Do you believe in demons, psychics, spells, exorcism?

What exactly is freelancing?

I suppose it can be defined as anything that can be done by an individual for delivery.

There are some really interesting types of freelancing jobs out there, specifically, on platforms like Fiverr. They have stuff like

: Spells
: Psychics
: Astrology
: Demon exorcism

Regardless of your belief in these, how does one justify the legitimacy of this?

I personally, do not believe there is harm in offering these sort of gigs because no one is twisting your arms to buy it. Others disagree, they think that there are people in desperate situations that needs counseling will instead go where they shouldn’t.

I dunno - how many freelancing sites have you found that offer these types of gigs?

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To be honest, I never used to believe in this sort of thing. Then when I stared to, I didn’t see any harm in it. However, I have since came to realize that there is immense harm.

It is not something I can talk to about with anyone who hasn’t experienced the same. However, I have experienced what does come under the umbrella of spiritual attack. It’s definitely not something most people can comprehend until they experience it, and there is only only one solution. - Which is going Christian.

I would say, ‘turning to religion’ or ‘seeking faith’ to make what I just said PC. However, I did spirituality and other faiths. The only think that worked in the end was going all-out on the Gospel. (Second, non-grizzly half of the Bible).

I know how that sounds, but when you are actually at the mercy of something which can get inside your mind, physically interfere with you and your surroundings, and do lots of other nasty things, you go with what works.

As for desperate people in desperate situations, when you use a medium. psychic, or tarot card reader, you never know what or whom you are actually talking to / communicating with. It is in no way a substitute for therapy or as is the case with most people, a person they just need as a friend to help them get through things.

RE. the legitimacy of such services, it’s more than questionable.

I’ve got a friend who is in a bad situation at the moment, who used to be a tarot card reader. She has read the cards of Maltese politicians and top business people. However, while some can tap into a spiritual force and gain insight into the future, she can’t. She’s just good at making it seem like she can.

I’d say 90% of psychics etc who you can hire online are fake. The other 10% don’t realize what they are really involved with. As for whether they should be allowed at all on freelance platforms, no. Most are now clarifying their position as business/creativity centric platforms anyway. In this case, if such people could see the future, they would be busy building a future-proof version of their own platform.

If that doesn’t sound ultra creepy - I don’t know what is. Are you referring to one of the dark dreams you had or is this a manifestation of something haunting you?

No dreams. Real as your morning coffee. They can get into your dreams though.

It is a long story and one which I can’t really tell in full, if I’m honest. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Poltergeist activity (things moving around), I’ve experienced that - and it gets more aggressive the more you notice. Apparitions (loved ones, animals, not dead loved ones), I’ve experienced that. Voices, attempts at possession, all the ingredients of your basic horror movie, to be honest.

But, I don’t anymore. I kind of do occasionally. However, I know how to combat it now.

The good thing is, that if you can experience something like all of the above and come away sane, life does become a bit more… Not interesting, maybe meaningful?


to some extent like very little in specific categories, but not like the money ones.




I’m dealing with A LOT of sleep paralysis, I’ve been having these for so many years I can’t even count (and I have them about 5-10 times a month)

And even after so many years, it’s terrifying every single darn time :pensive:

Imagine being paralyzed, awake (or half awake), feeling how your blanket is slowly being pulled off of you, how a hand is grabbing your hand and pulling it, how your leg is being pulled, how a presence approaches you behind your back…

But nothing was scarier than two particular episodes:

  1. a person covered in some sheet standing at the bottom of my bed (at my feet), watching me through that sheet, and hiding when I saw it

  2. this one (but without its scythe) standing at the wall, just creepily watching me for a long minute:

After I recovered from the paralysis, my heart was pounding like crazy and I ran down the stairs - it took me a while to get back to my bedroom :grimacing:

P.S. in all these years of sleep paralysis, I only had one good episode, ONE, where there was a beautiful woman standing next to my bed, singing to me, making me feel safe and taking all my worries away - it was so beautiful I cried.

So I don’t know whether to believe those gigs or not, as I’m having some terrifying experiences :grimacing:

Oh, and speaking of near to death experiences, I recently had a dream where I was supposed to release a toxin in a presidential room, I held my breath in that dream, but I woke up almost asphyxiated, hardly able to breath again for a short while - my dreams are catching up on me, or I watched too much Quantico :eyes:


So, when I was younger, The Craft came out. Synopsis: girl moves to new school, falls in with witchy teenagers who are also super cool, they do like spells ‘n’ ■■■■■ then one of the witches goes mad and epic end battle of witches (NB: battle may not be epic).

I wouldn’t recommend this 1996 movie today (it’s… rubbish), but a 14 year old me was like whoah this is awesome I wanna be a witch and do all the cool witch :poop: while avoiding the crazy witch who ruins everything.

We all did, TBH.

Cue a bunch of teenagers visiting the local library to take out any books that looked a bit magical, astrological, ghostly, or supernatural and focusing on the lurve spellz (and $ spells - we had no money, obvs) so we could get that hunky older boy to finally see us for the amazing women we were (didn’t work, and nobody could figure out how to get a lock of hair or something off the guy).

Anyway, I took my studies a little further as while I loved the whole idea that all I needed for the Love Of My Life to Finally See Me For What I Was, the rest of this bizarre universe was equally fascinating, too. All these ghosts, demons, this whole unseen realm of supernatural stuff.

In any case, we eventually grew out of it - doubtless inspired by another movie. We also tried a ouija board once but nothing happened, so we got bored. Hence the growing out of it.

While I have 0 experience of anything really supernatural other than a couple of later life ‘in danger’ experiences that I can only explain my miraculous escape without any real damage that should have properly either seriously hurt me or left me for dead, I’ve always kind of believed that all of this is still out there, and that it’s probably just like people. Some bad, some good, most… well, okay.

So, as the thing saying goes, as above, so below. So today, I personally choose to seek as much knowledge as I can on everything (a writer’s curse - no, not that one :smirk:) and never truly discount anything. Everything, real, imaginary, and in between, deserves respect until it harms you.

I do secretly wish that I’d have all the “exciting” stuff happen to me, but nah. And just remember, guys: the bad things feed on your fear, so be fearless, even when staring into the abyss.

SHADOW PEOPLE! I have never had sleep paralysis (thank God) but these entities are meant to feed off your fear. I had a similar man in my room as a child. But now, nothing. Although there is one in my current home (ghosting me). The strangest thing for me was he apparently pulled this off with everyone (in a very specific area of the home - spilt between two bedrooms), but he has never once bothered me.

So, do I believe? I guess so, but I also believe - perhaps erroneously - that I’ve found a way to deal with them so they 2spoopy everyone else. The world is full of wonders and hidden things… why not treat them all with respect? Or at least show them that you’re not going to put up with their spoopy nonsense.

So yeah, that’s about my position today. Liable to change as time and experience shape my life. Now, some Fiverr buyers on the other hand…

EDIT: On topic response - I think on Fiverr they’re reluctant to let go of their $$$spinner, but there are not really many other ‘serious’ sites that I can think of where it’s OK. For me, I think it’s fine. I did read something somewhere once that there was some sort of agreement that those gifted - empaths, psychics in particular - should not accept pay for their services as it was a divine one. Everyone’s going to have an opinion on that, but mine is, personally, that if while it’s a good idea and one to be striven for, practical realities of a capitalist world make it difficult, so it’s OK. It’s a tricky and interesting question actually, the more you dig into it (and ignore the ‘is this pro’ debate).

Basically, it’s a minefield lol. No different to the rest.

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I see that one without the scythe all the time. It was even stood at the top of my road a couple of weeks ago. Sadly, the sleep paralysis seems to be how they get in most of the time. Saying ‘Jesus’ should make the experience stop, though.

You should also be careful of having ‘good’ experiences. There is no such thing. An entity like the sleep paralysis one can take the form of anything it wants to make you let your guard down. What they want the most is for you to communicate or trust them. The more you do, the more they can start manifesting in real life.

That doesn’t mean you will see a physical version when you are awake. (Though, you might.) Usually, they will start off with knocking sounds, sounds of people talking in another room, or moving things. Every time you respond, they then up the auntie a bit. In this case, you are best dealing with it sooner rather than later.

The good news (if you can call it good), is that because most people see the same basic manifestations, you can be assured that you are not mad. And the Jesus thing does work. That is just unsettling in itself for most people, as then you have to go down the whole rabbit hole of why it works…

As for the witches connection, the ‘real’ ones (though most likely don’t realize) get their power from the same spirits/entities/demons. Sure, you can have a psychic tell you all about your life etc, but only because they are able to communicate with the things which watch you when you are sleeping and so on.

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Don’t all people who deal with supernatural beings (well, psychics, witches, etc.) basically have this communication though? It’s just a matter of channeling, I think. Where one might reveal a life secret, another might use it to cast a hex (or whatever).

It’s also interesting that so many world leaders hire them, too, when they are generally much-derided as hocus-pocus in the media and so by society at large. Given the more worldly revelations in recent years…

I mean, my first love will always be politics, but it’s hard to ignore the hidden hand, as it were.

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Yes, but that’s the problem. You can have a medium who is 100% sure of their ability to talk with the dead etc, but really every medium, psychic, etc. channels the exact same thing. Namely, the shadow person or persons. They just don’t know it.

This is why you have some mediums channel aliens, while others channel angels, faeries and earth spirits etc. They will also all have some some kind of experience at some point which they perceive as 100% confirmatory that who or what they are talking to is the real deal.

i.e. Someone like @razvan wakes up one night with a beautiful woman singing by his bedside. The woman then says "don’t worry Raz, I’m not here to hurt you. I’m your guardian angel, and I’m here to give you a special gift."

Then Raz gets this new ability to talk to his guardian angel whenever he likes, and is sent out into the world as a medium to help others who are grieving etc. All the while, the woman isn’t a beautiful woman. She’s just a demonic entity with her own agenda.

Also, there is always a price. A good example is Mirin Dajo. He was given all kinds of super powers and believed he was given them by angels and Indian friendly spirits:

In the end, he would get impaled, shot, stabbed and branded on a regular basis. Then one day his guardian angel said “eat a nail,” before taking his powers away and leaving him to die.

That’s why the whole other side is best avoided. After all, no one in their right mind would chat on the phone every night to a complete stranger and tell them all about their life and their inner most secrets. In this case, why ever risk doing that with a psychic and/or otherworldy force which you do not know from Adam?

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As far as I can work out, the spirits are in another dimension (4, 5, whatever D) and it’s always unwise to tango with anything when you’re not 100% on the level with whatever’s going on.

And we can’t, because quantum woo-woo stuff I’m not even going to bother pretending that I understand means that we are, simply, lesser beings. There’s also the aspect that lower beings and the whole ascension/descension light/dark…

I mean, I find it impossible not to be fascinated by it. Maybe after I die I’ll remember how it all really works or at least be taught. But then there’s the dangers on that, too.

Being any form of carnate just seems to be a lot of bother. I suppose we know what we’re doing in some shape or form, but it gets a bit irritating sometimes.

But in general, sticking to one’s own lane seems like a generally good idea. Bit of speeding, make sure po-po ain’t looking. One can only play God for so long, after all. I mean… the whole thing is a mess. It’s a wonder anyone ever really would untangle any of it.

As for pally-pally spirits giving you a new (not great) superpower, I’d probably say “No thanks, I’m happy being a bit rubbish and just blindly wandering through this mess like I might have meant, I think, anyway. I don’t know.”

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My hubby used to have me sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door because often he would dream some dark figure was standing there. He would toss and turn in his sleep until I woke him up. Then a friend that was a priests told Rob to make the sign of the cross whenever this happened and the being would disappear. It worked. No more bad dreams.

However, as Cy mentioned he does hear people talking in the distance sometimes when I cannot hear anything. I researched it on the internet and apparently it is a common thing.

Also, my neighbor bought the house next door after it had been empty for a year because my old neighbor had died from cancer while in hospice at home. After my newish neighbor bought the house she has seen men dressed like “old time people” stand at the foot of her bed on occasion. However , her son and niece now live with her, and she says she has not seen the “ghosts” around anymore.

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Are you guys messing with my head, or are you for real? :scream: :smiley:

But she didn’t want to communicate, she just sat there singing to me, watching me with a beautiful smile, and the next second she was gone. How come she was a bad spirit or smth if she didn’t even attempt to communicate or make me communicate? I mean, what was her (it?) endgame?

Oh crap - we have plenty of those here, and it’s a new built house :grimacing:

I hear that from time to time, I always blame me being tired and probably hallucinating…

That’s the scariest part. From time to time I hear a chair or table being moved for a couple of seconds - when I go to check it out, everything’s in place :grimacing: Other times I hear things falling and breaking apart, shattering, but when I go check it out, NADA, everything’s clean and at its place :scream:

Now THAT are some scary experiences :fearful:

I’ll have to try it out… though we’re not very religious people, ya’ know? :eyes:

Here’s what I found about Dajo’s stabbing/impaling “super power”:

And though it has the sound of a bogus cover story, it may indeed be the way he learned how to do what he did. Some fakirs would pierce their own bodies in the same way that westerners pierce their ears or other body parts. When you do this, it creates what’s called a fistula, a tunnel of scar tissue. So long as you keep the fistula open by having something inserted through it, like an earring, it won’t close up. Modern doctors and bodypiercing professionals agree that’s probably how Dajo did it. Little by little, he and his assistant would drive a sharp object a little further into a hole in his abdomen, leaving it in place, letting it heal, and then driving it in a little further. Photos of Dajo’s back show it riddle with scars and holes, which are probably failed fistulas where their efforts were blocked by bones, nerves, major organs, or something too painful to get past. Eventually Danjo had at least four fistulas that went all the way through. He probably lived with metal bars inserted through them all the time, and when it came time for a performance, these were removed. His assistant had only to carefully slide the fencing foils through the fistulas at the proper angles, as they’d practiced together many times.

See? No super power, just the same principle as with the ear lobe’s earring piercing, only at a bigger scale :smirk:

Well, being in sleep paralysis doesn’t allow you to move, so I’ve heard of a similar thing by making a cross with your tongue :sweat_smile: Yep, tried it, didn’t work. If I could move, I’d run away or attack the things I see, but I can’t move, and that’s the worst part!

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I know a woman who has sleep paralysis but had one experience where instead of a man in a fedora or cloak standing menacingly over her, there was a beautiful woman with green eyes. To this day, she credits the woman with green eyes as being some kind of protective spirit, probably there to help her through problems she was having with her pregnancy at the time.

It basically comes down to cognitive bias. You see an evil form presenting itself differently on several occasions. Then you have the same experience but with a friendly looking manifestation, and it becomes nice and reassuring to know that maybe you have some protection on the other side. Really, though, that’s the point.

Just think logically about it. Something has came into your home without an invitation and crept up on you at your most vulnerable. (Though, I’d argue it causes the paralysis in the first place). If a human did that would you feel fine with it?

A shadow person is basically what in Islam is a Djinn. They can take any form they want. When I had one if my first experiences, there was a pitch black grey alien peering over at me from behind my computer desk. When I started to get wise to the fact that everything I was seeing was the same thing, it got more inventive. Instead of a demonic shadow or alien, I would wake up to my best friend sat in the corner of my room.

I’d sit up, ask him how he got here and why he was here, then he’d throw a pack of cigarettes at me and tell me to “just smoke.” With people you know, though, they can never get the eyes right. In this case, they position themselves in a way where the top of their face is in shadow. Then when you figure out what is happening, they get aggressive and… Well, I just remember being lunged at suddenly and blacking out.

As a basic rule, treat any manifestation as just pure evil to be on the safe side.

For a while I had it sound like someone was trashing my kitchen as soon as I went to bed. It had started with knocking and scraping. Then it got to full-blown sounds of cupboard doors opening and closing and what sounded like every pan I own being clattered about.

At the time, I had a big kitchen and lounge separated by an arch. To keep warm in winter, I would hang a big square print of a lion like a curtain separating the two areas. In the end, I had to take it down as when I was in the lounge area, I kept seeing shadows of people on the other side walking in and out of the kitchen. That was far too in your face even for me.

I replaced it with a proper set of curtains. They were heavy and thick so you couldn’t see anything through. Then out of the corner of my eye, I started seeing the top where the two curtains met when closed open and close quickly. (Basically, like someone at ceiling height was peeking through when I wasn’t looking. I ignored it thinking it was my imagination, until one evening it happened as I was staring right at the spot.

The curtains pulled apart, like little hands had grabbed them on either side, then snapped back tighter then they had been closed. After that, I started pegging them closed with clothes pegs.

Djinn/demons/shadow people or whatever you want to call them, are basically attention seekers. The more attention you give them, the stronger they get. My conclusion is that in most cases, they try to get as much of your attention as possible to get you to start researching the paranormal. When people do that, they start opening more doors by turning to psychics, trying to communicate, doing things like ouija boards etc.

As for the end goal, it’s basically to posses you. Just imagine if you were a disembodied spirit. You’d miss things like eating, drinking, sex. As it is, you could have years of sleep paralysis and increasing paranormal experiences. all because an entity which has attached itself to you really really wants a cheeseburger. (Probably, they want a bit more than that, but you get my drift.)

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If she was that beautiful and angelic, heck yeah :smiley:

Interesting :thinking: but that’s the thing, even if you don’t pay attention and keep your ground, they will do something that can’t be ignored, so basically you can’t ignore them no matter how hard you try, right?

Uhm, dunno - I’d have more fun haunting people and playing with them than those actions you just enumerated :sweat_smile:

So if an entity has some super powers, why is it so hard for it to just show itself as eating a cheeseburger, or showing me a photo of it, or smth like that to tell me what it wants and get it over with? Why all that long foreplay?

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I’d say it’s not just about attention seeking, but also power; these beings do have some powers that we don’t, but they seem only to be based on whether we allow them to have that power over them. So it’s simply a case of telling them to go away and ignoring them, right?

OK, it’s not as easy as that looking at Cy’s stories, but that is what I figure would work. With that said, I suppose a lot of it depends on the person being targeted and how they react to spoopy situations as well as their own level of abilities to ‘see’ into the realm of the paranormal.

Plus, if you’re a spirit who hasn’t had a cheeseburger for 50 years and it was the best food ever for you, you might be feeling a bit peckish for a dirty Mac and enjoying the whole sensation of eating and tasting it. Just gotta put this human suit on first…

Incidentally, I’ve just been reminded of all the strange events that surround films like The Omen and the Poltergeist series. Sure, they’re horror movies with a paranormal twist, but there’s some very strange IRL bad stuff happening to cast members and their families around those movies. It’s all a bit Curse of Tutankhamun.


If it’s a spirit who badly wants a cheeseburger, why won’t it haunt the fast food employees at work, and instead haunt people who don’t like cheeseburgers? :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:

Feels to me like meksell spirits… or maybe mekhaunt mekhunt!

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