Did Santa Bring You Time Vampires for Christmas Too?

Well, this Christmas all turned out a bit :poop: in the end.

Buyer: "Where is my order?"

Me: "You have never placed an order with me, sorry."

Buyer: "I send all the information you ask for!!!"


There are a lot more of these people than usual at the moment. Them and:

Buyer: “I need a 1,000-word article on cryptocurrency. My budget is 3-10 Dhirams” ($2.72)


Then there is a new buyer I have at the moment with simply ‘Europe’ as his location. For the second time now, he has asked for revisions and acted offended concerning the fact that I have not included certain information in his articles. The problem is, he’s basically asking for entirely new subject arcs to be covered.

i.e. Ask for an article on Bitcoin. Then request a revision because you also want a rundown of different Bitcoin wallet apps. I’m not being taken for a ride like this. In this case, I’m blocking him as soon as he accepts delivery of his last order. - It’s a pity as he was ordering in bulk but the Europe thing has my chargeback sense tingling. - And he’s basically being an exploitative :poop:.

Lastly, I have an insane woo woo client who has asked for an about page. The thing is, she can’t tell me what she actually does.

Buyer: "I’ve been on TV talking about guided meditation! I have a degree in art. I taught marketing. I’m a Reiki practitioner. I have my own radio show in Austin Texas. Check it out!"

Me: "Okay, but what do you actually do? Why do you want people to contact you?"

Buyer: "I just told you!"

Anyone else being put through the meatgrinder this festive season?

Nope, not me. It has been pretty quiet. The buyers I have seen have been not weird and polite.

How was your Christmas otherwise?

I hear this quite often. I do not understand what sort of sick thrill someone gets out of pretending to place an order. Do they really think a seller is going to deliver something when there is no order for it? I’m totally confused. I wonder how often this happens to sellers in general?

She probably thinks she is telling you. I bet she doesn’t actually know what an “About Me” entails! :grin:

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For me, it’s quite a lot. I just received this:

I put an order in
Hope you do still open over the new year period

There is no order. If I respond and say sorry, you have not placed an order with me, accusations will just start flying. In this case, I don’t. You can also guarantee that this kind of person will be a nightmare to work with if they do place an order and (because of their actions already), likely be the kind of person to file a chargeback or later cancel.

The about page woo woo woman is just nuts. I did deliver her order. Now she wants a 30-second video turned into a 2.2-minute video, and her about page re-written in the first-person (previously she asked for third-person), and doesn’t want anything not relevant including (like mentions of marketing and art degrees etc).

I also have another guy on the same gig requesting a re-write of his bathroom remodeling company to just focus on how he has a European tile warehouse.

I’m just cancelling each. I’m sick of constantly delaying personal projects and trying to make time for myself due to people with zero ability to articulate what they want in the beginning. In reality. this equates to a doubled workload and even then, you know people like this will never be happy.

If madame wants a 2-minute video, she won’t settle for anything less and will feel put out being asked to pay more. Usually, these kind of people then also turn round after revisions have been completed FOC and say a whiney “Ummm, I don’t like it.” and try to cancel.

I’m not dealing with :poop: like this for New Year. I’d rather cast them off into Fiverr’s sea of mek-sellers, then sit back and watch as their appalling business ideas die a bit faster. :slight_smile:

Obviously, I’m a bit wound up about this…

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I thought when you upped your price point to $15, you got rid of the nutty buyers! I guess it just got you higher class of nuts! :slight_smile:

Well, in two days, 2018 will be but a memory and 2019 will be rung in! Hopefully, it will be a better year for all of us.

Holiday cheers to all!