Effect of coronavirus on gig Economy

It dawned me that I’ve been freelancing one line through A good economy here in the US.

I wander, And I’m curious what others think,
What effect this coronavirus is having on gig workers like us?

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I think it depends on which kind of gig worker you are. People who work for Uber and Lyft are in a position I would not want to be in if I drove in an area where the coronavirus is prevalent.

I am an online freelancer. As such, I do not need to worry about possible interaction with people who may transmit the coronavirus as I do not need to go out in public and interact with my clients.

As far as how the coronavirus affects me, I am not sure. I work on a platform where my regular buyers continue to show up. However, there seems to be an ebb and flow for when new buyers visit my profile and purchase my gigs.

One effect to consider is that if freelancers do get ill, many of us do not have paid sick leave. We need to work to earn money. But on the other hand, we can work in our pajamas, so if we feel well enough, we can continue to work and not worry about infecting others.

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That, and on who your target customers are.

If you’re typically writing (or proofreading) for hospitality industry (for example), there might be less work for you now.

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That would be true for cruise ship and airlines too.