Confirmed! Fiverr Only Accepts ID Documents From Countries Where Sellers are Based

Well, if you are a digital Nomad or reside in a county other than that detailed on your official ID, Fiverr will apparently ban your account:


Taken from this thread:

Question is, are they going to apply this to everyone - or just to people from certain countries who aren’t tidily tucked away in their undesirable little country? This could just be another generic clampdown on the VPN crowd. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a generic Westerner come up against this problem (although I am happy to be corrected if that’s not the case).

The thing is, if you are a digital nomad or anyone living abroad on a visa, you are going to need a VPN…

There was a post from a Syrian (I think) a while ago, which got quickly scrubbed from the forum when he mentioned a similar reason for being booted. Basically, if your country is on the Project for The New Ameican Century war doc circa 1997, your not allowed in. (At least that is what it looks like.)

That said, I’m guessing that this will effect everyone. It’s not a human checking data, after all. It’s a machine and what are its basic rules going to be? Probably:

  • Does ID match seller location
  • Does Seller phone number match seller location and ID document issuer
  • Is ID document recognized as an ID document

I doubt they have parameters for 'might a not matching ID document be being used by Pro Willy Nelson in his South American tax haven 100% legally because he might have a valid retirement visa, or there might be a number of genuine reasons why he is not currently present in America’

Just my 2 cents.

The bad guy algorithm can still only check for individuals from pesky PNAC countries though. It wouldn’t do to allow such stuff to be made public in any way, shape, or form due to hot potato social/economic/political issues. You also have the very general lack of care for those in countries which are afflicted by disaster natural or man-made. It’s easy enough to tell them to keep trying but typically their poor English is a huge barrier here with a largely disinterested CS agent. At least, that’s my perspective.

I wondered which pro you were having a dig at over there! I know of another one who works from a stunning Carribean location (or at least plonked a laptop in front of a gorgeous landscape of towering mountains, tropical white sand beaches, and verdant palm forest from a stunning verandah view with swimming pool).

Willy’s probably a bit gritty for such lifestyle onanism, though.

Well either way, it might be worth checking these guys out:

I’d prefer to work on a platform which only allows certain nationalities and understands off the bat that some people do this funny thing called travel overseas.

Well, yes, their approach is far more mature and open, no doubt about that. I suppose an upcoming IPO may have focused HQ into streamlining everything to get from A to B as fast as possible. Worth remembering Syria and Iran aren’t exactly flavor or the month/year/decade in some places, particularly when Wall St money is involved.

On that note, I’m pretty sure that their world global map and inbox location detector has had an update lately - Taiwan went from just Taiwan to


Just an interesting little bit of geopolitics there (that is the PRC’s name for Taiwan).

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Oooh serpentza! I have a small lady crush on him.

I must admit, I have a man crush on him too. :slight_smile:

On that note, I think I can add a friend to my Conquering Northern China subscription if you are interested?

If not I could download them and send you a few episodes via Google Drive or Dropbox.

Is that the bike ride movie thing? I used to watch him (not so much the laoUS dude) a while back but stopped when I discovered Bald and Bankrupt. Who I also have a lady crush on. But now B&B has gone a bit quiet after his adventures in Belarus and Moldova, I do feel a bit bereft of my decent travel vlog series…

Oh that guy is hilarious.

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I know! I love how he speaks Russian too. And flirts with all the babushkas. But he’s also serious in serious situations. Top guy.

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Yes, I like this guy too. No man crush though. Conquering Northern China is heavily lowhry86. I like him too, though. He also did a pretty cool Serpentza expose.


I would have cut out the intro, but the video was great! My lady crush has grown that little bit more. They do have a good chemistry together, but laowai on his own… I’m subscribed, but it really depends on how clickbaity the title is for me I guess.

Matt weighed in with an official response (and promptly disappears without listening or responding to anyone saying a list might be a good idea):

According to a lazy Google search, there are 195 countries in the world today, inc. countries that are generally not popular with big boy countries for various reasons. Fiverr supports ‘over’ 160 countries, which suggests that around 35 are on some sort of secretive :poop:list.

Bad news for all who dream of having a 100% world domination map. I’m surprised no Venezuelans sellers (who are somewhat over-represented on the forum in contrast to their other Latin American counterparts) have piped up about their status tbh. The US is being a bit sanction-y against them at the moment (let’s not talk about the US-led coup for now). If someone wants to drop a nice V-bomb there, I wouldn’t mind.

Of course, sanctions never really harm the regimes - they just make life a misery for the normal people who are already living in those countries. Still, who cares about them, eh?

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I already noted that Andorra is not on Fiverr’s list of supported countries. I wonder what they did? Or maybe no one ever thought to sign up in Andorra, because of how busy they are drinking money…

Anyway, I’m getting tired of the forum. It’s far too mentally draining trying to verbally fly spray all the Fiverr apologists. They must get pretty tidy compensation given how committed to character assassination some are.

I sent a message to the OP of the thread warning him that soon everyone would start insinuating that “there is more to the story” to paint him as a crook. I advised he bow out of replying to leave on something like the moral high ground.

I hope follows that advice. ( I sense he’s young and not proficient in English enough to hold his own against the Fiverr forum lions, bitches, and bores.)

I think Andorra’s OK, as I vaguely remember an inbox message some time ago from there that didn’t go anywhere. Then again, who knows, maybe the president of Andorra said something nasty about Mischa’s haircut and a business dinner function and so the whole country (principality?) is now banned.

I quite enjoyed that holier than thou leftfield attack on OP over the use of one word. Fingers crossed for a mildly entertaining flame war I can’t join in, though you’re right that OP would do better to keep his nose out of it.

One has to wonder what happened to all the decent posters. Oh, wait.

EDIT: Oh, delightful, she’s going to stick to her point rigidly even though her latest post shows that she’s not really read the post. YAY DRAMAPOST! Go on someone, introduce her to the concept of the EU and retaining dual SIMs and all manner of other stuff outside of OP’s situation. I’d join in myself, but I can’t.

PPS: Williamson just fired over the Huawei stuff. This evening just keeps getting better.

Well, turns out the forum censorship team decided I was rocking the boat…


There were more before that and now the thread is gone. I wish I had taken more screenshots! :frowning:

Oh, I haven’t closed the post yet :slight_smile: I can put the screenshots here I suppose, but I’m not sure if that’s OK or not being as it’s a bit finger-pointy.

Screenshot everything! Especially the reply from Matt. I try to keep all this stuff for my post ban war on Fiverr.

Put them up on the conspiracy corner thread. That way we won’t have to worry about people telling on us.