Do you believe in Karma?

Do you believe in Karma?

I must admit there is nothing more satisfying than watching people get exactly what they deserve. Ya know, like

Watching an idiot driver zooming through traffic :vertical_traffic_light: get pulled over. :oncoming_police_car:

Jerk that doesn’t pick up after his :dog2: :poop: - get a ticket or better yet, someone puts a burning bag of stinkies on his front door.

Ponzi scammer’s ending up with 100 years + life

They say the best revenge is the one you had nothing to do with to a person who did you wrong. I have to wonder if karma is a real thing or is it just coincidence? :thinking:

Does it really get revenge on the evildoers of our society? Most of the stuff is harmless - ha, ha moments but there are truly bad people out there who get away with bad stuff.

What do you think? Are Karmas real or is it just chance?


Certainly do!

Michael Gove - not a name you might know. Was education secretary (and justice secretary) here, brought in academies etc. Brought in rules saying any teacher using Class A drugs (not me!) should be banned for life from teaching. Now admitted to using the very same in his younger days.

P.S. The party he’s representing makes no difference to me, it’s his hypocrisy I find obnoxious.

Added - now being ripped to shreds by Andrew Marr.


Hypocrisy is putting it lightly. Also, have you noticed that when celebs and politicians get outed as drug users or engaged in illicit activity, they never get investigated by police asking questions like "so, where did you get it from?"

I mean it’s not like they go out and buy cocaine from some local kid on the corner like the rest of the plebs…

Yes and no.

I say yes as I have seen people get some epic comeuppance. However, I’ve come across just as many, if not more people exhibit remarkable Teflon like qualities where they can get away with anything without consequences.

I put it down to a theory that the rules of karma only apply to people who have your average level of intelligence, but not true sociopaths. Hence why politicians often get away with shady wheelings and dealings more often than they get caught.


If you do bad things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you would get Karma. Although, I think if you do things that irritate a lot of people, crime and similar - there is a huge chance that you would get caught or someone might take revenge.

Example: A bad neighbor puts his :dog2::poop: on the sidewalk. Other neighbors see that is him and put it on his doorstep. He stops doing that.

Example from Macedonia: Your neighbor parks on the sidewalk in front of your house, you tell him not to do so. You get irritated and you put metal spikes on the sidewalk, your neighbor gets flat tires. He never parks in front of your house. Common story in the Traffic “Wall of Shame” local group on FB.

I know a great story, from the village where my origins come from, but it’s too dark and nasty to share it here. :slight_smile:

If you have watched the show Narcos there was a quote:

"The bad guys need to get lucky every time. The good guys just need to get lucky once."

Although, just as Cy said, if some of the people that should get Karma, are smart to protect themselves.


I guess when we think of Karma, we think of bad things but I’ve heard stories of good Karma as well. Some who spends their life helping others ends up getting a house paid off or wins the lottery! :slight_smile:

This is basically when someone gets away with doing something naughty or illegal, they have an urge to either brag about it or do it again. After all, if you got away with it once, you can’t help but push the envelope - I guess it gives the perpetrator a sense of confidence.

The 2nd part, well, I always said, prison is full of people who couldn’t keep their mouth shut. :roll_eyes: :laughing:


Yeah, low-level thugs and criminals tend to show off with fancy things and bragging what they have done. There is such a person from Serbia, which is famous across our region. He likes to brag how he robed a bank, kill someone and similar things. He is always imprisoned after a couple of interviews.

In case you want to watch that “criminal” speak English, do stupid things - and have a great laugh, here is the link:

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