Does Second Monitor Increase Productivity

Being a geek, I always try to justify buying tech and gaming related stuff. Recently, I decided to buy a second monitor solely for gaming, you know one of those that has all of those cool features. Such as variable refresh rate, 144hz IPS panel - in short, it is geek porn.

However, after a while, it seems, my second gaming monitor, turned out to be used as a second monitor solely for work.

It does help me very easy to integrate all of my apps related to design and switch between them quite easily. It’s very neat to have different tabs on different monitors and use the supporting ones on my secondary monitor. Drag and drop do magic between adobe software.

I wish I have gotten the idea for a second monitor a lot sooner.

Would you benefit from a second monitor and why? If no, also why.

Edit: I forgot to say, it is amazing having the requirements and all of the logos, documentation, and stuff on your secondary monitors. It’s a lot easier than alt-tabbing between 10-20 tabs.

Mmmm… I really enjoyed having two monitors when I was working in the office.
But now that I’m working from home studio I’m mostly switching between iPad, iPhone and my laptop. If there would’ve been a way to make my iPad a second screen that would’ve been better for me than having another monitor. (I tried Duet app but it didn’t really work for me)

I’m actually thinking of buying Microsoft surface studio because it will be a great cheaper alternative to Wacom professional monitors that I’ll be able to use as a computer and turn as a tablet and draw on it. But I didn’t make my mind yet. I’m worried that everything that I have is Apple and Microsoft will be disconnected from my other devices.

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I actually found 2nd monitor to be annoying. I got rid of mine and just use one.

I guess, I’m used to the simplicity of one device regardless of being a laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.

Now for gaming, it may be a different thing. I can see the usefulness in it. Having one screen for playing and one open for messages, email & such, of course, that would be for home only. :smile:


I think @henryboyd had bad experience with Microsoft’s tablets.

I like to game only on one monitor. But it actually is a lot better for productivity as a designer. :thinking:

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