Fiverr Blind Reviews are Just... Urrgh


This is turning out to be one of those weeks. You know, one peppered by Fiverr buyers from the great intellectual beyond.

Imagine living in a small town where all the local buses charge a flat $2 rate for a single journey. Now imagine trying to take advantage of this by boarding and saying "Hello, Spain, please."

This kind of thing happens every day to sellers on Fiverr. Yesterday, I had a person order a $15 500-word article. They didn’t want an article, though. They wanted me to watch a 40-minute Youtube video, summarize its contents, and include a list of timestamps concerning key talking points.

I wanted to cancel but we all know where that leads. To my horror, after delivering the article as requested, the buyer returned with an edited version of my article which had been edited down to 200-words. Apparently, it had needed ‘tidying up.’ - This meaning all but one of the topics I had referenced had been removed, including references to the most interesting part of the video.

I asked what the buyer expected me to do and they replied cryptically, “use this as a framework for your next attempt.”


In the end, I didn’t do anything but redeliver the same file with a single edit to one sentence. I stated that clearly, they were looking for a short video description, not a full summary. In this case, it would be impossible to cover all video content in any detail without further direction. Then the buyer went silent until now, where I am notified that they have closed their order and left feedback.

I was 99% sure that this buyer was going to leave a 1-star review. Cryptic messages, a slight attitude, and clear dissatisfaction with a delivery, usually point in this direction. In this case, I left a 2-star review, asking all buyers to please stop asking me to transcribe, watch videos, or read and summarize business prospectuses. (I get this a lot you see.)

Then to my horror, it turns out that the buyer left a 5-star review. Now I look like some kind of mad buyer hater. - Not because my review is inaccurate, but because it looks like it has been left in response to theirs. I also imagine that they will now feel upset that they have left a 5-star review (out of what is perhaps a realization that their work went beyond the scope of what I offer) only to have me reign down hammer blows of hate on them for the trouble.

Nobody wins with this system.

Anyway, that’s just me venting. :slight_smile:


Oh, what a horror! :frowning:

Lily told me about the blind reviews. Freaky is the 1st order I’ve done in months so I’m not familiar with it.

That is ludacris, how are sellers to leave a fair review without sounding vengeful? Sometimes buyers understand they asked too much and that seller went out of their way.

I’m not onboard with it. Just another reason why I’m thinking about no longer leaving reviews!? :rage: Well, except freaky, since I’ve never reviewed him, 5 stars! :slight_smile:


Just say f… it and move on.


Alas, the entire review system is screwy. Most of my orders are bulk orders now. In this case, I desperately need reviews. Just a few 4.5 reviews left by mistake by someone using the app and not tapping the 5th star properly, can (because of low review volumes) see me slide toward low overall 4.8 and 4.7 ratings.

Conversely, I have a repeat buyer who orders almost every day, who I need to stop leaving me reviews. It makes my gig look full of fake reviews left by the same person and other buyers stop buying it because of that. I did ask last year if they could only leave reviews on every 3rd or 5th order. Now, though, I dare not ask again, as this could see me flagged by Fiverr for review manipulation.

I do not know if the above would happen. However, there are lots of reports of the word ‘review’ seeming to trigger automated account warnings.


I know typing the word review in your message to a buyer in an order trigers the red outlined box and a ted warning message about review manipulation, even though I was asking the buyer to “review the document” I had sent for any revisions they may want.

I have 3 frequent buyers who make my profile look like it may have the “fake review problem.” On the other hand it may make it look like I have happy repeat customers. :wink:


It’s one of those darn if we do and darn if we don’t. I had left like several reviews in a row from a newbie seller, where I was about the only repeat she had at that time.

On one of the reviews, I wrote something like: “I know I’ve left several great reviews in a row, but I can promise you I am a legit buyer and these are real reviews. Feel free to Google me at: Fiverr: GIna_Riley2. You will see I’ve made 100’s of purchases from many sellers.”

That way anyone reading can see her reviews are real. She was very happy with that.

:slight_smile: Needless to say, Gina knows how to take care of her best sellers! :wink:


I’ve been pretty lucky with my reviews since this awful system was first introduced, just a couple of 4.whatever reviews (neither was an app bug) and with other orders that I felt had gone completely wrong coming with a tip (that’s gotta be 5 stars, right?) preventing me from blindly retaliating.

On the other hand, the one review which I was sure would be 1 star - the buyer ordered something other than what was offered, with a 24-hr extension, refused the invoice for he extra asked to cancel after delivery to use a 20% off voucher, was a little hostile throughout, and just generally a sinking ship of an order that I couldn’t cancel b/c of potential demotion (CS was… CS) - and left a 5-star review. I left a 1 star review detailing most of that. I don’t feel too bad about it. But I wouldn’t have left him that review if I’d been able to see his feedback.

Why, what’s the point? I mean yeah, sure, I would have blocked him. Hell, if I wouldn’t be demoted for cancelling the one order spitting out flags left, right, and center, it wouldn’t have even got to that point.

I’d also like to complain how they were quick to into the new blind review system after announcement but weeks after the “hey, we gon’ change!” announcement, tumbleweed while Discover is introduced. I hope that gets memed full of stress images and heroin(e) chic. It would be more appropriate than what it had last time I looked (which was also the first time, but hey ho)

Quite happy with my dull template review though. I feel it covers most bases.


I honestly don’t get what Discovery is. I still don’t get what And Co is. Learn I get but think, WTH?

Of course, we as sellers moan about all this. The thing is, what is happening from a buyer perspective? When I see Discover, I just think “shiny things beyond my budget.” If I were a buyer and I see that a seller had just left me a 1-star review, I’d think (in my recent case), “WTF? I was trying to be nice?”

Now I’m also shocked by buyers receiving the same indiscriminate warnings sellers do. It’s all just a bit trippy. Shopping carts. Making it easy to search for what you need. Low fees. These are the age-old things every consumer wants. Now, everything is like some kind of dystopian buyer horror story.

"So you want this? Are you sure you don’t want this more expensive thing? Hell, look at all this clipart we have. No? Not interested? Why not come over here and see the exec sellers we think you should buy from? What’s that? You’re sick of playing our games? HERE! HERE’S AN ACCOUNT WARNING! - By the way, don’t forget we love you."



Who knows?

When I first read Discovery (from their forum post) I was like ? and then I looked, and saw something that looked like a cheap Pinterest and I really couldn’t help but wonder why they weren’t taking the time to tackle the human complaints of their buyers and sellers. If you look at the forum, it’s literally the same handful of complaints, over and over again, most of them concerning one of the company’s biggest weaknesses: its CS.

I’ve never knowingly purchased something on Fiverr. Apart from that one time when a meksell spammed me, I clickedo on the reply in my (email) inbox, and automatically ordered her 50 FB likes for $5. I didn’t even have a FB and she had the temerity to tell me that she wouldn’t cancel (she changed her mind after I threw my weight on top of her) - no orders to this day. I mention that because that wasn’t her fault per se, outside of the spam. I hit a reply button to say “GTFO out of my inbox” in more professional terms, not to find myself rewarding her (also, there’s a potential reason for prior inbox spam).

That was a few years ago now, and I assume the “issue” has since been patched - but it just all goes into one big pile of “Jesus Christ, you guys”

Still though, I imagine everything looks lovely for the IPO buyers.


I don’t understand how Fiverr CS gets away with existing. I’ve worked in CS in much smaller companies. If I acted like a Fiverr CS agent, I’d expect to be fired. Then to increase fees while making CS harder to find and less effective? (In the name of improved CS?)

It’s all going to look fab in an IPO prospectus. However, if and when shareholders become accountable for the company, the serious ones are probably going to bail fast.


It’s unlikely to be fixed anytime soon. Witness the post today from someone who suffered a chargeback that’s at least $500 (more in the $7-800 range if I remember right) after 3 months of completion from a buyer who left a 5-star review etc. It took around a day to get a template “we don’t get paid either”!

There’s a very telling review on Glassdoor from… 2016 I think from an ex-CS agent (assuming the internet isn’t lying) that’s very revealing. I’ll go dig it up and add a screenshot here.


Careful, I’ve heard horror stories on the Fforum of sellers who got account warnings or worse because they mentioned the review system in their reviews just like you did (I think Mila was one of them if you know her) - apparently F doesn’t like us talking about their unfair system within… their system :smirk:

Maybe PROs have a free pass card or smth, though :eyes:

I prefer writing reviews where I describe what I’ve done for the buyer, what I delivered, so that other buyers see that I do deliver as advertised. So far I haven’t had any bad experiences with the new system, but I know I can’t escape that future evil buyer.


@razvan you might be right - I’ve not been hammered down for my approach. The only person I “know” who got punished was someone on the forum who mentioned the blind reviews prior to the review, which I think may have been seen as review manipulation. Either way, she got banned.

Anyways, here’s the screenshot fiesta of a CS agent who quit ages ago.

EDIT: Sorry, my prt scrn hotkey has failed so we’ll all have to make do with the links to said screenshots, which is marginally less painful than having to log into GD? He could also be a disgruntled ex-employee, too but it’s interesting reading.


Holy bacon balls! That is worse than I envisioned it :scream:

So that’s why I still have a 4-year old refresh bug in my dashboard, because they still haven’t held a hackathon event for it :man_facepalming: And that’s why there are so many other bugs still unsolved, so many partially-implemented features, because people there are scared of reporting the bugs?!

And that’s why they never helped me recover my money when my account was hacked and lost $200, because who cares about security? :smirk:

Definitely doesn’t sound like that, it really sounds like the truth to be honest :pensive: The author feels calm in their writing, which is the opposite of disgruntled :stuck_out_tongue:


There are other less-than-lovely reviews hidden behind the reg wall… that’s just the one that resonated with me the most when I first read it (and immediately got frustrated at being banned for 1k years). I can’t imagine much has changed.

I really enjoyed it when Paul celebrated when Fiverr was listening (on SLD, I think) and shared a template message in reply from his success manager that I had oodles of examples of (again, banned :roll_eyes: - I was just about the only person at the time who could have pissed on that party lol). Whatever happened to him?

You can be calm and disgruntled, you know! I am in a semi-permanent state of disgruntlement (“freelancer’s zen”), so I should know.


PRO writer Paul? That Paul appears to be overbooked till Dec., hence the lack of posts on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

:rofl: :rofl:


He’s almost constantly overbooked - the opposite problem of Apple Guy. He also hasn’t been, uh, psychologically trained like so many of us “old sellers” have been either. IDK. Either way, I’m quite happy to be on a forum full of people who understand my (our) unique pain…


And I’m happy to be on a writers’ forum even though I’ve never had a writing gig, although I did some writing for our beloved forum creator behind the scenes :eyes:

And by the way, after 8 years of being on F, my pain is… hard to describe in human words :smiley: I’ll let my cave do the talking :eyes: But the pain has become quite visible!

[edit: forgive my endless edits, I have a hard time deciding and proofing my posts; that comma just doesn’t feel right, ugh]


Who needs human words when you can just scream at the moon? Or commas, for that matter.

I see from the other posts that I’m slowly getting through that all the other platforms are either as ■■■■ as I remember there, or quickly jumping on the “lol, freelancing is a meme, give 'em hell!” bandwagon.



Just wait until mine is in Beta! - It is not what you think (legal advice) I just need to time the right moment to tap the crypto market. :slight_smile: