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Here we go…

My 6th negative review on Fiverr in 5 years, first in 2 years. Only 2 of those negative reviews are justified - one, as I did a poor job and the other for late delivery cancellation. So in truth, I have only 2 real negative reviews out of close to 4000 completed orders.

Here’s the 1-star review

He put the phone number of another company in the text he created. Do not use his service. It is not professional.


That is a 100% false and malicious allegation against me based on a total misunderstanding. I put a random number in the Call-to-Action to the article as a placeholder, so that the buyer could replace that with his own phone number: “If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 343-345-4646.”

This is just an example of how things are in the real world. People get punished for no fault of theirs. You can either cry about it, or shrug and move on.


Hee, hee, hee! :laughing:

I don’t see that review on your profile yet! You should have used 111-111-1111 or 123-456-7890. Hum, come to think of it, did you tell your client that it was a placeholder? Not that I am siding with him but some folks require hand holding.


I do that all the time, add some random number as placeholder in the call-to-action. This is the first time someone could not understand that. Yeah, next time I will make it clearer - 111-111-1111


It’s at the bottom, hidden by the good reviews. He left that review 10 days back, I didn’t reply then because of the blind feedback system. Waited for it to appear by itself so that I could have my say. I think Fiverr has a system where they let the poorest review go away and not affect the rating. Not sure about that, guess that is why my current overall/average rating is as of now still 5 stars.


Well - that’s good news! :slight_smile:


I always put xxx-xxx-xxxx for phone numbers.

But if you do not reply within the 10 days, I thought the review cannot be replied to? :thinking:

I do not think they ever go away and I think they always affect your rating. However, with you having so many a poor rating has little effect. But then I also thought that only the reviews of the last 60 days are taken into account when figuring your review rating.


Yeah, I will do that henceforth.


That way there is no way they think it is a real number. :wink:

Have you had your foo-foo coffee yet today, Investor?


Yeah Aunt Vickie…

I’m a guy with regular habits.

Gym at 5:30 am

Coffee at the restaurant below the gym.

3 hard boiled eggs + Whey Protein Shake at home.


Lots of coffee in between.

Order Keto dishes for lunch online. Have food - mostly chicken and veggies at 3 pm


Shut down at 7 pm

Read a book.

Go to the nearby Starbucks or one of the local coffee shops at 9 pm. Have coffee and maybe a salad. Or stay home and have another protein shake.

End the day at 10 pm

Simple life.

Only on rare occasions when I have a deadline, like today, I miss the gym.


I cannot have coffee that is caffeinated after 2 pm or I cannot sleep at night.


Me too, but after 5 PM. Once, I drunk a coffee at 8 PM and couldn’t fall asleep till 9 AM the next day. :roll_eyes:


So from tomorrow chaos are going to start in India. My ability to stay focused will be tested. Critical election results tomorrow, 3 states off to polls. Opposition likely to win as they ran a whisper campaign among farmers: Stop paying your loans, vote for us and we will make sure they are all waived off. Loan waivers and freebies are going to be the opposition’s strategy to defeat PM Modi.

Modi may lose, but when the opposition comes to power, my vision of a Venezuela like situation will be realized. People will just refuse to pay back loans in India from now on, and vote against Modi and bring the opposition in. Free money. Nation may go to dogs in the near future, but who cares, we want free money. I love democracy!

This is the only way they could defeat Modi.

Maybe I should take a 2 crore rupee ($300,000) loan myself and just vote against Modi and wait for the loan to be waived off when the opposition comes to power. I can claim to be a farmer, based on my ancestral land in my native village, where my father came from. Lot of people do that.

The natural instinct of human beings is evil: Greed, sloth, ego and ingratitude. The opposition has only pandered to our natural instincts. Modi wants us to rise above our natural instincts. It’s easy to see who is going to win this round.

Actually this is a much easier and more effective way to destroy a country than send an Army and carry out a military attack, or even a trade war. Just establish contacts with half a dozen opposition leaders, just give them a copy of Saul Alinsky’s book and wait for sparks to fly.

(Trust me, it’s very easy for me to take a loan. Bank managers always beg me to take loans. I’m like a high value customer here, but never take loans. They would be thrilled to grant me a loan like that. Should I be evil, a crook, be everything I detest? That is the socially acceptable thing to do these days in India and even encouraged by the media/establishment classes who have just one goal in mind - get rid of Modi.)

I understand these evil people very well. I know how their mind works and how they fool naive innocent people. So I know exactly what they are going to do next and I also know the consequences of their actions.

Ultimately I am not evil like them and will never be because of my love for my country and for the fact that when I die, I want to look God straight in the eye and tell Him that I have led a life that I could be proud of and one that He would approve.

(Don’t mind that, I am basically talking to myself, thinking aloud, putting my thoughts to paper, so to speak. Like a “dear diary”. It has cleared my mind.)


Just because you are like this doesn’t mean everyone else is. :wink: If you feel so strongly, it’s not like you haven’t had the time or resources necessary to try and make the world a better place. You don’t even vote!

Anyway, at least farmers in India look like they’ll be having it easier than in South Africa in the coming years. Also, a lot of the loans Indian farmers have taken out in the past have been fraudulently sold by proxies of American big agricultural firms. Hence your abhorrent rates of farmer suicides.

If loans are waived in a reasonable way, you won’t necessarily be looking at a Venezuela type situation. Iceland ruled that most international debt accrued prior to 2008 was fraudulent and effectively waived the amounts many businesses, home, and landowners had to repay. You will rarely see Iceland in the news today. However, Iceland is now the fifth strongest economy in Europe.


Cy, please, you have no clue about India or the situation in India and basically know nothing. Don’t compare India to other countries and don’t display your ignorance here. At least don’t expect me to respond.

You have no clue what a stupid statement that is. Anyway. Forget about it.

Also, a lot of the loans Indian farmers have taken out in the past have been fraudulently sold by proxies of American big agricultural firms. Hence your abhorrent rates of farmer suicides.

Get this: Technically 90% of India’s population are farmers. Even I can claim to be a farmer. LOL.

And there is no reasonable loan waiver. This is competitive politics. Every party promises a loan waiver in every election. There are elections every 2-3 years, state elections, national elections. So what that means is nobody ever has to pay back their loans.

A typical farmer has his loans waived off at least a dozen times through his life. Only Modi put an end to that. You know what they do with the money that they get for free? They spend on alcohol, drugs and women. Farmers kids wear designer jeans, drive SUVs and beg for loan waivers at elections. Who works in their farms? Landless laborers, nobody gives them any loans any way, so no question of loan waivers for them.

Everyone claims to be a victim in India and nobody is innocent. Victimhood sells. It’s fashionable. I have every opportunity to play victim but never do that. People hate me for not playing a victim. LOL.


Macedonia is shittier, constant downfall since 91’.


Excuse me. If you feel the need to constantly project economic, spiritual, political, and sociological advice onto the rest of the world (almost daily), child. You should be willing to take a dose of your own medicine.

Besides, I wasn’t attacking you. I was forwarding my opinion. Don’t tell me what I can and can’t talk about. That’s just rude.

Also, here’s some reference material should you desire it that I start citing my research:

I will admit that I spend very little time in India. Truth be told, I met an Indian online once who put me off going there. However, I wasn’t getting into a debate with you here and I don’t plan to now. Like I said, if you feel so passionate about your point of view concerning the political situation in your country, get off your grumpy behind and start doing something about it. Good day.


LOL…all that research is done by activists/researchers/scholars is motivated. I know the reality of farmers in India. I still have a farm in a village and go there every year. I know what is happening. Everyone does, except the so-called intellectuals/establishment types.


Then it makes perfect sense. It’s just another case of you being right and everyone else being wrong. At least we have that cleared up.


Anyway, the latest I heard from friends on WhatsApp is Modi is going to offer full and complete loan waivers to farmers himself for the 2019 polls. LOL…scorched earth policy. Opposition counted on his goodness and sense of responsibility. Now he is going to be just as evil as they are. LOL. That’s why he asked the Reserve Bank Governor to resign. LOL. Chaos will start from tomorrow and it’s gonna be fun!


LOL…that’s the problem. Media/establishment/academics first think what is politically correct and what pushes their agenda before saying anything. Victim narrative sells. Victimhood sells. Blame everyone except yourself for your problems sells. External factors are responsible for failure type narrative sells. It’s not just in India, it’s the case everywhere. Everyone loves a victim. The entire branch of psychiatry/psychology is based on this narrative. Politics/democracy is based on this narrative. Even businesses these days - see what’s happening in the Silicon Valley - is based on this narrative. Dating/friendhsips as well. Nobody likes someone like me who has a permanent smirk on his face and tells everyone he is better than them, richer than them and smarter than them. Right or wrong, I don’t know. But 10 years ago, I played victim and everyone loved me, sympathized and empathized with me. Now I don’t play victim and even my nearest and dearest relatives hate me. And that makes me feel so much better. Hahaha.