Coffee - How Best To Keep It Warm?

Keeping your coffee warm for extended periods while you’re working has always been a problem. I choose the ‘keep it on your desk until it gets chilly and then blitz it in the microwave’ method, but there are new, more modern choices available for the busy computer user.

A temperature controlled mug which has its own phone app.

A thermal mug to keep your coffee warm while you work:

Please note the price difference! :dollar::dollar::dollar:

Which of these would you choose?

  • Ember Temperature Smart
  • Plastic Auto Travel Mug

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Have you got a different method of keeping your hot drink of choice at your chosen temperature? Why not share it here?

We might all get some great gift ideas as well! :christmas_tree:


Interesting, usually I drink iced coffee most of the time.

Here is how I usually make it:

This has never been an issue for me.

However, when it comes to tea, then I have a serious problem as I will prepare it - and then let it cool, and in the process completely forget about it.

I’d go with the regular thermal cup, the “Ember” cup does seem a bit expensive for me personally (it’s a subjective thing). However, if someone values it, it’s going to be from big help. I don’t see a reason why not to buy that.

Ultimately, for me, the decision will be made on the price. Plus, I do have some thermal cups which I have bought as souvenirs from my trips (you guessed it, starbucks ones).


Hi, Weeyin! It’s refreshing to read something other than…:coffee::cake:

Anyway, as a NEW decaf coffee drinker. Once upon a time, I was a huge caffeine drinker. But my nutritionist put a customized plan in place and I’m sticking to it. I drink decaf green and herbal teas, too.

I’ve used these style cups…

I usually buy the mugs with cute, funny & inspirational sayings.

When I’m in a rush, I grab a plastic or metal To-Go cup. No spills, no fuss and it keeps my cuppa Joe warm. If I had to choose between the two, I’d choose plastic. Although, the Ember mug is interesting, I’d buy it, if the price was right. If I get it as a prezzie, that’s even better. At least, I’ll save my coins.:smile:

Older family members still use the old-fashioned thermos.

My motto is variety is the spice of life and I like to try things… IF it piques my interest.


Love the tartan thermos. All you need then is a picnic basket and a travelling rug, and you’ve got a ready made day out! :oncoming_automobile:

What’s your favourite decaf coffee Peach? I quite like Kenco Millicano Americano Decaff Instant Coffee - I know your brand names etc. will be different to what I can get here. :coffee:


@TheFreaky - LOL, you don’t really need to think about keeping iced coffee warm I suppose!

The opposite perhaps - do you need to keep it cold if it warms up?

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I am jealous when I hear how many brands of coffees and teas you have in the West.

Here we have just Jacob’s, Nescafe and Illy out of the popular ones… and the choice is scarce.

Jacobs has only gold selection instant and classical instant, the same goes for Nestle. While illy sells only espressos for coffee makers.

Oh, I forgot there are the capsules for Nespresso as well. While for the traditional coffee (turkish) we have tons of brands.

Well for teas, we have a better choice, but no premium quality teas can be found, except Yoga.

Here is my tea cabinet by the way.


That’s why I said I do not have the problem haha. You can just add one more ice cube or cold milk and that’s it. :rofl:

I never developed a habit for warm coffee.


We have the Dolce Gusto in common! :coffee:

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Yep a life-saver as we don’t have much space to fit a full espresso machine in my kitchen.

I do like to upgrade to the models with indicators for water dosage though. Currently, I have the basic one.

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I’m a huge Dunkin’ lover.


Other options in my arsenal.


I love flavored coffee, hazelnut and French vanilla are my favorite.

The choices are very huge. I’m also curious about international delights as well. For instance, I think it was you who talked about the Kinder treats. YUM love the ones they’ve been selling here in The States. I’m also hooked on creamers (sugar-free) ones tho. Like coffee-mate and international delight.

Neato! The only thing I recognize is Lipton. :sweat_smile:

Surprisingly, your cupboards aren’t junky, I’ve seen worse. :dizzy_face:

Are those straws at the bottom?


The other teas are “Good Nature” a domestic brand which makes fine tea.

Yep, the ice-cold Nescafe is drunk with straws. :rofl:

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To keep coffee warm?

Err… I make coffee, and it’s in a nice cup next to me, and I often forget to drink it until it’s cold. :woman_shrugging:


Must admit I often like my coffee coldish! :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t drink coffee - my morning beverage of choice is a nice cup of tea or five without milk or sugar. Since I am in the heathen wastelands of Europe where tea is not appreciated as much as it should be, I have to make do.

I refuse to drink Liptons, as it tastes like floor shavings and spider dust. Luckily, we have Twinings, albeit a hideously reduced selection of:

When they stopped selling this (sorry, I hit the enter button by accident), I was devastated:


This tea is okay.

Thrilling stuff, isn’t it? As for the cup, I would not go with the fancy electric thing as it looks like it breaks easily and probably spills all over your laptop. The (negative) reviews seem to confirm this.

Stick with cheap plastic stuff! Or perhaps go a bit more upmarket for a more tasteful design with metal things.

As for keeping coffee/tea warm, I’m afraid I’m a complete failure. I’m pretty used to cold black tea at this point, though.


And here I am, where Lipton is the highest quality tea that you can buy on the market.

By the way, there is a local tea producer from Greece that produces tea somewhere near Olympus, they call it the “divine herb” or something. I have tasted it when I was on a college field trip to the food fair in Thessaloniki. It was quite good.

Tbh, the grannies in the local bazars sell great organic tea for fraction of the cost than in stores.


Lipton Tea is so popular in Egypt too! I don’t like tea tho, i usually drink coffee.


I guess that in Egypt, Turkish coffee is popular as well?

Rob bought me one of the electric tiny hotplate kind of thingy to keep my coffee warm one Christmas. The problem was the gadget made the coffee too warm, and then the coffee tasted burnt.

I checked the price of this little modern keep coffee warm jewel, and it was $99. Nope, that is not going to be on my desk anytime soon! Plus, as someone said, it does tip, so that is another nope.

All that being said, I am a coffee snob. I worked as one of the first baristas in my small town 30 years ago, and I soon learned to tell good coffee from not so good coffee. No Folgers in my cup, although if I am visiting someone and that is all, there is on hand, I will drink a cup of it. As for instant! Nope, I do not like that stuff at all! Although I did go through a phase where a guy named Raz introduced me to INKA loaded with brown sugar and cream. Yummy, but oh my, I did gain a lot of weight that winter! So now, Inka is a nope for me.

My favorite coffees are Costa Rica and Kenya’s whole bean. However, I have fallen under the Keurig spell of making coffee one cup at a time, and I now drink a decaff French roast as I like my coffee strong.

To keep my coffee hot, I use a stainless steel Copco coffee mug. Yep, these are my two colors. They sell them at Costco for half the price that the mugs sell for in the retail stores.

I also have a Hot Pink Hydroflask mug. For some reason, when I drink out of it, I think of @KissMyPeach :thinking: I was lucky to find it on a 50% off sale.

Both do a great job of keeping my coffee hot because when I use my regular mug, my coffee gets cold like many others here have indicated. Then I use @weeyin’s microwave method to warm my coffee up.


It has somehow got this reputation here. I have no idea why. It’s vile stuff!

As for your tea from Mt. Olympus, I wonder if that’s one of the many strains of mountain tea that you can find in Greece? They’re herbal rather than regular tea though, and mostly taken because Greek yiayias (grannies) know their health properties. There are loads of them. Bit like the horta (AKA “Greek granny goes up the mountain to pick up a bunch of weeds to boil for dinner: weeds turn out to be superfoods”).

Which reminds me, I have a huge bag of diktamos (dittany), which is basically Cretan mountain tea. Super healthy and tasty with honey. Not sure you can really get it outside of Crete - the stuff only grows here. It apparently makes you feel sexy, youthful, and healthier.

Does Liptons do that?

No, it does not.

Because it’s American :poop: shavings - but that’s what you get, America, if you throw tons of perfectly good tea into the harbor. An eternity of awful tea that the rest of the world (apart from Macedonia and Egypt) hates!

This tea should obviously be drunk out of a very old, large mug which never gets washed properly for the extra flavor and immune system boosting bacteria flora, but you could just put it in a fancy Ember mug if you’re from the city and posh.

Don’t use microwaves, either: they poison your food with radioactive rays (source: old Greek people, who are also the source of that serving recommendation).

EDIT: BTW, choice quote from that horta article:

Horta translates into weeds, and in Greek, if you are vegetarian you are called a hortofaga , which literally means weed-eater.


I remember there was a Lipton’s ‘supermarket’ in the village when I was very small.