Did Fiverr just boost my gigs?


So to my surprise, I opened Fiverr today to find out that my redesign gig has like over 500 impressions, which basically means that it is rendering normally in the search page.

The weird thing about this is that since i left Fiverr, both of my gigs were like around 0 to 5 maximum in impression or any statics really. But the past two days, my redesign gig got over 200 impressions a day.
Is it possible Fiverr boosted my redesign gig?

This situation is exactly what happened to me earlier when i was working on Fiverr. My redesign gig was boosted and i was loaded with orders back then.
So perhaps they did it again? :thinking:

I tried searching for my gig but it didn’t appear tho. This is so messed up.


It would be awesome, if you can to bump your prices a bit. You charge too low for a website. That would definitely boost your views and perhaps orders a bit more.


I’m actually thinking about editing my gigs now and getting back. Having Fiverr as an extra source of income to help grow my business might be a good idea. But tbh, the buyers on Fiverr these days are just a pain to deal with.

I might think about a move, perhaps after my exams.


People like me are skeptical about hiring people online to do webpages, etc.

I’m iffy about giving people access to my personal stuff, especially when I read stuff on 5r forum about seller’s creating back :door: to gain access whenever they want.

One guy even changed all passwords and threatened the owner to get a portion of his sales. It’s nutty.

I know you’re not one of those people, but others don’t know that. I think that’s what makes your nitch difficult.


To be honest, out of all the customers i worked with on Fiverr, only few like 2 or 3 were uncomfortable sharing their account FTP credentials with me to upload their website files. But unfortunately, what you’re saying is actually true and that’s why you should be aware of whom you give access to your website.

That’s why working with an agency would be much better since both parties have to sign a contract upon working.

And to be honest, hiring a web designer or a developer from Fiverr is a horrible idea. Most of the sellers are just peeps who learned it online and trying to get an extra buck with their crappy skills. So yeah, it’s a really difficult niche and this is what driven me to start an agency.


I’ve heard one or two people complain about how horrible their site turned out to be and the seller is asking more money to fix what they broke. I think you starting your own business is a great idea in that aspect. It’s getting off the ground part is difficult - as I am finding out as trying to figure out ways to advertise this forum.

Sooner or later, hopefully sooner, we’ll both get a big splash in the ocean!! :slight_smile: