Estonia Launches World-First Digital Nomad Visa

Are you British and have you despaired over the future of Brexit and the impending end to free movement around Europe? Alternatively, are you a Yank, an Ozzy, a Kiwi, or anyone from anywhere, who dreams of relocating overseas? If so, there is a huge stumbling block in your way. - Or at least there used to be.

As a freelancer, moving overseas for a long period of time isn’t easy. In many countries, it’s difficult to establish yourself as self-employed. Even when you are successful, there is then the extra hurdle of having to deal with all the necessary tax bureaucracy in your new locale. However, now things look set to change thanks to Estonia and their introduction of the world’s first dedicated digital nomad visa.

Here are the basics (but don’t take this as a comprehensive guide):

  • Estonia will soon start issuing 1,400 digital nomad visas per year
  • Each visa grants 1-year legal residency which can be extended under existing e-residency rules for new tech-based startups
  • Visa holders will enjoy up to 90-days of travel to all EU member countries

More information here:

Also, here’s a more thorough introduction to Estonia’s existing digital e-residency scheme:

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