Everything is BROKEN!


I have supernatural forces conspiring against me. I say this as I am going through a broken phase. My Internet router is caput. This morning my monitor died which means I’m having to squint at my laptop screen. My phone is on the blink, my door lock keeps sticking and may soon end up in me entering and leaving home via the window until I can get some WD40. And now my toilet and shower has broken!

Oh, and the handle snapped off my prized possession ceramic wok today. - And my website is broken

I go through periods like this every now and again and every time I do, it drives me insane. Not because it’s all very inconveniencing, but because it’s like everything is designed to break. - And it is!

I have a laptop from 2004. I don’t use it as it isn’t powerful for most modern applications. However, it runs lightning fast when paired with software of its age and some Linux distros. I also have an old non-smart phone which just turns on and works.

New tech is a completely different story. I have a mid-range smartphone which is just a year old and which has been used a handful of times. I tried to use it the other day and it was a slow buggy nightmare.

The same goes for my monitor. I had a fantastic Dell beast which I kind of stole from work when I left. It worked for years with no problems. I got a new one as a friend dropped it when I moved last year. However, the new ASUS excuse of a replacement is a joke. (Or at least it was.) One of the USB connections became lose after just a few weeks, and all the little exposed metal bits have gone rusty since. OK, I live by the sea but I know :poop: quality manufacturing when I see it. And it’s not just tech.

I finished my orders earlier and went about dismantling my toilet cistern to see what the problem is. Then I found it. The entire apparatus inside is stupid flimsy plastic. Yes, it uses less water per flush, but why can’t we have 1930’s quality manufacturing of robust components which can just be swapped out and replaced when they break?

Then there is my wok. $50 that cost me less than a year ago. Yes, it looks nice but really the thing is a design abomination and it is a miracle that it has lasted as long as it has.

There is only one thing for it. I am leaving. My New Years resolution this year is to settle in 1929. No modern technology. No cheap plastic plumbing components. No flimsy pans, just good old fashoned cast iron and wood everywhere. if anyone has any messages from the future for loved ones living pre-WWII, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


Oh my, when it rains, it pours! :expressionless:

  1. Define what you mean by internet router being caput?? Do you need a new router or having problems with your internet in General?
  2. Buy a new monitor.
  3. I can’t live without my smart phone, as I am painstakingly typing on it right now. (Can’t wait until I get home to my key board :slight_smile:)
  4. Your :door: sticking can only mean you have a :ghost: haunting your place. It’s time to call Ghostbusters, witch hunters or an excorist!!
  5. Broken shower, see #4.
  6. Broken potty, also see #4.

You are being haunted!!!

Someone please post a haunted video appropriate for Cy. I’m on my tiny phone.


The problem with you young people is you have lost touch with your religion, with God and what we call as dharma. Start going to church again, rediscover God, get Him back in your life.


Speak for yourself. I have a very healthy relationship with God. Also, you can’t really have healthy Dharma without fasting and Shivambu. Since you seem happy to make great unfounded assumptions concerning my spiritual life, I’ll assume that you should take your own advice. - And mine. if you ever want to be as wise as you keep trying to look. :wink:


Oh God. No.


My Internet in general is a disaster. I’ve had someone cut through the cable outside my building twice. That could be the problem this time. I won’t know until the cable guy comes tomorrow. At present, I’m stuck using my 3G mobile router. The only problem with that is that its $56 for just 7GB of data.

No. I’m done throwing money away. This year has been a bit mad for that. I still plan on moving eventually and when I do, I’ll need as few possessions as possible

I do my own exorcisms :wink:


Don’t knock it until you try it. If you want to go all Dharma, you need to embrace the full lifestyle and path to spirituality which goes with it. - Or you can just sit behind your keyboard making sweeping assumptions about everyone who isn’t you. :wink:


Well, I fixed my toilet and shower, WD40’d my front door and found a bucket I never knew I had! So far, things are looking up!


Oh Gawd that is awful! I mean, I feel super eerily awful right now after having consumed 700GB of data last month for €20, with 1GBPS (~125MB/s) :grimacing: (I’m a big youtube max-hd content consumer after one ISP finally decided to bring optic fiber internet in the middle of the woods where I live, but before that I was having like 600KB/s cave-speed)



I don’t know how this is possible. Did you eat the Internet? I use around 100GB per month. I have unlimited data on my regular Internet. However, I’m not a TV / Movie or gaming junkie. Anyway, my connection is back up now so don’t feel to bad. :slight_smile:


Data junkie here, youtube addict & fanatic, internet is my crack / pot (pun intended) :eyes:

Imagine living on a 50KB/s dial-up connection for 8 years, then 600KB/s for 10 years, and then getting a 125FMB/s (FMB = frigging megabytes) connection all of a sudden - what would you do if not eat the Internet while you’re offered that luxury? :smiley:


Really, no adult movies? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: