Can Using Fiverr Help Predict the Price of Bitcoin? - Yes & Here's Why

Ok, I know a lot of you ‘normals’ aren’t really into cryptpcurrency. Possibly if you had some kind of series to read about why cryptocurrency is amazing, you might be a bit more enthused. But hey, I’m not the editor in chief here. :slight_smile:

In any case, I have stumbled upon what could be a winning Bitcoin investment and trading strategy for 2019. Even better, all you need to start investing and trading successfully is a small amount of Bitcoin and an active Fiverr account.

Let me explain.

In the stock market and cryptocurrecy market, professional traders use what are called technical indicators to predict coin and stock price movements. Such indicators represent everything from consumer market sentiment to associated commodity prices. i.e. When the price of oil goes up, fewer people buy petrol powered cars and more people switch to electric.

Given the above, if you were a stock market tader watching the price of oil skyrocket, you might dump your General Motor stocks and go all in on Tesla.

How all this relates to my new winning cryptocurrency investment strategy is simple. In 2017, the price of Bitcoin went from $1K to $20K. During this time, I received several messages from poor people with no brains on Fiverr, asking things like:

"Please, Sir. In my country, Bitcoin is banned. Please, Sir, sell me some Bitcoin. I pay you a good price."

I call these people Fiverr Bitcoin Beggars (FBBs).

Naturally, receiving messages like this can be annoying. However, today I noticed something startling. Namely, that Fiverr Bitcoin Beggars seem to start arriving enmass in my Fiverr inbox prior to, as well as during rapid rises in the Bitcoin price. To demonstrate, see below:

Because of this, I’ve decided to create my very own Bitcoin trading indicator. I call it the FBBs indicator and how it works is simple.

  • Create a Bitcoin related gig on Fiverr
  • Keep an eye on the current Bitcoin price
  • When Fiverr Bitcoin Beggars start spamming your inbox and the Bitcoin price is low, BUY Bitcoin
  • When the Bitcoin price is high but Fiverr Bitcoin Beggars stop spamming, take this as a sign that the Bitcoin price is about to nosedive and SELL fast

My FBBs Bitcoin Price Prediction

Using lots of complicated mathematical analysis which would fly over everyone’s head, I have also used the FBBs indicator to make my own Bitcoin price prediction for 2019.

In 2017, FBBs spamming started when the Bitcoin price was at $1,000 and ended when it reached $20,000. Because FBBs activity in 2019 started when Bitcoin was priced at $3,000, I predict that the Bitcoin price will reach $60,000 by the end of the year. (Should Fiverr Bitcoin Begging trends in 2019, mirror those first seen in 2017.)

This means that if I’m right and you buy Bitcoin today at $5,000, you could be in for a $55,000 windfall if you follow my system!*


Please don’t actually take any of this seriously. I am not a financial advisor and I actually have an appalling cryptocurrency trading record. :slight_smile:

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Whew. I can’t afford to invest 5k, but I’ve been wanting to dabble in the cryto world. I may consider buying few hundred, see how it fares, learn the trade - losing $100 or two while teaching myself is doable, anything more than that will be awful. :frowning:

Well, I’m a fan of what’s called a 4-year cycle in Bitcoin. i.e. For three years it accumulates in value, them for one year corrects sharply. Overall, though, it appreciates considerably in value over time. Hence why despite being the world’s worst investment of 2018, it needs to remembered that the price in 2009 was near zero.

I wouldn’t actually recommend trading unless you have a lot of free cash to play with. An easier way to invest for profit is to vet coins based on the tech behind them and their past price highs. i.e. a coin called Cardano has previously traded for as high as $1.18, but today can be bought for $0.08.

Cardano is also the only crypto coin which is designed to be quantum computing resistant. (Meaning future proof). Because of the tech behind it and the fact that coins like Cardano (usually) make rapid gains by riding Bitcoin’s coattails, some would argue that it is a safe bet to buy Cardano now, then sell when it retests it’s former price high of $1.18.

Of course, this means buying to hold (not sell no matter what) until when/if Cardano does retest $1.18. Personally, I think it will at some point in the next few years. - But there is no guarantee.

Another coin to watch if you are on a budget is DigiByte. It has previously traded as high as $0.12 but can now be bought for $0.014. It is an outsider on the market. However, it has a strong development team and should start to shine on day.

In cases like this, you could make a tidy profit by investing just $100 and treating that investment like a $100 lottery ticket. Problems start when you suddenly make big profits and think “Wow! That was easy! Just think how much money I could make if I traded my profit for this and this and…” - In short, greed gets you. :frowning:

That said, I’m still way up on my initial investments thanks to the fact that I got into Bitcoin early. I just have to be careful to reel in my greed monster.

Ha, ha, that sounds like an episode of American Greed. Nah, I know when to quit at casinos, lotto tickets, etc. I’m pretty good at maintaining my $$.

Those seem like viable options. I may give it a go to both of them. I mean can’t lose much when you don’t invest much.

OTOH, If I do become a millionaire, I won’t forget you all in the non-millionaire’s club. :grin:

Me too! The main issue is, i don’t understand any of what Cy is talking about. :sob:
The crypto world interests me. I actually want to learn more about it but most of the blogs i tried to read from made it sound much more complex and.

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I forgot to say never invest in something because some tells you too or you see loads of great PR about an asset. - Chances are the person pitching a coin is doing so because they hold the same assets in their own portfolio. :wink:

(I do hold both of the above but for good reasons.)

I did write a pretty comprehensive beginners guide to all things crypto a while back. However, I can’t share it with you as copyright belongs to the client. :frowning:

Well darn it. Maybe that person should post it somewhere!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I’ll track her down and give a piece of my :boxing_glove: .

Edit: I’ll finish posting the rest of the crypto as continuation tomorrow. :grin:

Well, I’m certainly getting an uptick in cryptic crypto inbox messages:

(I said no way, Jose)

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I got a very similar message yesterday. However, most of the messages in my inbox start out with some kind of “I have a dream but no idea how to make it happen” randomness.

It’s part of the great age of anti-enlightenment. Eventually, you will have people who just stand and stare at other people, getting quietly furious that the person they are staring at can’t figure out what they want.

Me too! :laughing: