F Hired a Meksel for Their New UI

Yesterday, I had noticed a difference. If you see, they did some changes to the notifications and messages tabs. Not that they just look like something made in the '90s, additionally you can’t even notice when you have a new notification due to the lack of contrast.

Here is an attached photo.


When you add the text, the difference is bareley noticable.

Yeah, not a fan here either. More needless tinkering with the design instead of fixing other, more pressing, UX issues. If you look at buyer-only profiles you’ll also see that there’s no huge “this person doesn’t sell gigs” image - it’s now straight to reviews (if no reviews, lots of white space).

Overall, I’d prefer it if they worked on fixing broken things, or implementing some beta features (e.g. milestones) which would be much more useful. The Notifications/Inbox (Number) could be useful though - except the pink dot still happens and is still broken. So… blah.

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I still want to know what is happening with ID verification. I have seen several threads quickly pulled from the forum recently. I’ve also been sent supposed evidence that there are some countries which Fiverr does not accept ID’s from, but is letting sellers open accounts and start selling until ID verification comes round and they get told sayonara.

I say supposed, as it’s second hand info. However, I have noticed that a previously popular FB group has been closed down which was used by sellers in one of the “we don’t like you, go away countries.”

Also, apparently a big seller (making $40K a month) called spxmac has been banned. I don’t know if it’s ID related, though.

Otherwise, I’d like to see meaningful changes like a way to FINALLY deal with :poop: buyers who either order by mistake or try and take you for a ride. A single button saying “this buyer has not ordered a service provided or supplied relevant order details” would fix the matter. - If that button canceled orders without them affecting ratings.

I was also hating the spammy Buy Learn Courses crap. However, now I noticed that the emails were coming from a separate email to Fiverrs regular one and just started reporting them as spam. :slight_smile:

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I’m not really sure what’s going on with ID verification. If you look at reddit there’s a post saying that CS told one brand-new seller to basically use a trusted person’s phone number for the phone ID, which I’m still not sure how I feel about (generally toward the negative). It does suggest that rules are rules unless they aren’t - which means go away countries are naturally first in the firing line, even if we have to tiptoe around it.

I had a seller today who waited until day 3 of an otherwise complete order to get an extra without revisions. Guess who has to scramble tomorrow to get the “finished job” in before the bad review? The gig completed after I warned him of this, but sheesh. Oh well - at least there’s the review response if it goes south. But still… feels like “buyer orders thing, ignores it, adds extra after delivery but before completion” should be something the systems check, right? Apparently not. So, fixing that along with the begone, satan buyer thing would be nice.

Aside from the annoying spam notifications on Fiverr itself (like, come on, stop that), I don’t really care about learn. It’s a pretend Udemy cash-in that will likely be used more in future to get “big names” (Wyclef ‘one time’ Jean) to do a half-assed course that brings the frothing masses in for a nice PR opp. Just replace Wyclef with another celebrity with a talent for self-promotion. Get banned from Fiverr on a whim? Nope, no course either. And no, you can’t use your Fiverr earnings. Just cough up already. I’m NOT supporting a program like that.

The SPX thing - or dynamite guy as I knew him - is interesting. Wonder what happened there. I’d also like to know what happened to VOP and whether he got paid or not, but it seems unlikely he’s going to update on that - unless he’s creating a mega FUF video chock-full of angsty former sellers. Again, seems unlikely. Not much point waiting for IPO critical moment, either.

All in all, I dislike this redesign. It’s fixing stuff that was fine while ignoring issues that come up over and over again. But then again, that’s what giant internet companies do, isn’t it?

EDIT worth noting that SPX has pretty much killed off their entire web presence branding since being kiboshed. That seems a bit strange to me, as someone who is on and off working on a website to tide me through such an eventuality. So, something feels off here - but answers are lol for now.

EDIT 2: It could be that he was (via his FB, still up) running free giveaways for competition winners. Free work on Fiverr… :confused: it’s possible… in any case, there are some screenshots of inbox comps so judge for yourself. Seems like a remarkably benign thing to get banned for if you’re making $40k months, though. But who knows. I do wish the more successful banned sellers would do a VOP - or that VOP would do it. I just want answers!

I just got a message and found this. This is new, isn’t it?

I approve.

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Yes, it is new. I’ve just noticed it today.