:

Legiit (Similar format, goes from $5 and up) .

I’m going to give them a try. I’ll post once I finish a few transactions to let everyone know how it went.


Sadly, Fiverbucks is a bit of a non-starter for freelancers and people in need of freelance services. The Bitcoin Cash payment system deters buyers. Meanwhile, for sellers, the UI is buggy and gig prices are fixed at $5.

As for Fiverr getting worse, this past year has been interesting to say the least. For one, a lot of established sellers are networking more and exchanging ideas off-Fiverr. The main reason is because they want to vent stress/get some reassurance that they are not the only ones who feel the way they do.

Higher fees and removal of the shopping cart do seem to have reduced sales for many sellers. Gig placement in the search has become sporadic, and what appear to be indiscriminate bans and warnings over site bugs have created a Fiverr fear culture.

None of it is really healthy. Thank you for the legit link! This looks interesting. I’ll pass this onto a few sellers I know, as well as links to My Buzz. I’m sure these will cheer a few people up!


Oh my! How did you even find this forum? I’ve been basically talking to myself for the past few months, then got busy at work and had to take a leave of absence.

I did notice that Fivebucks is back up and running. I even signed up for Bitcoin Cash. It seems to me an interesting way of doing business. The little that I do know about bitcoin tells me there is less chance for unscrupulous buyers doing a chargeback on sellers.

I haven’t bought on Legiit nor on Fivebucks yet, but plan to over the Thanksgiving - since no one but the USA celebrates this particular holiday.

BTW, good to have you here! :grinning:


Well, I didn’t want to say but I’ve had a PI following you for the past 6-weeks. :slight_smile:

(That’s a joke.)

I was Googling my Fiverr username to see if anyone is leaving hate-filled comments about me anywhere. (Long story.) Then I found this amazing microblogs post citing me as one of the best writers on Fiverr. Obviously, I had to sign up after that.

Cryptocurrency payments would prevent chargebacks completely. However, the crypto freelance sites which are out there are a bit lacking. I did some FOC marketing for Fivebucks and sent them an email pointing out a few things which could really help the site take off. However, it seems like they weren’t interested.

I also signed up to a more fully featured site called Crypto Grind. However, this resulted in someone luring me into a very sophisticated phishing attempt. After that, the only order (which I did not complete) was from someone wanting me to write illicit drug descriptions for a dark web drug emporium.

I do have what I think is a killer idea for a crypto and regular cash based platform. I’m hoping to make time to try and run a Kickstarter campaign for it and get PR support from a few legitimate people in the crypto community. Sadly, every time I have a free moment, I get deluged in orders and after completion, I’m too tired to do anything but watch Battle Star Galactica with my amazing wee dog.

I like your forum! Thank you for the welcome. I will become a regular if that is okay with you!


I’ve been reading up on this and learning a few things. I decided to sign up for the minimum amount until I get the “warm and fuzzy” - which only come with time and experience. I find it to be an intriguing concept.

That would be ideal for me, well, until I get to understand cryptocurrency a bit better.

As you wish! :wink:


If you like, I have a very basic overview of what Bitcoin is and how it works here: https://omglitecoin.com/what-is-bitcoin-bitcoin-explained/ please just pardon my unfinished blog. Bitcoin Cash is a little different to Bitcoin. However, the basic principles of how it works are the same.

Also, you should know that Bitcoin Cash will be forking soon and this means that it could split into 2 different coins. If you have already bought some, don’t worry. Just learn how to store your coins securely and don’t panic sell if you get confused about anything. Feel free to pm me if you need any advice. :slight_smile:


Pff, a bit? :smirk: After the whole recent Pete-was-banned fiasco, I’ve become super worried :grimacing: Fiverr hardly cared that Pete (and Fiverr itself in a rather lame light) was all over the news (the verge, gizmodo, bbc, etc.)

Fiverr’s key word in 2018!


F…who the f is this VoiceOverPete dude and why does anyone care if he got banned? If I got banned on Fiverr or lost my account something, nobody would give a sh!t. Heck, even my mom wouldn’t care. LOL.


For the most part, people care because of how the situation was handled.

Imagine being on Fiverr for years and investing $50K in a professional home recording studio. Then imagine getting an email one day saying you have been banned, without giving you a reason. Then imagine that although it is being implied what you did wrong, this doesn’t make sense to you as up until that moment, you had a manager who was telling you that Fiverr loved you, and were a bit of a star at official meetups. You thought that you were in the clear and being appreciated for helping publicize Fiverr. Then suddenly, "You’re banned! Get out!"

People on the official forum want to focus on how wrong the service Pete offered was. However, the real issue is that Pete was bringing in new customers, all of whom suddenly got told that they would not be receiving what they ordered and couldn’t have their money back. Imagine if that was your first ever experience placing an order with Fiverr.

I bought premium WordPress theme on Envato a while ago. I paid for 12-months premium support and as far as I was aware, my purchase was protected by a 30-day money back guarantee. Sadly, the theme was broken out of the box. Premium support absolutely did not exist. Moreover, whenever I attempted to reach out, I was asked to pay $50 to $150 for someone to fix the theme or cover the cost of additional plugins.

I was furious. I asked the seller for a refund. Then I asked Envato for a refund. Both refused. Then I had to go through the messy business of filing a chargeback. Because of this, I will NEVER buy ANYTHING on Envato again. In fact, whenever Envato pops up in conversation, I feel the need to warn people about going near the place.

I imagine that the 200+ people who had pending orders with Pete on Fiverr felt exactly the same. One then goes to Twitter to complain. Then hundreds of other people realize they are not alone and start asking, “What kind of company acts like this?” Then people find out that Pete was given no warning and that Fiverr banned him and closed down all communication. Then people think again, "What kind of company acts like this?"

Remember, up until this point, it is not about what Pete offered. However, if you want to go down that route, Pete read video scripts which were intended to be used as a joke, where he asked for people to give their credit card numbers. Let’s say for argument’s sake that this was a real attempt by Pete to defraud people. In this case, there is no question that he should have been banned.

Sadly, Fiverr’s bizzare position became one of: "We have removed this service and seller to prevent credit card fraud. However, we will not be refinding any of the $12.5K paid to us for this service, despite you not receiving anything in return."

Of course, Fiverr is now (apparently) offering to refund people affected by this. However, this seems to be in reaction to public outcry.

In short, everything with Pete-gate has (in my opinion) happened as a direct result of Fiverr’s complete disregard for healthy conversation. If suddenly Fiverr got a phone call from their legal department, they should have immediately suspended Pete’s gigs and told him “sorry but because of this, we really can’t have you on our platform anymore.” At the same time, Fiverr should have reached out to affected customers to also explain the situation and offer some kind of remediation.

Because the above didn’t happen is why the whole affair blew up as spectacularly as it did.


Indeed, it was obvious that what did Pete do was a joke. Fiverr is really becoming a strange website full of incompetent meksels.

It is crazy, they do a mistake after a mistake. Honestly, their management is like they hired some meksel for cheap, which delivered a bad copy-paste job of UpWork.


It looks like I really should complete my U profile.:confused: