Do Writers Have The Same Issues With Technology as Designers?

I haven’t started a thread of my own in a while.

Today, I was working for a regular client, however, this time she required large banners (approximately small billboard size, like the ones used on bus stops). My computer, which is almost 4 years old and is a mix of medium-end and upper-medium-end parts had difficulty rendering those roll-up banners.

It’s crazy how fast technology moves. After every major update and features are added; Photoshop and Illustrator are getting even more RAM intensive. If this trend continues, I would limit myself to older builds of the applications that I use.

Although, it’s great to mention the fact that I do more intensive tasks than just social media banners lately. I also work on photography related projects in Adobe Lightroom from time to time. Plus, more power-intensive tasks. However, when I bought the computer, the apps that I have used were OK doing those tasks. Now, it’s slowing down in basic photo retouch on large RAW files. Add Google Chrome with more than a few tabs open to the equation and you would get the picture.

It isn’t a software-related issue, nor some of the parts not properly working. It’s just a matter of applications needing more and more resources over time.

Well, this is just for work. I don’t want to mention gaming…

Currently, I do not plan to update any of the parts, as I have a financial and amortization plan which allows me to upgrade my PC every 5/6 years.

I would have been satisfied with just upgrading my processor - and a bit faster RAM. However, my motherboard isn’t compatible with the latest generation of processors (and I don’t want to buy it used).

I am wondering if you as SEO consultants, writers, proofreaders have the same problems? Actually, if you just use MS Word you won’t have such problems… but it would be interesting to hear if you face similar problems.

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Sounds like a case of computer snobbery. :thinking:

The best deals are always had when buying used. Look at how fast iPhones and top tech products depreciate in value. Most new tech is also a rip-off. Laptops bought today have similar specs to laptops released 5-years ago. They’re just thinner and have a lot of components soldered onto motherboards. That makes many products impossible to upgrade.

Embrace the thrifty side.

I don’t geberally have problems with hardware and software compatibility. I can run all the video editing tools I need to quite comfortably on my 5-years+ old laptop. However, I have upgraded it and can upgrade it further if I want to.

One thing I have noticed is that Windows 10 kills hard disks. There are so many background processes running that SSDs are constantly being written to. This substantially decreases their performance in the long-term. Thankfully, I use Linux as my daily driver. Lower system requirements, therefore, mean I can get more juice out of my main machine.


It’s a bit different in the West, as you can find certified-refurbished components and gear at great bargains, with a warranty included. Here in Macedonia, you can buy used parts only from shady dealers or on websites similar to Craigslist. While you have more available options to purchase used items. Such as at eBay, Amazon, and Newegg. I mean, I have those options as well, however, the shipping prices are way higher. Also, since we are not in the EU, we have high import taxes. The thrifty side doesn’t quite work here.

Totally, everything gets outdated in a couple of years in the best case scenario - that’s the consumerism at its finest. It seems like the new Samsungs and iPhones are turning into subscription services, rather than being products. as people tend to upgrade their phones every year.

I would love to use Linux, however, I don’t like the idea of using virtual machines to run most of the software needed. Although, there are some alternatives for Linux which aren’t quite what I am looking for. Hopefully, if Adobe releases the creative suite for Linux, I am going to switch right away.

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At home I use my computer for basic writing - word. Occasionally, I use PowerPoint and excel. Neither requires anything high speed.

When I was in college, I had to have the latest and greatest of everything; now I just don’t care as much. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah, the latest and greatest. I don’t need that, except if I start doing video work (editing and color grading footage in 4K). Otherwise, I am good with the upper-mid-range parts for my kind of work. The problem is, that everything gets more intensive over time, and requires a lot more juice in your PC to run it at sufficient speeds.

However, when it comes to phones and etc. I always love to have the latest and the greatest, except now, everything is just the same at an inflated price tag. :money_with_wings:


Not to mention Chrome, which for some reason reaches 1GB RAM usage with ease (I won’t even talk about disk activity - I had to relocate all Chrome cache to a different disk, because it was killing my SSD with so many writes / day)

They won’t allow you anymore. Haven’t you heard? Adobe will remove the license of old versions of their apps and will warn you about being sued if you keep using them:

Careful :eyes:

I had to get a custom built laptop specifically designed to last for many years to come, because I had noticed the trend of apps growing more resource-hungry every year (think 64gb ram, desktop-grade CPU, desktop-grade GPU, plenty of ssd & hdd, and everything user-replaceable & upgradable)

YES! I used to have them every day until I upgraded my laptop 2 years ago - I audit websites with thousands & tenths of thousands of pages, crawling them all is very CPU & RAM intensive, speed is of the essence when dealing with multiple orders at the same time…

So true! My SSD was easily reaching 70°C every day, so I’ve relocated a lot of intensively used folders from the Windows SSD to the HDD and created special shortcuts (directory symbolic junction links), which Windows sees as real folders in the same place, even though they are actually a special kind of shortcuts to different places (I have even changed the location of the Windows Event Log files, which were really topping the SSD) - but I bet you know all about symbolic links on Linux :stuck_out_tongue:

Now my SSD barely goes over 45°C, and it barely writes to the SSD :grin:

Exactly my problem :roll_eyes: I played with Linux Deepin & ElementaryOS (which are MacOS lookalikes) and Ubuntu, all of which are AWESOME and have AMAZING graphics, the speed and performance is wow!

But I have many Win apps that don’t exist on Linux and I require them for my work, and I hate the idea of running a VM for them :smirk:

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I just downgraded to Windows 8.1. That way you get rid of most of the spyware too. :wink:


Speaking of Windows… after 7 years of MacBook & MacOS X, I had to upgrade to an actual performant laptop 2 years ago and that meant moving back to Windows :roll_eyes:

So I purchased a Windows 10 USB stick, and after the first installation the stick got corrupted - I tried reformatting it, but it eventually stopped working, too :man_facepalming:

Was I just unlucky? Or is this how M$ treats their customers? I know this is how they treated them in my pre-Mac era, but is this still a thing nowadays?

P.S. MacOS is a beautiful OS (pitty the MBP is still captive in time)… so beautiful that I revamped my Windows to resemble it, and I remapped the whole keyboard to match the Mac shortcuts, because Windows shortcuts simply break my fingers, whereas Mac shortcuts are so properly thought out :eyes:

R.I.P. MacOS :cry:

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You weren’t unlucky. Try going through THREE Microsoft Surface models, only to have them all fail due to the same problem with their lousy charging ports!

Now whenever I see something with a Windows logo on it, I shoot it.

But it’s for babies! It’s so locked down it’s horrendous and has the worst lifecycle ever. As soon as Apple decides it doesn’t want to support your hardware any longer, off you have to go to buy a new device.

That said, I am considering buying an iphone 6s soon. It’s for purely productivity based reasons. I don’t use wifi at home and Android can’t connect to an ad hoc network I create on my laptop. Iphones can and come with a pretty decent camera in the process. I’m just waiting to see if the even cheaper iPhone SE will be supported by iOS 13. If it is, I’ll be going with that model.

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True! Wait… did you just call me a baby? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

iPhone is for babies! It’s so locked down it’s horrendous! Android FTW! :grin:

What? Must be your phone :eyes: I don’t have such a problem.

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I’m also doing it because I’m trying to quit Google. I’m done with their spying. At least with Apple, all my info will go just straight to the NSA and not all Google’s ad partners.

All someone has to do these days is send me a message saying “can you write about Caribbean cruises?” The minute that happens I’ve got ads for cruises everywhere and cruise special offer spam flooding my inbox.

I would just root my phone and remove all of Google from Android. However, I have a couple of sensetive crypto wallet apps which I don’t want to risk losing before I can restore them ahead of time on a new device.


Darn, so that’s how it works… I thought it was coincidence that the ads were related to my searches :roll_eyes: I thought I was searching for stuff that is currently ad material, and my searches were just in trend…

In some cases it reaches more, depending on if I watch a video in 4K (it gives an overall better image, even though my monitor is 1080P)

Darn, I had missed this. I’ve just seen that most of the CS era builds were taken off from the section called “other version”.

My PC has 16GB of ram, i5 6600, and RX 470 GPU. In max two years from now, it would be totally obsolete if this trend continues. I doubt that it would stop though.

My laptop is safe for at least 4-5 more years. It is way smoother than my PC. Although, to be honest, I use my laptop only when I travel. Prior, this high-end laptop, I’ve had a budget one, which I bought for less than 450 euros, just for work - and it sucked… Today, I use it as a machine for streaming and torrenting as I don’t keep anything sensitive in that laptop.

I think that we purchased new laptops at approximately the same time. The idea is to add 16GB more of ram to my laptop so it would have 32.

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In Apple, the only thing that I value is their intuitive and “simple”, yet beautiful UI/UX. Their hardware isn’t quite the best - and yes it is for babies. But then again, people are using only the camera and social media apps. It’s like they do care for different things.

Have you seen the latest update that Samsung did to their UI? Especially the icons, they look like they were done by a :poop: meksel.

When the end comes to my Samsung, I would switch to this phone or something similar.

While for camera, I would stick to my DSLR - and save the couple of lens that I do have.

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I was browsing ArtStation once, and it reached 20GB :crazy_face: but with 64 of them, I didn’t feel a thing, no slow downs at all. This was an impossible Sci-Fi dream when I was on an 8GB MacBook :eyes:

Very true, but the SOFTWARE… oh man, some of the software that’s only for Mac is so beautiful and awesome… two of the best font design software Glyphs & RoboFont are only for Mac, Sketch is only for Mac, the LittleSnitch firewall ROCKED my world and it’s only for Mac (I barely managed to find a close alternative)

Mac apps are some of the best, both in terms of UI/UX, and in terms of not having many bugs as Windows apps have :roll_eyes:

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I love sketch. If I ever do UI/UX, this would be the only tool that I am going to use.

Adobe XD is just a pale copy, with interface that is quite different and confusing for Adobe users. It is very different from all of Adobe’s apps.

However, Adobe is quite affordable with the student creative cloud subscription. Plus, you get a lot of tools from video, photo to sound editing. Also, their mobile apps are quite good. I use them often for editing photos.

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