Does Anyone Have a Windows 8.1 License Key?


I need a Windows 8.1 Activation key. I have a budget of $15 if anyone is willing to sell one. That said, I am cheap and the freer the better. :slight_smile:


Try on eBay, there used to be some OEM keys for Windows 8.1 for a couple of $$$. I purchased my Win10 license for $5 a few years ago.

Or KMSpico, if you want to do it for free.


Mmmhh… I don’t really trust these activator things.

I would do eBay but prices are a but unbelievable considering it’s Windows 8. I’ve just realized, though, that I might not need to activate at all for what I want to do… :thinking:


I have usd KMSpico, but on computers where I don’t keep sensitive data.

It depends from where you download it though.


Actually, my new problem is finding an Windows 8.1 download. They don’t seem to exist anymore. :frowning:


It depends on your needs. If you don’t plan to keep sensitive data. Piratebay has some versions of Win 8.1.


Wait, you guys don’t have a licensed Windows 8.1?

When i got my new Laptop, the guy added to it a non-licensed Windows 8.1 version. I was a bit disappointed as i thought Laptops came with a licensed Windows 8 and i argued with him a little bit about how possible a famous company like you guys could sell non licensed Windows versions.

I thought that having a non licensed one might cause me troubles as a freelancer. I currently still have it with that text on the bottom right of the screen that says “Activate your windows”. Is it a big deal? How do i activate it?


I have activated one on my workstation laptop only as it was preloaded from the factory. Usually, it is around $100+ to purchase an original copy of Windows.

In Macedonia, only the laptops that are $700+ are preloaded with official Windows. The other laptops either come with MS DOS or some Linux Distro.


As far as I know, unlicensed Windows is a pretty big threat from a security standpoint.

  • Microsoft telemetry now tracks everything you do on your PC, where you are, and whether software and media you use is used legitimately. (As well as lots of other things)
  • Non-registered Windows will not receive security updates you need to stay virus & malware free
  • Not having important updates will undermine the performance of any antivirus you use

I don’t use Windows. I use Linux which is free and way more secure. However, I occasionally need to use programs which only work on Windows. For this, I have a backup Windows tablet.

If you have a second PC or tablet and can’t afford a real copy of Windows, maybe consider using a Linux distro like Ubuntu on your freelancing/banking/personal stuff machine, and the Windows copy you have on any PC you need for Windowsy things like gaming.