Calling all WordPress People!

I realize I could pay someone to figure this out for me but you know what? I’m cheap. Live with it.

I have a serious problem with my website where I need to basically reinstall WordPress and start over. I have backup xml files of my pages and posts. My question is, am I correct in assuming that I can reinstall WordPress, reinstall any theme, all my plugins, and then upload my xml files and basically be left with my site as it was?

Or will everything just turn into a WordPress chicken soup of scrambled digital vomit with random carrot squares everywhere?

More importantly, does everyone throw up carrot even when you haven’t eaten carrots for a long time? Or is that just me and do I possibly have an inner vegetable garden? :slight_smile:

I do have a special plan tailored for cheap people. There is a website caller five something, and I have been told there are some people called meksells, which happen to ve WardPrez exparts. Just massage them.

My advice would be to order a service from them and just request a refund - after everything is done. Et voila!


Sadly, I have a soul and my morals prohibit such activity. :slight_smile:

It’s okay though. I’m going DIY. It’s the long road but the right one.

I did pay a guy on Fiverr to speed up my site when it was working. I paid quite a lot. I ended up doing a better job myself.


I was joking.

Anyways, ordering on fiverr is hit and miss (mostly miss in my case). The only people that provided me with great service were GlacierLily and Zeus.