Fantasy Freelance Workplace Locations


Or, fantasising about working from glamorous locations around the world and imagining yourself stopping work every so often to look out on panoramic views and being the smug git who gets featured in lifestyle magazines.

I’ll kick off with the Azores. This view is a good one to stare out of as you consider how to best write your next article on 5 Tips for Getting a Credit Loan Fast without wanting to kick your brains out from boredom at such a dull subject:

Or, how about the Faroe Islands? This home would be a little bit too remote for my tastes, but the landscape!

Or Norway (but $$$):

Tropical beaches bore me, I’m afraid. I need a nice mountain and water. Switzerland also looks nice, but it’s Switzerland.


I also wouldn’t complain about St. Lucia. But again, $$$ and I could do without hurricanes in my life. Call me fussy.



Mine would be a tiny place called Okarito in New Zealand:

Glen Etive in Scotland:

Pictarin Island (Possibly my fav place, just a pity about the pedos):

Staniel Cay:


Your Azores Choice & Pretty much anywhere with more water and air than people. Of course, it would have to be dog friendly.


Oh, I want to play! Now I have to search the world for the place I want to be. :thinking:

Someplace not too cold :cold_face: or :hot_face:.


You put the Azores back on my digital nomad radar. Sadly, every time that happens, I just come back to this:

Blooming yanks…


There’s always the unscheduled upcoming global catastrophe (magnetic poles going crazy, Heck-to-get-past-the-box-censor literally freezing over) to make one pause for thought and wonder if a tiny village up at the top of the Himalayas (but under Mt. Dead Tourist) is a good place to retreat to.

When Santorini decided to explode catastrophically (around 3,500 years ago) and destroy pretty much all culture in the Aegean with a giant tsunami, poor crops for God knows how long, and the inevitable civil unrest that must follow such a disaster (Crete’s Minoan society basically disappears with a lot of strange sacrifices around this time), it did have another long-lasting impact: nobody wanted the nice beachside location anymore. There’s a reason, if you go to most Greek islands, the old settlements (post-Minoan, anyway) are in inconvenient places. (NB: this is anecdotal)

I suppose it’ll all be the luck of the draw anyway - just ask the woolly mammoths with buttercups perfectly preserved in in their stomachs (NB: this is subject to debate). At the end of the day though, who knows what will take us each?

I am also partial to the ancient global nuclear war theory if anyone wants to talk about that. Anyway, I still like the Azores. Yankee go home (and take your toxic waste with you)!

Anyway, conspiracies about why this cancer thing isn’t that bad because there’s always worse things that will kill us all aside, this is a fantasy thread, so we can pretend that none of the bad things exist :slight_smile:

Here’s a pretty little Himalayan village:



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