Diversifying your business as a freelancer

Lately, we had discussed on a couple of threads about the importance of diversification. Many freelancers are aware that they should expand their businesses, however, finding the starting point is a tough process.

For instance, I am offering myself as an example. Those of you that don’t know - I am a 21-year old freelancer -which happens to be a university student in his spare time. Taking this into consideration, it’s not hard to get an estimate on how much free time I have left - NONE.

In the past 6-7 months, a lot of ideas about expanding my business have crossed my mind. One of the ideas that I love the most is setting up an educational YouTube channel. Usually, something similar to Wendover Productions, Polymatter, Cheddar, CGP Gray and similar. Therefore, I need to master “After Effects” and combine it with my Photoshop and Illustrator skills and deliver mind-blowing content. However, the problem is I don’t know how to start, when to start, and how to plan the entire channel and its strategy.

Someone suggested drop shipping, as she was familiar with this business. Although, I don’t like this business venture at all. The first problem is PayPal can’t be used for receiving payments in this xxxked country.

I explored another way - which is reselling old vinyl, video games, and other collectibles. They can be found on the “gypsy” bazar for a fraction of the cost that they can be sold on eBay. It’s an interesting opportunity, but again, PayPal is what’s stopping me for venturing in this market.

Other people had suggested starting my own blog. Which is an interesting idea, but I lack the skills and the resources to do this at this moment. For god’s sake take a glance at my writing and style. There is a lot of place for improvement.

I have read Gary Vee, and to be honest, that guy is full of :poop: but on the other side, he speaks the truth.

Time flies, my expenses are rising, while my income from freelancing is stagnating. It’s the time when I should get my :peach: working and exploring new ways to diversify.

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Oh, I don’t know - your writing is pretty good. Better than quite a few (admittedly semi-literate) native English speakers’ writing! So I wouldn’t worry about the skill part of it. As for resources, there are more than enough freebies to get you started, and people like Gary Vee (despite being annoying douchelords) have some solid ideas when it comes to marketing (your blog).

As far as I know dropshipping is a dead industry - too much competition and wily Chinese behavior - and the best way to make money these days if you’re going to do that is to flog a “how 2 mek sells with dropshipping lol” course. Or - riskier - create your own product and get it made from scratch. There’s a blog out there that covers someone doing this. Can’t remember what it was now, but if I find it I’ll link. Combine with Kickstarter/IndieGoGo for bonus $$$$!

YT would be a long hard slog, and the educational videos market would be competitive, especially the “fancy graphics to go” sub-category. However, learning how to use Adobe to make them would be a very good talent to add to your freelance portfolio (and it’s not like you would only have to make edu vids, either)

The eBay stuff is time-consuming and fees galore, so… eh, wouldn’t be my first pick. Also, I understand their review policies are almost as evil as F’s… and there are plenty of scammy buyers to deal with, too (although you have control of your disputes).

Wild card: crypto! There’s like a total firesale going on at the moment…

EDIT: This might be the site. Not sure. I did read the article like 3 years ago so it’s hard to remember tbh… (warning: looks a bit market-y these days…)



I totally agree with you.

YouTube seemed like the best option of all that I had. Perhaps, I can explore other options and ideas for a channel.

When it comes to blogging, there is my super-hero @glacierlily to proof it. Considering that the writing and style part can be easily overcome, there are tons of different skills that I need to learn such as SEO, Wordpress, targeting. It’s not like they are hard to learn but definitely, it would take a lot of time.

My best friend’s sister told me that we should open a marketing agency. However, I have told her that I don’t see myself in that business, as it’s oversaturated. Plus, with so many established companies it would be tough. Of course, I haven’t mentioned to her, that I have a couple of connections and regular clients that would be eager to hire me for managing their social media pages. I don’t believe that she is skilled enough to deliver the same quality as my clients are used to. In a nutshell, for the first couple of months instead of focusing on growing the business; my job would be teaching her. We had worked together on a few projects, and the result was phenomenal, however, those were on an unprofessional level.

Crypto is something that I don’t know a single thing about. One of my regular clients got rich last summer from bitcoin, and he hired an entire team of freelancers to work for him. He said he would teach me the basics (without me asking him for it), but I felt skeptical.

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I remember when emojis like that got someone’s PM flagged! :scream: It feels good to be here where hopefully that won’t happen. :wink:

image I am always glad to help, Freaky.


I tried this and it was extremely time-consuming.

First, setting up the blog site wasn’t as easy as I thought, since I knew nothing about WordPress. Contrary to what you read, there is quite a bit of learning curve.

Second, coming up with interesting topics were also difficult. With my full time job, I did not have the time to research and write any articles myself, so I ended up hiring others to write for me.

Third, just the posting of other people’s writing was also taking a significant amount of time. Finding the right pictures - free and paid from Canstock - to add to the blog cost money & time.

I really ended up not even enjoying it. I decided to forgo the blog and just keep this forum.

With college, homework, test & part time job - are you certain you want to start something this time consuming?


I am not quite sure, however, it is certain that I would like something new to have two sources of income.

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Are you looking for something completely different or to start the same business on other platforms away from 5r?

Something completely different.


Oh, I see.

Well, I will follow you on your blog! :heart: &&& post comments! :slight_smile:


Me too!


Have you ever considered organic bee keeping?


I actually have a class on that subject in the next semester, but it is an elective one.


You should do it. Bees will be big business in the coming years. Just ignore all the bull they teach you about neonicotinoids killing the bees. Move hives away from power lines and cell towers, put them in a Faraday cage and the whole colony collapse problem disappears.

My dream is to have a small house on a mountain where I can sit writing on the porch while looking over a Steam Punk-esq field of hives. I might even put up a few Tesla coils shooting lightning everywhere just for the hell of it.

Alas, if only my Bitcoin dreams hadn’t recently been so cruelly scuppered… :frowning: