Crisis is coming?

Soooo, potentially today we might’ve stepped into a crisis.
We all know the impacts that Corina virus brought on economies. However today it was another hit worldwide and a lot of stocks already collapsing.
Yesterday Russia left their oil agreement with Saudis and of course Middle East didn’t wait too long to answer and already set up reserve funds that can go for 6-10 years in a crisis without making money. American oil market probably will suffer as now Saudi and Russia will start producing normal amounts of oil.

Is it the time to start panicking or not yet?

Nope, Russia is going to annex all of the Stans, form the Soviet Union again - and ban all fossil fuels and oil production.

Just kidding, it might have impact on the Russian economy and to the ones of the Russian allies.

Oh, and @Starrynight - you do have to be careful as this might the knockout blow for Venezuela.

Freaky, we still have all type of minerals, and they’re being exploited by the regime in the most savage way possible. Think of any mineral, we have it! And just as there are minerals, there are also countries that want them and look for ways to do dirty business with the regime. :pensive:

Venezuela’s richness is a curse for all of us, and as long as it continues to exist, the curse will go on wreaking havoc.

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And in the US, citizens do not seem to be concerned about running out of oil. They are worried about not having enough toilet paper. When I went to the big wholesale store here in the US on Thursday, the store was completely sold out. Then when I went to the same store on Sunday. 90% of the carts leaving the store had a 30 roll pack of toilet paper in their cart. I am not sure how toilet paper and the coronavirus are related? :thinking:

So, it seems in my city, there may be a toilet paper crisis.

This is interesting. It looks like central Africa is the safest place to be now.

And my state is still coronavirus free!


For nose blowing. It’s cheaper than tissue paper and yields more. :wink:

And if you need to stay in quarantine, you have enough not to worry to buy. :grimacing: :sweat_smile:


Yeah, but oil is your best export. Even if the regime goes, different people would come again and start stealing from Venezuela’s coffers. That’s the harsh reality.


Not panic. I know stocks in the us opened almost 2,000 points down. People are scared and moving money to safer options like bonds. Long term investors have no reason to panic, in my opinion.


Not even that, Freaky. These people have done what no one would have imagined: they destroyed the hen of the golden eggs - the oil industry. Since long, oil export is at its minimum. :pensive:

And not only they have destroyed the oil industry, and everything else in this country. They also achieved the impossible: bankruptcy of an oil country. They applied the scorched earth policy.

Yes. Sadly, that’s very true, Freaky. :pensive:


I saw a post on Facebook where a healthy-looking small Venezuelan store owner proudly stood in front of his well-stocked food shelves during the pre-regime days. Then there was a picture of the same much less healthy-looking store owner with only a few items on his store shelves.

Is it genuinely like that in Venezuela now, Starry?

Yes, Vickie. Sadly, it is. :pensive: And if I spoke about public hospitals, just to mention another sector, I would just start to cry…

On the other hand, there are starting to arise luxury shops with all kinds of imported goods at Parisian or Londoner prices. These extravagant shops are product of drug laundry.

These country is soooooooooooooooo f*cked up. You have no idea of the size of it. :pensive:

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Well, the demand for luxury goods is higher in poor countries. Especially, in corrupted countries where few people can enjoy those stores. The moneyz are easily earned and they don’t care how they spend them.

Interestingly, Macedonia is very similar to Venezuela in terms of corruption and mismanagement of the country’s resources. Just google Skopje 2014 - and you can see what I am talking about.

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The ones easily earning are those on the corruption system with the regime and the ones in the drug trafficking. Trafficking, by the way, on which the regime and the armed forces of the country, especially the National Guard, are also involved.

Children are dying, Freaky. And are dying because of malnutrition, no access to medical supplies or medicines, and a lot pf more things. It’s criminal the things that are happening here, and nobody dares to put the bell on the cat.

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Meow? :crying_cat_face: What did the cat do? :crying_cat_face:


In our case, the cat transformed itself into a monster. :grimacing:

Long were the days where the cat was just naughty. :sweat_smile:

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Well, when Russia and the USA back off, Venezuela is going to be an awesome place. You are caught between the crossfie of both of the largest world cops.

Only if it were so simple, Freaky…

The problem would continue to exist even if none of them existed. The real problem is the idiosyncrasy of this country. Unless people change, there’s nothing to be done.

In twenty years, these people have undermined society in such a way that society itself is degraded, and the debased is at all levels.

It’s not easy to explain, Freaky. The problem is deeper than what can be seen.

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Well, it’s not that deep of a problem. It’s actually on the surface. However, the problem to be solved, it will need a couple of generations to pass.

It’s the same here, the people the country to become better, but nobody likes to follow the laws. If the political system does it job, and make the law to be the same for everyone, things can get better. But, the moment they do this, they can say goodbye to their voters.

Yes, and more than a couple. :pensive:

I’m sorry to hear you have to struggle with that.

Maybe, and I don’t lose hope, our grand, grand, grand children get to see a better country for them.

We do have issue with young people that flee the country for a “better” life in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and most of the other developed European countries.

The irony is, working in Germany for minimal wage (1300 euros a month) is equivalent to working in Macedonia for a low salary, due to the lower cost of life here. However, as time passes by, I don’t think people leave the country just for money, it’s because of the bad politics.

Few people from this forum are from the same region as me. They are older than me, they probably had seen the war, experienced the fall of the SFRJ -and the shady transition from socialism to capitalism. To tell you, our region might be shadier than Venezuela. :slight_smile:

I am younger, but I managed to experience part of the transition, the corruption and I do remember the 2001 civil war in Macedonia.Those are some of the reasons why people here lack moral in my region. Don’t be fooled of the fact that we are in Europe, Macedonia is still lacking way behind.