Fiverr Announces New Che Guevara Selfie Competition!

It’s here! Fiverr’s big reveal of 2019. You can now send Fiverr a selfie and get turned into a Che Guevara meme!

Honestly, I’m a bit lost concerning what this is. Do I send in a selfie and say what I do? Or do I contact one of my past clients and say, "Hey, we had a wicked time last year! Fancy some free Fiverr PR?"

Oh. Wait…

Nope, that wouldn’t be a good idea. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I think @razvan should go first on this. He is the face of a major New Zealand web design company, after all! Or what about us all with @RegiAdd? I mean this forum has become a kind of team effort. :slight_smile:

Of course, I always treat initiatives like this with a strong pinch of pessimism. Will anybody be going for this, though? If so, keep us posted!

Edit: After following the link in the forum post, it seems that you don’t send a selfie. I got it all wrong. There’s just a new Fiverr landing page thing-a-ma-jig.



I’m more concerned about this (and imagine the percentage of meksells):


I don’t think there are that many buyers per day as there are new gigs per day :grimacing:


I’m more concerned about how a major freelance platform servicing 7,500 people per day, can have such an ugly landing page! It’s like a collaboration between a colorblind person and the USSR! :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:



I can see some good trolling opportunities for Pete though, if he fancies it.

So if you want to be successful on Fiverr, you must not take the advice of articles written on how to be successful on Fiverr and apply them. You should not listen to their sponsored podcasts either. You have to spend a lot more of that time and effort keeping up with the ever changing rules and regulations. You must be an expert at following this forum on a daily basis for the next rule change to come down unless you want to get a Term Of Service Warning for following the advice of articles written.

Sounds about right. I’ve always wondered why that contacts thing is there if contacting buyers gets a CS SWAT team kicking down your door. Less focus on asinine marketing campaigns, more focus on fixing the platform up, please.

7,5k is quite impressive though. From what I can tell on reddit, most of them are Fortnite-related and/or lazy “gib monies” jobs involving bodily waste, because that’s what people come for. Now that would be an advert -

“You need a picture of a hot, steaming turd” / “He’ll whip one up for you after dinner - with sweetcorn bits for just $5 extra!”

Like I said, it’s pretty ripe for parody. Still, slightly better than the heroin chic one a few years ago I guess?

Edit: They have a video, too!

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I’m humbled to have Wilson among us regular working class Joe’s. I vote for him.

:smile::grinning: Sure is!!

Good grief, 7500 a day? :scream:
That’s quarter of a million per month. :money_with_wings:

Exactly, how many sellers are there on 5r? I wonder what the number of gigs sold vs average paid vs medium rate for gigs? :thinking:


It should be remembered that these figures pertain to a company hoping to go IPO. We’ll probably see lots of big numbers getting thrown around in 2019. :wink: