Finding Genuine Article Writers on Fiverr


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How to Find Genuine Article Writers on Fiverr

Web marketing experts know that the key to great content marketing starts with the regular publication and syndication of high-quality written articles and media.

There’s just one problem. Many businesses simply don’t have the time to create engaging new web content as regularly as they really need to. Thankfully, even businesses with the most conservative marketing budgets can still make an impact online.

Freelance marketplaces, like Fiverr, provide easy and affordable access to some of the best writers and content creators that the Internet has to offer. The only question is how to separate the professional writers on Fiverr from the $5 writer wannabes?

Why Fiverr Makes Sense for Content Marketers

Fiverr has been featured in Forbes magazine and several other leading publications. It is, without doubt, the place for affordable article writing. As with every freelance marketplace, however, the quality of talent on offer on Fiverr can vary considerably.

Do you need high-quality writing? If so, it’s important to remember that advertised prices does not always reflect the quality of work you can expect. Yes, Fiverr might offer content at a starting price point of $5. This does not mean that all writers on Fiverr are capable of providing professional articles for pennies on the dollar.

Choosing the Right Fiverr Seller

For the most part, article writers on Fiverr who are willing to write for $5 per article fall into three categories:

  • Some will be new to the platform, attempting to establish themselves.
  • Others are selling bulk orders from a prewritten content or spun articles.
  • Many may even sell you stolen or plagiarized articles.
  • Lastly, there are sellers who are simply not competent writers at all.

The good news? Once you’re aware that quality isn’t universal among sellers, poor buying experiences can (for the most part) be completely avoided.

Pre-Sale Communication & Test Orders

So, how can you avoid buying from a seller who simply isn’t capable of delivering high-quality writing?

Serious buyers should always carefully scan seller gig descriptions for basic spelling and grammar errors. If the description is error free, buyers should message sellers with their brief and ask if a seller is willing to take on the project.

Have you found a writer who seems to have potential?

  • If so, many sellers will be happy to provide samples of work prior to you placing an order.
  • However, a better alternative is to place a test order with a seller for 100-300 words of content. This is often a more accurate way to gauge a Fiverr seller’s talent.

Why Test Orders Are More Valuable to Fiverr Buyers Than Free Samples

Asking to see samples prior to working with a writer on Fiverr might sound reasonable. In reality, however, any writer can easily copy and paste an article from online. This is why test orders are a much more reliable way to gauge a seller’s real writing competency.

All you need to do is remember to check articles for both readability and evidence of plagiarism after delivery.

Understanding Your Responsibilities, a Buyer

Are you looking for nothing less than top-notch quality when ordering articles on Fiverr? If so, you might want to think about increasing your budget. Regardless of how much you are prepared to pay, it’s important to remember that you have certain responsibilities as a buyer.

When ordering from any writer, you need to provide them with a clear and full article brief as possible.

What is the overall goal of your article?
What are the unique selling points of your product or service in which you need your sales copy to highlight?
Writers on Fiverr aren’t psychic. Give your writer as much information as possible about your business and your overall content marketing goals. Communication is the key to getting the results that you want.

What to Do When Things Go Wrong

So, now you have a set of guidelines:

  • Vet your writers,
  • Order test articles, and
  • Communicate your needs as clearly as possible.

This will help you source some of the best freelance talents that Fiverr has to offer. Just like in any kind of transaction, however, things can occasionally go wrong.

Fiverr’s terms and conditions don’t allow buyers to cancel orders simply due to personal preference. However, Fiverr does take a firm stance against writers who attempt to plagiarize existing web content.

Do you have reason to suspect that articles you’ve paid for are not 100% unique or original? If so, make sure to contact Fiverr’s own customer service department. Once you do, a representative will start investigating the matter. When applicable, Fiverr will often offer a full refund accordingly.

Full Disclaimer: This article was written by a Fiverr Seller. This is one example of the types of articles you can expect; however, as stated above, not all writers are equal.

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