Do you ever really have an off-day?

Well, the weekend just gone was painful. Not one, but two near full days without sleep. All thanks to horrendous revision requests which have left me with a feeling of, "I think I sense a chargeback coming."

Now I kind of have today off. However, I don’t really. I wanted to spend the day doing some creative writing but as soon as I have no work on, my brain starts conjuring mental images of foodbanks and general poverty. In this case, I will soon be listing a few gigs on Legiit.

Of course, this is a pain as even while typing this, I’m burning any stored creativity at a stake in my mind. Is this just me, though? Or is it a freelancer problem where you just can not turn off no matter what?

I take my weekends off all the time. Just it’s because I do get a lot less orders than you do (or it might be because I do get smaller orders with longer deadlines) so I am able to balance the things a bit, and get enough free time to do other things which recharge my batteries.

Although, at some point I worked without taking a break, so most of the buddies on this forum know what was the epilogue of that story. I got the fakin’ overworked feeling, followed by tachycardia, insomnia, and the lack of motivation. At that moment, I realized to limit my earnings as I still live with my parents, Macedonia has a low standard, and that I would do good with a lot less money.

Just take a day off, jog somewhere near the sea, or at least take a long walk. That would help you a lot.

I do this everyday. Three times a day, actually. I just need a real holiday. Two weeks with no computers, no work, nothing. The only problem is that if I do that, I’ll end up e-begging for work afterward which just compounds the stress holidays are meant to alleviate.

I do need a cheaper country. I did plan to be in Cyprus by now. However, a huge dip in earnings has seen me batton down the financial hatches. Now I’m looking further East to Georgia. Dirt cheap, beautiful, and outside the mess of the EU. It’s just quite a big potential move and every move I try to make ends up with my dog throwing a spanner in the works.

I’m not burned out. I just can’t switch off and this is very annoying.

The city of Ohrid in Macedonia might be a nice place for you. It is cheap, plus Wizz flies there for $20-30. Actually, all of the Balkan countries are dirt cheap for expats. Greece is a bit more expensive.

Georgia is a beautiful country, but I believe it is quite limited with things that you could do there. Although, it might be nice if you go there to do creative writing.

I would live to relocate in some South American country and live there for a couple of years.

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I put my gigs on OOO a week ago. It has been wonderful. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Although I may regret it when I have that earnings gap. But I do have SS and my pension, though they are not big bucks :moneybag: they pay my necessary bills.

Due to stress, I retired 3 years early with Credit Card debt which I have lessened a lot thru Fiverr and subbing. Retiring early may not have been the best move, :confused: but I was so stressed I felt like I was dying. :weary: That feeling is gone now. My debt will just get paid down more slowly on my low Fiverr months.

I will turn my gigs back on the day after Thanksgiving. :poultry_leg: I have been a bit worried though because my regulars have not contacted me at all. :flushed: But maybe they are being nice and giving me a break I need. :innocent: After this OOO my house will look so lovely. :house_with_garden: The dust and clutter have been getting me down, and I was too busy to do anything about it. However, inviting my family for Thanksgiving Day was a strong inducement to go on OOO and take care of my house. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is Monkey Monday, :monkey: the day I take care of my grandson, Renzo. He just got here so off I go to play and clean. :wink:

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That’s the thing, I can’t do cities. I need to be somewhere rural. Georgia seems to have exactly what I need and has glaciers! In fact, a lot of the scenery seems similar to where I used to live in New Zealand.

The one drawback is that they have the worlds third most unique language. After living in Hungary, I can safely say that my language skills will only ever amount to English, passable drunk German, and occasional Chinese death threats.

Of course, I did used to be quite skilled at drawing pictures of pigs and chickens at the meat counter in Auchan, with arrows pointing to the parts of the animal I wanted to purchase. Things just get more complicated when you have to try and say to a doctor: "Hello, I’ve been living with a mad family who feed me nothing but 40% alcohol and jellied pork fat and I’m extremely constipated. Please help!"

You can’t really illustrate things like that without causing offense. :slight_smile:

Ohrid has a lot of rural areas which are cool, and on top of it, it has mountains, a lake, it’s an interesting place.

Ah, honestly, Georgia might be a lot more relaxed place to live in. WizzAir promotes Kutaisi in their in-flight magazine a lot. I guess it’s a cheap getaway destination that a lot of the “poorer” Europeans can enjoy.

Yes, I am familiar with that, plus, their alphabet looks like out-of-this-world. On top of it, it’s the birthplace of Stalin - the glorious leader (at least of the memes nowadays).

Hungarian is a hard language to learn. If I am correct they have a lot of noun cases which make the language a nightmare to master. I still haven’t mastered Serbian/Croatian which are so similar to the Macedonian language due to the 7 noun cases - I do a mistake every now and then.

That sounds fun. As Lorna used to say smashin’.

Don’t worry at all, I am sure that that won’t affect to your gig raking (the OOO mode), and that you would be able to get a lot of new clients once you reinstate your gigs.

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