Enjoy the Decline

India may yet be Venezuela, Fiverr might yet alienate every loyal seller/buyer, the NIFTY may yet go below 10,000, but the one thing on top of my mind for the last 2 weeks has been…

Should I Hire a Personal Trainer at the Gym Or Not…


Personal Trainer may help correct my form while doing compound exercises - squats, deadlifts, bench presses and military presses.

You can read all Starting Strength you want, and follow all the YouTube videos, but you need someone to watch you and tell you whether you’re doing it right or wrong.


Most of the trainers at my gym are bumbling low IQ idiots who have no clue. Some are even overweight.

They see this “personal trainer” thing as a way to make money and fool the rich. They charge Rs. 5,000/month at least. Sure, I can pay that, but they are clearly not worth it.

And they do all this upselling - “Take this supplement, take that. That will give you a really great body.” Yeah, I get it.

The morons see the YouTube videos by other morons like themselves on how I make Rs. 200,000 per month as a personal trainer and think they can do it too. Idiots - it’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how much value you provide. Focus on providing value, and you will make money.


I guess I gotta self-teach myself how to lift as well.


#1: The rich are not stupid. If they are, they won’t remain rich for long.
#2: Stop lying to yourself. Be ruthlessly honest in your self-asesment. 99% of the problems in the world are because people lie to themselves and are allowed to by their friends, family, media, establishment, etc.
#3: Reality is a b!tch. It always gets you in the end.


Apparently we are not allowed to spell asesment correctly. A part of that word is banned. LOL.

When you’re a detached observer with means like I am, it’s fun watching the world as it descends into chaos.

So every day I go to this coffee shop and read my Kindle. There’s always an MLM scam going on. A sharply dressed guy and his asociate trying to con one or two foolish young people into investing into his scam.

Young people are desperate, under pressure from their families to show they are earning something, doing something, so despite their best judgment they succumb to these rascals. And then they become this rascal and scam their friends and relatives and it goes on.

Me: I just observe, with a permanent smirk on my face. Just as I observe the folks on the internet crying, whining, complaining, getting angry, outraged, when the truth is they are just lying to themselves.

Fun part: I was approached by the asociate of this MLM fella. The main guy knows better than to approach me. He tried to hook me with his MLM talk. I told him, boy, do you know I am the guy who writes your script? :joy:

Apparently, I have to misspell asociate too. Haha.

I have seen the future and the future is this…




That’s all fine and dandy, but this is where even I have to draw a line and pick up the pitchfork…

Don’t you [bad word] come after my coffee you [bad word] [worse word]

By the way, closer home, the future is…

Don’t you love this guy ladies? He is going to be our next Prime Minister, the first job he has ever held in his life and he is only 48! :smile: (Aww…look at those cute dimples of the Lucky $perm!!!)

Aaron Clarey wrote his book for the U.S., but it’s universal in its reach. Applies to the whole world.

Someone was upset that I said the UK is a nation on the decline.

Well, it’s true.

Enjoy the Decine

Why do you keep finding new ways to use profanity? I’d block that word, but you’ll just find a new way to use it. Please stop.

If this was your forum and you were trying to get new members, freelancers/writers, do you feel they’d be excited to join one full of cuss words, violent images/videos, etc?

I don’t understand why a talented writer like you have to use vulgarity to get your point across?

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Yeah, I get your point. I was just using this as an online journal or diary, just to vent. Sorry about that, I wasn’t thinking about other people. Guess this forum is not suitable for me as I have nothing to say about freelancing, Fiverr and stuff. I hardly ever think about it, just do my orders if and when I get them and that’s it. Anyway, I wish you and everyone here…especially Aunt Vickie good luck and all the best in life. Time for me to move on.

Sorry, can’t resist this…from Twitter

This is how an aged hyena who’s staring at an inevitable ouster and death behaves, looking at a healthy and ambitious young lion…

Land version of the Titanic ! :laughing:

At least everyone is alive and well!

Did you once mention you had a degree in engineering? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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If I had, I would have a different sort of life.

Nope @Value_Investor - you missed the point @RegiAdd was making - this is her forum, into which she has put a great deal of time and money to give everybody a chance to talk about freelancing. You don’t want to do that - you want to disrupt things and spoil it for everybody else.

I don’t actually care what you say about Britain - but this isn’t the place to do it.

By continuing this childish behaviour, when you’ve been asked to stop, is doing nothing but showing contempt for @RegiAdd and anybody else who’d like to use the forum for what it’s been designed for.

In terms of the train, it was reported by every other international news outlet in exactly the same way as the BBC. Believe me, if it had been a British train, it would have been treated much more harshly - we’re very good at self-deprecation - we don’t need anybody else to do it for us.

Please do @RegiAdd a favour and edit your posts so they get back onto the topic of her forum - thank you in advance.


As I said, I’m out. I have zero interest in the topic of this forum (what is it anyway?). No, I’m not gonna edit my posts or whatever. Just delete my account and delete my posts, or allow them to remain as they are. Couldn’t care less. Good luck and goodbye.

(But seriously, I am more worried about India becoming the next Venezuela if the 2019 results don’t go the right way and getting hit by 60-70% income tax, wealth tax, etc., not to mention the hyperinflation, than the $1-2k I make every month from freelancing. Makes sense? LOL…of course, I agree this is not the right place to project that.)

(Opposition has already recruited the great Thomas Piketty of the Tax the Rich fame to implement a universal basic income scheme. Double LOL)

(And yeah, there is this small matter of a possible war coming up. Triple LOL.)

(So kindly forgive me for not being too concerned about freelancing and stuff as of now. Final goodbye? The long long goodbye? See you lot in 3 months if everything turns out well. If not, well, then I will need a place to mourn, so will be here again :slight_smile: )

Then why are you here? If you want to write a diary, you can start a blog, and nobody in their right mind would blame you. You can write whatever you want in your own diary/blog/whatever, but using someone else’s forum as a venting place for your thoughts that have nothing to do with the topic of that forum is poor form, at best.


If you will just stop sending your comments to me, I won’t be here. Okay :slight_smile:

So now you’re staying for my comments alone? :rofl:

Seriously, though, I’m just curious. If this forum and its main topic doesn’t interest you, why being here at all? Why not being somewhere else, where people talk about the things that interest you? Or, if you want to keep a venting diary (which would be perfectly legit), why not start your own blog with your thoughts and musings and rants, and place a link for it here (I’m pretty sure @RegiAdd would allow it), so that people who want to talk about those topics can come to your blog and chat with you? :slight_smile: That way, you’d be able to talk about the stuff that you’re interested in, and you wouldn’t be disrespectful to Gina and all of her efforts to build a platform of her own. :slight_smile:


Okay, sure, thanks for the advice. Is this the last of it? In that case, bye everyone!

Correct! Thank you Weeyin! :clap:

Please feel free to create your own forum with information that interests you. It will ensure you have full control. :upside_down_face:

Nope. Typically, when I don’t care about something, I don’t post then tell people I don’t care.

Excellent point.

Take Care! Best wishes for your business and life. :slight_smile:


I guess the title was for someone else’s decline. :frowning:

Hope that somebody is enjoying it… :raised_hands:

Ah, there lies the rub. Like many of my fellow country folk, I take no pleasure from anybody else’s decline or demise.

I’d much rather everybody did well, particularly when it’s not seen as being at somebody else’s expense.

Be a fan of yourself, your country, your football team etc. by all means, but realise that everyone has a right to express the same sentiment about whatever it is they hold dear. Doesn’t mean they dislike whatever it is you’re a fan of, just emphasises the fact we’re all different, but equally important.


Very well said, if a little condescending :frowning:

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