Fiverr Blind Reviews are Just... Urrgh


Consider using PFR (Payfair) - they’re on the cusp of releasing a payment thingy for thingying between fiat and crypto.


Now that is some high-level, abstract language right there! :smiley:

@Locusta I envy your username, it gets the people going, you made me wish I could change mine…


Primarily because I can’t remember the thingy :slight_smile:

Might be worth looking into though if Cy’s already constructing it, as it would be the golden USP (being that may freelancers/buyers don’t necessarily want the hassle of buying a specific currency when you could have an app thingy or whatever it is do the math and let either party pay in whatever and take out in whatever, which is the basics of what it is meant to be), and I know the team’s just about to release it, but that’s all I can remember at this time of the night.

EDIT: nobody’s looked into how my username died. I know, because it’s worth a passing comment…


Nah. I don’t trust any payment provider, crypto or not. I’m just creating a listing service/freelancer classified site. Maximum 100 freelancers, all payments settle independently with clients. Pay by cash via the freelancer’s provider of choice or pay crypto and as a buyer, get a 20% discount.

I’m trying to get an example / preview site up by next week to demonstrate the thing. I just hate WordPress!


WordPress sucks balls, but it makes things easy(ish-er).

So how does your site deal with Evil Buyers? Are you eschewing PayPal?

EDIT: PS I am going to bed soon so no rush


I’ll just show you next week. It’'s easy as pie but a bitch to explain.


Sounds like you need a PRO writer for your description needs :smirk:


And a hole in the head with a Black Widow spider crawling into it to lay horrific brain eating eggs.

No. I’m fine thank you. :slight_smile:


You just haven’t experienced the joy of PRO yet - I can tell.

On that bombshell, I’m off. Night all.


I have. I just spend all my money on Pro Tinder dates, dog treats, and cell phone shielding. There just isn’t that much left in the kitty to afford you. :frowning: