Fiverr Earnings Warning - Watch Them like a Hawk

From what I’ve read on the other forum, this isn’t just me. ‘Earned this month’ and the general earnings part of Fiverr is very buggy at the moment. However, it might be more buggy than anyone has so far realized.

This month, my ‘Earned in January’ data has been refusing to go above a certain height. It goes over say $800, I login the next morning and its back down to $737, climb back up to former amounts, and it pulls back again by another $50 or so.

That could be a bug. However, yesterday I was about to withdraw my funds when I realized that I had two orders which were about to clear and I decided to wait. My withdrawable balance at the time was $300. The amount of the two orders pending clearance was $68. Today, this should have given me $368 to withdraw. However, my current available balance is $348.

That’s $20 which has disappeared into oblivion. After downloading my CSV file for year to date earnings, I’m also $200+ short with regard to both this month’s total earnings so far and what I have available (and will have available for withdrawal). In this case, I’d advise everyone to manually tally their earnings and look for similar discrepancies.

Ok, this is just silly now. Over the past hour, my balance available for withdrawal has gone from $348 to $368 (the correct amount) but suddenly back down to $360. (No new orders will clear until tomorrow.)

I don’t see how this could be a bug. In fact, I’m now thinking that Fiverr might be holding funds in a non-US account and that balance amounts are fluctuating with exchange rates. :thinking:

Yikes!!! :scream: That’s wild. Withdrawal quick before it goes back down.