Brexit D-Day Party! - Anyone In?

We had a large group of leftist protesting in front of our Government Building, they were protesting for around 2-3 months, with tents, mobile kitchens, and such. It was hilarious. One of the city’s main boulevards was closed during that period of two months. Also, the right-wingers created their camp, in order to support the previous government, on a different main boulevard. Guess what? The city was blocked for 3 months.

If I am correct even the current PM had slept for a couple of nights in those tents.

I don’t believe that this would happen in the UK. Except if some other higher political power doesn’t ask for the general public to join the “rebellion” .

It’s very unlikely to get anywhere - I’m sure quite a few people will join (mainly students), but… I’d be surprised if it really went anywhere other than that. There are a handful of people who are on Parliament Square daily - typically single-issue types - but that’s usually just a ‘colorful character’ rather than a mass of people. I suppose we’ll see.

I can’t see it really going anywhere, even after this parliamentary invasion - Britain is simply too wrapped up with Brexit, knife crime, and the latest soap opera plots.

Voting has started, Brexit fans! Results in 30 minutes or so.

EDIT: Ugh maybe not. Not sure I’ll be around for the current results (10:30PM GMT)…

I don’t understand the clock watching!

Why aren’t we allowed to see democracy in action like with past votes?

I think this one/these ones are different because it’s bits of paper for multivotes and they have to count the ballot?

IDK. Clock is bloody boring though.

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We could discuss this while we wait:

Seems a bit rum to me. Obviously a terrible situation for all involved, but how has it got to this stage? Can’t he just go and see a lady of the night? Has he been paying too much attention to his wife? Is there an internal family struggle over inheritances? Is this the law doing new things that may or may not be a stretch of its long arm?

NB: Not an April Fool. God, I’m glad today is nearly over!

Yeah, it’s really slowing down the Brexit D-Day party we started 15-days ago. :wink:

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Just think, this thread may last for years. One of us may even pass away before Brexit ever happens.

I like this idea, too.

To be honest, the intimacy just becomes awkward in all my relationships after the first year. It’s like riding the same rollercoaster over and over. Eventually, you just want to go home and watch telly. In this case, I’m surprised they’re still at it.

A lady of the night might seem like the sensible option. Sadly, in the UK this means seeping with a Jeremy Kyle extra and an inevitable who’s the Daddy, live screened DNA test. Also, some men do have certain religious and moral scruples.

I’d put this whole story down to busy body, overbearing carers. A lot now actually separate elderly couples by putting them in separate care homes for their ‘safety.’ I’m also at the point now where I refuse to talk to a social worker friend of mine because of her seeming mission to swipe as many kids away froim their parents as possible for the most mundane reasons.

(Our last conversation regarded a case she had where a kid saw his Dad naked too many times. How anyone in their right mind quantifies that or frames it as abuse is just mad to me.)

Of course, I am hoping/assuming that the husband in this case isn’t some kind of nymphomaniac, with no capacity to judge whether his missus is consenting or not.

That is mad. Hasn’t everyone seen their parents naked at least once when coming out the shower, having a wardrobe error while awkwardly changing under a towel with a stiff breeze at the beach, or even cuddling in bed?

I don’t really know what to make of the case without more details. In any case, there are other options to ladies of the night.


Like that chap, with his £900 bill for watching lewd online material - a classic picture for the ages. Anyway, if he was a nympho, he’s probably already got enough material to fill 10 seasons of Jeremy Kyle.

Oh FFS… Results are in. - All abdominal.

I liked my life more 2 minutes ago when I was chuckling over Mr £900 Porn Bill :frowning:

All of those votes are really close (the A50 one not so much), though. FFS.



Of course, what is evident at this stage, is the fact that all these indicative votes should have been done pronto after the referendum, not 10-days before the deadline 2-years later…

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Seems like A50 is the only sane option with the apparent deadlock as a result of an advisory referendum, but suggesting that seems to be akin to announcing that you love cooking and eating babies for breakfast.

I’d be interested to see how a snap GE would work, considering that the vast majority of the British public are currently hating on any current MPs for being such useless doltards.

I always feel a little bit sorry for those MPs who start talking about their important constituency matter after the adjournment!

If you mean no-deal, yes, this is the only logical alternative left. Unless you mean revoking A50 which will cause the DM comments section to explode in some kind of supernova.

A snap GE would be mayhem. The Torys would win due to being the only party (as it outwardly appears) which has been consistent saying Bexit is Brexit. - It doesn’t matter that their ‘deal’ does nothing but turn the UK into an EU whipping horse.

They might even win by proposing a flat out no deal.

I always mean revoking! I don’t think there’s too much point trying to find any logic in this whole thing, really.

Never mind - we have a billion votes for things this week! I’ve cheered myself up with this April Fool’s prank.

Can’t see it happening, sorry. Read 1984. Even if you have already, read it again. It’s not just allegorically close to the world we almost have today, it’s spot on.

Starts with an EU immigration crisis, has everyone addicted to flat-screen TVs, details the perpetual war on terror etc. It’s also worth noting that Orwell not only couldn’t get the thing published, but also ‘accidentally’ fell off a cliff into a whirlpool while writing it on the Isle of Mull after quiting he BBC.

TPTB need no deal to separate the UK from the EU. After that… Well, then you can roll out the Victory gin and badly rolled cigarettes.

Don’t be such a pessimist; we have 10 days of this nonsense left, and quite possibly more. There is also another route of endless Brexit until such a time that peak apathy hits and it all quietly goes away (in one way or another).

Either way, what a shower of :poop: - there’s always the potential disintegration of the UK to follow this, too. A50 revocation is the sane and logical response to all of this - but it’s like proportional representation: you’re not going to get self-interested careerists and parties to do this.

Whether it happens or not (and I agree, it’s not likely), I shall hold out for it since it makes sense to me. It would be nice if we had journalists of Orwell’s caliber today, in the mainstream media anyway. In that respect, it really doesn’t matter very much whether we’re in or out of the EU, though…

I would call it an abject failure of democracy, only I never acknowledged any of it to be democratic in the first place.

EDIT: I’m going to bed - need to be fresh for tomorrow’s horror show, after all!

The cabinet has finally finished their chinwag - looks like a few resignations may have taken place?

EDIT: After a long day,

More loggerheads for all! Also, in news that turns out not to be satire: