Does Freelancing Make People Emotionally Toxic?


On another topic from the Fforum…

I think the site would be better if the evaluation for level advancement was run more frequently than currently. There’s no need for it to be only once a month. It could be updated 4 or 5 times a month or more frequently, such as daily.


Of course, the majority voted a big NO :smiley:

[edit: apparently the OP was demoted, which made him throw that shock-stick :eyes: ]


Blooming hell! I was actually just reading the thread about the now banned user who was told that he would not be issued a warning but was, despite this stemming from a buyer asking CS to change their review.

Its all a bit mad really. The order I have had to request cancellation of at the mo is going to result in me being marked down for delivering on time and down for completing orders. (24-hour delivery, the buyer isn’t accepting to cancel.)

If I were to complete this order, I would be forced to break Wikipedia TOS and be giving away $100 of work FOC. However, I am scared to contact Fiverr CS, as from what I read on the forum and other places, me trying to detail the Wikipedia TOS violation could possibly result in me being given a warning for offering to create Wikipedia pages. (Which I absolutely do not).

Working on Fiverr is becoming like an ever more high-stakes game of Russian Roulette.

All my cancellations and late deliveries this year stem from situations like with my present order. It’s more than just annoying that sellers have to be subject to such crazy buyer bias at every turn, as well as this, it sends out a psychological message that "YOU ARE DEVALUED."

St Levels every week? How about the same randomized search placement for Pros as regular sellers?

It’s all just crazy.


That post - the one re: near constant evaluations was a load of caca from moment one. I haven’t admittedly checked it for a few hours (since the banned bombshell and the dodgy CS screenshots).

Anyway, I don’t really come across too many freelancers in my day-to-day activities. I’ve met a few digital nomads who come in various flavors but are otherwise seemingly nice people.

I was reading this earlier. It’s more about Uber/Lyft drivers and that kind of gig economy than freelancing, but I certainly see some parallels. It is toxic to be under constant evaluation. People in “normal” jobs fear their annual evaluation, and this is just putting it on steroids. Not to mention the low pay, no real rights, dealing with certain kinds of client and all the rest of it…

Pertinent quote:

The battle to beat the quota also transformed a monotonous, soul-crushing job into an exciting outlet for workers to exercise their creativity, speed and skill. Workers attached notions of status and prestige to their output, and the game presented them with a series of choices throughout the day, affording them a sense of relative autonomy and control. It tapped into a worker’s desire for self-determination and self-expression. Then, it directed that desire towards the production of profit for their employer.

So if freelancers (and anyone else in the pressure cauldron) becomes emotionally toxic, it’s hardly surprising. Just wait for the first one who goes on a feral murdering spree or something.


Yes, the digital nomads I have met are a different story. Nice, interesting, often quite attractive. I just don’t know how they do it!

The gamification route is definitely what platforms like Fiverr is pushing in earnest. However, are they also suffering from seller retention shortfall? I’ve seen two promising new Fiverr sellers visibly grow acrimonious after they thought they were the bee’s knees after getting lots of badges, only for slow sales and St. Levels to take their toll.

Then you have the bannings. It is obvious to me that a seismic shift in trust is occurring with Fiverr, All the forum regulars are gone. All the regulars in groups off the forum only exchange details concerning how unsafe the platform is and how "we have to be careful because they are watching what we say."

This is the curious part. Tiny things on platforms like Fiverr like not making sellers responsible for miss-orders and buyers acting fraudulently would skyrocket seller satisfaction and motivation.

That said, I still think it is the rub-off effect of toxic buyers which will always impact freelancers long-term, and give rise to the transference of that toxicity. All the freelancers I have met who work directly with clients seem to become pessimistic and narcissistic. Conversely, the digital nomads I have met all seem to be dropshippers or standalone content creators.


Or a remote worker in tech (or programming) who find it easier to gallivant around the world rather than be trapped in an office with a boss and co-workers who are the spawn of Satan. As far as I can see, couple of hours of coding in the morning, a little more tippy-tappy in the evening, and the rest of the day is theirs.

If Brexit does go ahead, I’m toying with the old 3-month appartment here, there, and everywhere dance. I can’t see how else I’ll manage it while also managing Fiverr. Has that SE Asia bint finished her freebie Fiverr jaunt around SE Asia to “explore” freelancing or whatever the excuse was?


Don’t dance, waltz. Georgia has a 1-year tourist visa program. 365 days in Georgia, 186 in Cyprus or Greece, or Macedonia, and you’re sorted. At least that’s my Brexit game plan.

SE Asia woman seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth. Also, where were the blogs and experience snuff you would hope to be inspired by? That said, there is a trend of Fiverr sellers becoming too popular and being booted. Maybe she became a blogging and vlogging sensation but her success manager just couldn’t handle it?


Georgia does look attractive, and I do like learning new and interesting alphabets - the swirlier the better! Personal reasons make it a little more complicated than the dance, though. But still - early days in a catastrophic mess, so I’ll wait to see what happens next.

I was googling SE Asian woman, but I can’t find anything. I remember a blog post last year about it (or earlier this year?) but buggered if I’m going to bother looking it up at 2am. On which note, I should go to bed - I have a hellish order to deal with tomorrow that I’ve put off all week, and procrastination is no longer on my side :sob:


Yeah, it’s not ideal if you have personal connections and/or pets. I kind of want to stick around where I am at the mo but… IDK I have this habit of projecting a better than things are holograph on the world. Part of the soul aches for permanence and sentimentality, the other screams for adventure.

It is very hard leaving a place.

One possibility you might want to look at is setting up a limited company in Germany. I’ve heard a rumor that they are going to make it easier prior to Bexit, in order to entice start-ups with sense over the tax border before everything goes to pot. Or just marry. My friend Manuel will do anytthing for a fiverr. I could even create a gig for you if you want! :slight_smile:

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