Embrace the Chaos


And the farmers actually believe this? :zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks to Eve eating the apple in the Garden of Eden. :no_mouth:

I read what you wrote. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Investor, is this true! :flushed:

My brother is a farmer as was my dad. My family has seriously worried about my bro because of the situation for farmers in our country.

I love learning stuff like this. :wink:

Is this why some Fiverr sellers from there spam Fiver users to give them :moneybag: because of a sick mother, father, child? :thinking:

Investor, you do seem to be grumpy much of the time. :confused: Where is the fun guy I knew when I first joined the F Forum?

What? You think this type of chaos is fun! :crazy_face:

I believe this is known as arrogance.

Investor, this makes me sad. :disappointed_relieved:

Why can you not be "better, richer, smarter, and humble? :sunglasses:


I have a complicated story Aunt Vickie and am a very complex person. I think I like to put myself in a “me vs. the world” situation. That is what gives me the motivation I need. And yes, that has helped me succeed, if what I have achieved can be called as “success”.


Even so, you do not need to behave arrogantly or be grumpy! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There are those here who care for you and would appreciate a kinder, gentler you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s not about me Aunt Vickie, I was talking about the victim narrative. Anyway.


How is the election going at the moment?


I expect a heavy defeat for us (pro-Modi people). This will be the first loss for PM Modi in his 20-year long political history. Media/establishment types will be euphoric. Hugo Chavez came to power in 1998. Until then Venezuela was the richest country in South America, almost a European nation. The atmosphere here is like it was in Venezuela in 1997. I see what’s happening, and I see how the people of this country are getting played. It’s so simple, so easy that it is funny. I guess as the only self-declared non-victim in this country, only I can see what is going on. LOL.

Anyway, 2 articles to be done, then off to the gym. Come back, have breakfast and do Gina’s order. Life goes on.


Seriously, I’ve been making election/market predictions since 2013. Each and everyone of them has come true. LOL

Maybe that’s because I stay alone and am detached, and take a very dim view of human behavior - which means I understand the human mind. So I know exactly what’s going to happen at most times.

It’s simple…given a choice, human beings always resort to their worst instincts - their natural instinct. That is the normal. But very rarely they rise above their natural instincts and become better than they are. That happens once in a while, when all hope is lost and things get desperate.

Once things get normal again, people become complacent and resort to their natural instinct yet again. What is their natural instinct: Fear of work, greed, desire for free money, short sightedness, petty cunningness, egoistic behavior, entitlement, victimhood.

But I’m more than happy to be an anonymous freelance writer :slight_smile: