Contacting the Dead from Beyond the Perma-Ban - Noble or Stupid?

So I was just on the forum when I stumbled upon an old thread featuring a seller who I haven’t seen around in a while. Clicking his profile, I discovered (as I suspected) that this seller has a 1,000-year ban. (What is with those by the way? Is non-meksell free speech really that dangerous?)

Anyway, I clicked on the link to the seller profile and immediately noticed that they had badges on their gig pages. We all know this is the new thought crime of the century on Fiverr. However, this seller might not. Also, if his gigs get removed/suspended and he just gets told to read TOS, he may not discover the reason at all. (After all, topics discussing this matter might not be in vogue on the forum should he visit if/when the matter effects him.)

So, should I send him a message to his Fiverr inbox warning him? My nice caring side says yes. However, I never really got on with this seller, to be honest. He could flag me for spam or I could cause his response rate to lower… It’s just all so Eastern Germany!

Anyway theres a seller whos handle sounds like Pews Nike. He has badges on his gigs. If anyone knows him in a friendly way, he might appreciate a heads up. :wink:


Oh that’s my old friend.

I am on very good terms with him, better than I am with most of you lot, but he is a little hot tempered…not against me, but against Fiverr…I avoid inboxing him after he let out a slew of f words against the platform.

I am fearless, but not careless…my friend can be careless.


Contacting the dead can be both smart and stupid - depending on the person. Some will be grateful other will go ballistic! That particular person can go either way - pending if he likes you or not.

I typically start with a legetimate question about gigs. Most of the time, I end up buying, so it’s all kosher. :grin:


This is why I decided to forgo being a humanitarian in this case.

God bless you on being a less spendthrift humanitarian than I! :slight_smile:

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