Chit Chat 😁 🤔

At the other place, I have a friend who just left the Ministry of Defense to focus on their family. Thanks Cy for the verbiage! :wink:


Well, aren’t you a sly horse. How very gossipy of you. I don’t have any gossip. Nor special people.

I’m guessing that the person you are referring to is in the “let’s never ever get out of bed again” phase of a new relationship. Actually, I don’t want that mental image now.

I do have a random person messaging me with (apparent) evidence of a certain freelance platform trying to take me down. Then there are some crazy crypto people who have hacked my website to bits. All pretty boring really.

Maybe I should delete or modify my post? :thinking:

Just change it to: “I have a friend who just left the Ministry of Defense to focus on their family.” We’ll all get the coded meaning. :wink:

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Well, good for them. You know, the world is in a very precarious position, politically, socially and economically. I expect the next 1-3 years to be especially volatile. But at least our man has someone to … every night. Much bettter than wasting time on Twitter and stuff, outraging over things going wrong in some part of the world or crying over election defeats, (or as in my case worrying endlessly about the stock markets, drawing parallels with Venezuela), etc.

This is what I mean…

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I saw Chit Chat in the title and for a moment thought that Nika found her way onto this forum! :joy:

I’ve been on the road for work - it’s been tiring. I’m looking forward to going home. :sleeping_bed:

I got no gossip to pass on, but I’m all ears if you all got juicy gossip to share! :smile: