Can Buyers Only See Freelancers if They Move? - Let's Find Out!

So, I’m still in the process of getting started on Legiit. I was was finished. However, then I realized that Legiit seems to be okay with sellers using gif images as their version of gig images. In this case, I’ve repurposed an old video I use on 5r into a gif.

Will being flashy and moving around a bit grab the attention of buyers? I don’t know, but I suppose I will find out.

You can see the result as it looks on search pages/profile pages here: My Legiit Profile

And on my gig/service page here: Service Page

If you plan on using gifs on Legiit yourself, you can do so relatively easily using However, you will need your own video file if you want to make something which looks animated like mine.

Things to note:

  • Gifs need to be 2MB or less in size
  • Ideally, you want to try and rank on the first page of search results for a couple of keyword combinations
  • Don’t create just any gif. Spend time trying to make it look a bit professional

I’m not sure yet if it is possible to use gifs as profile images. However, this may be something others want to look into.

As for whether using gifs will help boost sales, I guess I’ll find out. I have noticed, though, how my eyes seem to keep falling on sellers services where gifs are in place, even when these look a bit shabby.


I visited both places and I agree a gif gig image is more eye catching.

Don’t do it!

I found it to be annoying and dizzying (is that a word?). I had to block it with my hands and scrolled through it fast to get to a non flashing gig. I don’t even know what they were selling, I just knew it would give me a headache. :dizzy_face:

Cy’s gif is not a flashing one. It is more of a mini video. I did not find it annoying at all. But I do not like the flashing gifs that I have seen on some profiles.

You’re right! His isn’t flashy - to a point where it give me a headache. It’s a cute, eye catching animation!

I :heart: it!

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